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Hey everybody!

It's your favorite Ajummah, young ajummah here and I am here with my special guest,

the fan boy.


And we're here just to talk a little about the BTS concert in Newark.

We were both there on Friday the 24th.

And I wanted to know how did you like it?

It was your first kpop experience, kpop concert experience, your favorite group, who is your

favorite member?


Rapmon, okay so tell me what did you like about the concert?

I like pretty much everything except for how loud it was.

Yeah, cause it was really loud, the fan girls and boys were very very loud.

Myself included, sorry about that.

Was there anything, that you wish you could have seen again or something that stood out

to you for the concert?The whole thing.

It was really good.

That's good.

Okay, so we got there very early and we walked up and down the line of all the people where

you surprised about how many people were there?Well not really because I know BTS is really popular

group, it was a lot of people but I'm not really that surprised.

Okay, well good.

Well I also enjoyed it.

When I got the tickets for you, Iwanted to see them but I really wanted the tickets because

I knew how much you like them so I really wanted to have those tickets for you.

I like the group but I wasn't like a fangirl for them (lies).

But their concert performance, they were so amazing, how well they dance and how well

they sang, I really enjoyed that, especially the rainbow thing we did at the end with the

lights, that was really cool.

I don't, you know mommy has been to a lot of concerts and that had to have been one

of the coolest things I've ever seen done through the fandom at a concert.

So good job army, that was really great.

I don't know if there was anything negative that I would say I didn't like about the concert.

I definitely think next time, I would try to get closer concert tickets because the

tickets we had at first were really high up and thankfully we were able to move to a lower

seat but yeah, it would be cool to get closer.

Would you ever stand in the pit area, where all the people were standing close to the


Well it kind of depends on where I was but yes Iwould.

Okay, my only suggestion with that would be for you grow about 6 inches taller because,

maybe even a foot or two, because they push that's the only thing Ididn't like about that.

As a matter of fact, during the concert, Rap mom, Namjoon, stopped and asked everyone to

stop pushing because he didn't want any of the fans to get hurt.

Ithought that was really cool for him to do so and he was really serious about it.

Maybe not the pit area but definitely the front row of seating, that would be cool.

And yeah, like Isaid, unfortunately we were only there for 1 night and after the concert,

you were ready to go to bed.

You were very very tired.

It was after I got into a warm place, because usually I get really tired when I get warm.

Okay, yeah so by the time we got into the Uber, you were ready to go to sleep.

So definitely next time, I think if we do another concert together, which I'm sure we

will, maybe I'll get a hotel nearby the concert venue, so you can go to sleep rather than

trying to find a spot to call an Uber, to get the Uber, to go back to where we were

because, it took a little bit.

It took a while, just mean 5 minutes?

No more like 30 minutes because we were trying to find a spot where there weren't so many

people so that the Uber wouldn't be confused as to where to pick us up.

But all in all BTS in Newark concert was amazing.

We went to the 2nd night.

Let us know which night you went or if you went to the BTS concert in another city.

They also stopped in Chicago and also in Anaheim, Anheim?

I don't know California.

So yeah, let us know in the comment section whether or not you went to the BTS concert,

what was your favorite part, what you didn't like and who your favorite member is.

Would you like to add anything else?

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Okay well its your favorite ajummah, young ajummah with the fanboy and we'll see you

next time.


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