Practice English Speaking&Listening with: McDonald's - Supported Employment

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(Narration) McDonald's in Shannon is a

high turnover outlet, catering for drive-through

as well as walk in customers.

Owner Kieran McDermott was initially reluctant

to take on someone with a disability.

I suppose I'm no different to any other employer

with their own business, that you want your

business to be the best, you want it to stand out

from the crowd and you want to make money.

One of the key aspects in terms of delivering

quality service and cleanliness to you customer

is obviously your recruitment.

And we put a lot of time and thought into what

type of people that we wanted to employ.

I suppose we were open about 4 months when

somebody approached me from the Clare supported

employment service and asked to meet with me.

Now, anybody that's just opened a business will

remember or understand that it can be crazy,

especially 4 months open and especially

in a McDonald's.

Everybody wants to meet you for sponsorship,

for this, for that, so they said they were looking

to place somebody with a disability.

To be honest with you it was the last thing that

I wanted to entertain.

(Narration) Despite his misgivings Kieran agreed

to meet with an employment facilitator from Clare

supported employment service, he asked her

to work at McDonald's for a day, so that she would

fully understand the type of working environment

she would be placing somebody in.

At the end of it we sat down and I was expecting

her to say, not really for me, we won't be placing

a person here, but quite to the contrary, she then

spend the next hour interviewing me and I was

blown away by the level of detail that she went into

about our business.

I was seeing if her supported employment service

was a fit for me, but far more importantly she was

making sure that my place of employment

was a fit for her candidate.

I hadn't seen it that way before.

Helen came to meet with Joe our store manager

and myself about a week later and the rest

I presume is history, because Helen has been with

us for two and a half years, she arrives every

Saturday and every Sunday and works on

our lobby area.

And she's a dream to be with.

As a result of our experience with Helen,

we now have Barry, who started with us 8 months

ago, Barry is king of the chicken station.

Barry works chicken on a Friday, he arrives about

12 every Friday and straightaway there is

a new buzz in the kitchen area.

What I would say to other employer's is,

maybe try and open your eyes to looking at

ability rather than disability.

2 Years on we are now in the top 5 McDonald's

in the country in terms of quality, service

and cleanliness.

And Barry and Helen have played no small part

in delivering that for me and with me.

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