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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: CLOSET TOUR - Expectations vs Reality | Behind the Scenes | #Fun #Vlog #Anaysa

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Most of you wanted to know how do we shoot for Anaysa??

about the closet.. or vanity

means overall you wanted to know Behind The Scenes

will make you show all these

and also you'll find somewhere expectations vs reality too

and we just want 1,00,000 Likes

so Greet her and then come with us

so here we're in Anaysa's main room

means mostly we get ready here & sometimes shoot too

All that PR packaging boxes we get

Our Shruti di use them to decorate background or else like this....

moving to next

All those beautiful accessories which we carry while doing shoots

all that are kept over here in this box

here we keep our necklaces, chunky jewellery, kitty hairbands

here on this side we hanged our hoop ear rings like this

and we take refreshments in the middle of shoot

like this shoot is going on

so let me tell what we have during shoot

you have seen this area in our shoot

yes but we added some new stuffs here

our DIY queen made this mirror and cotton stand for us

natural light comes from this big window which make us to do our eye makeup easily

this corner is our favourite one

then one more mirror

again a mirror and here we keep wet wipes

one more cotton stand

and these skincare & haircare stuffs to use for every day purpose

and this is our Vanity

we keep all our eyeshadows here

and rest of the eye makeup we keep here

and here in next drawer face makeup stuffs

and here we keep miscellaneous stuff

here's a big mirror

and I get ready here when she makes me away from there

here we have two bangle stand

and we made this diy box

as most of our stuff lay messed up here and there

here are our nail paints

here we separated out dark colours

and here we keep our nail art stuff

I think hair stuff is the most typical one

like rubber band get broken which we're using

or like lost here & there

so here we categorised them all hair stuff

like here kept bobby pins, clip, rubber bands etc...

Here we keep all our hair tools

these are our favourite straightener

you wanna know na how shoot happens :-))

give me this camera... see he shoot like this sometimes :-))

they have so many outfits in their closet

we categorised out outfits too

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