Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2009 - 032 Sophie and Sian 15th July

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SALLY: We haven't posted the invoices yet, if you're checking who's paid.

KEVIN: No, I'm just seeing how we're doing. I reckon we could afford to put a bit more

in Tyrone's pay packet.

SALLY: You're joking! You've already made him a partner, Kev.

KEVIN: Yeah, but I bet they've no proper spending money for this holiday.

SALLY: Well that's not out problem. We don't have any cash sloshing around for handouts.

KEVIN: No, well, a weeks wages. That's fair enough isn't it?

SOPHIE: Hi ya.

KEVIN: Hi, love.

SALLY: You know I don't like you coming home midday.


SALLY: Hi ya. All skiving off together.

SOPHIE: I forgot my Science project. I'll get that and we'll be off.

KEVIN: Why don't you make yourself a sandwich?

RYAN: We're going to go and get some chips on the way back.

SALLY: Oh, I bet Ben doesn't eat on the street.

KEVIN: Knew there was someone missing. Where is he?

SOPHIE: I don't know, don't really care.

SALLY: Aw, you're not still mad at him?

KEVIN: Poor lad. That'll learn him. I'll see you later.

SOPHIE: See ya.

SALLY: And don't be late back.

SOPHIE: We're coming now. See you later! Telly on, kettle on. We've got half an hour.

SIAN: Oh I wish you and Ben would just sort yourselves out.

SOPHIE: Tried didn't I? Told him to meet me up town, but he didn't turn up. Then all the

Year 9's walked past and laughed at me.

RYAN: Do you want to make up with him?

SOPHIE: Maybe if he stopped being such a dork.


SIAN: Yeah well, I bet he's at the gig.

SOPHIE: Yeah, it's a free country. Doesn't mean I have to speak to him.

RYAN: What if he says sorry? Shall I...?

SOPHIE: He wouldn't have the nerve.

SALLY: Ey, can someone get that?

SIAN: Go and tell him to wait outside.

RYAN: Soph, don't kick off.

SIAN: Come on, let's have a good night yeah? The four of us.

BEN: Alright?

SOPHIE: Well you've got some face, haven't you?

BEN: Well, we said we were going to meet up here.

SOPHIE: Yeah, before you stood me up.

RYAN: She waited an hour.

BEN: Well, I had to do something.

SOPHIE: You had me stood there, looking like and absolute divvy, all on my own.

BEN: Oh mate, I texted her. Anyway, she can't tell me what to do.

SIAN: Yeah, well do you want to shut up, the both of you? Because it's Ryan's night, and

it's his gig, and you're ruining it.

SALLY: Oh, hi Ben! Nice to see you. Oh you've got stuff to sort out...

SOPHIE: Look Ben, all you have to do is say sorry for standing me up and then we can get

on with it and have a good night.

BEN: No. You're the one that started all this, going on about me and Rosie.

SOPHIE: Yeah, because you made an absolute fool of yourself with her!

BEN: And how would you know? Because you were drunk!

SOPHIE: Because you so fancied her!

BEN: I didn't!

SOPHIE: You did. You couldn't even take your eyes off her!

BEN: See, that's what all this is about! You and Rosie. It's got nothing to do with me.

See, you're so eaten up trying to get one over on her.

SOPHIE: You don't know what she's like.

BEN: And I don't want to, but your life revolves around you and Rosie. Everything you do is

about her. Is that the reason you're going out with me? To make her jealous.

SOPHIE: Well you think a lot about yourself, don't you?

BEN: Is she the real reason you're so interested in Christianity?

SOPHIE: I can't even believe you've just said that.

BEN: The truth is, you're so desperate to prove you're different from her. You'll do

absolutely anything to show her up, including getting baptised.

SOPHIE: Right, get out. Go on, go away.


SOPHIE: Get out! Go on!

BEN: Don't worry, I'm going. I'm sorry about that Mrs Webster. Mate, have a great gig.

SOPHIE: Get out! And don't come back. And you're dumped!

BEN: You were dumped last week. I just didn't get around to telling you.

SIAN: Sophie!

SOPHIE: Just leave me alone.

SALLY: I'll...I'll go up in a minute.

RYAN: we've got to get going.

SIAN: He can't be late.

SALLY: No, no, it's alright. You go, I'll see to Sophie.

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