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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ENGLISH ADDICT Lesson 11 - LIVE Chat - GIVE and TAKE words & phrases - Friday 29th November 2019

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I often get complaints from people saying mr. Duncan you always talk about

the weather you were always going on and on about

the weather but today I make no apologies the weather here today in

England is absolutely glorious look at that at the moment it is a crisp day

here in England welcome everyone hi hello to the Internet hello to the

interweb hello to everyone watching on YouTube

this is English addict live

it's a lovely lovely day today I hope you are happy because I really am

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay

I hope so are you happy are you as happy as I am today I hope so I feel great

today I have to be honest with you I woke up this morning the sun was shining

in fact I think we will take a moment to enjoy what I saw this morning when I

looked out of my bedroom window

hmm oh what a lovely way to start today's livestream looking out the

window the view this morning that greeted me as I opened my weary eye and

Here I am once again I hope you are well and guess what guess what yes we have

made it through another week I don't know about you but I think this week has

gone really quickly it seems to have flown by yes

it's Friday

I am such an excitable bunny rabbit today because I feel great on this

super-duper day I hope you are having a good time and the weekend is just around

the corner if you have anything planned for this weekend anything special

happening in your life you know I am always inquisitive I like that word

inquisitive if you are inquisitive it means you are interested in what is

happening around you maybe you are inquisitive about one particular thing

or one particular subject or maybe you are inquisitive as to what a person is

doing this weekend like you for example so what are you doing this weekend are

you doing anything special this weekend I'm doing quite a few things this

weekend because mr. Steve is venturing out into a new project which I will be

helping him with which brings me on to another subject my lesson times Sunday

Wednesday and Friday 2 p.m. UK time you can catch me every week live on YouTube

three times a week can you believe it so on Sunday I will be with you however

next week there will be a slight change there will be there will actually be a

change to Wednesday and there is a reason for that because I'm helping mr.

Steve with something the new thing that Steve is working on I have to give him

some assistance so that's what I'm doing next Wednesday so there will be a slight

change to next Wednesday's livestream I will tell you all about that on Sunday

when I am with you when I have more time to explain because we have a busy show

today I must be honest with you I have a lot of things to do in fact I have a

feeling that there's something there's some

thing I've forgotten do you ever get that feeling do you ever get the feeling

sometimes that you have forgotten something you're not sure what it is but

you know you have forgotten something there is something that you have

forgotten to do something that has slipped your mind but you don't know

what it is it happens to me a lot I think it might be my age today we are

talking about give and take two words that can be described as antonyms they

are opposites so you give you take you give and you take so we are talking

about those words the way in which those words can be used in the English

language if you are like me you are probably an English addict talking of

which the new website is slowly coming along that's all I'm saying for now but

I am working on my new website so this will allow me to migrate from YouTube as

my base because for 13 years I've been using YouTube as my base site so this is

always be my home however things are changing soon I will let you know so I

won't do anything without telling you first so you will be the second to know

I of course being the first so I hope you're well can I say congratulations to

grace hello grace chin congratulations and well done because you are first on

today's live chat

well then grace you are first on today's live chat thank you very much for

joining me flower aspire is also here quite a loop

hello to you rhs sweetness Mitra is here as well do you know one of the worrying

things about doing this I always worry that she will be bored and one of the

things that always makes me more worried his when I can see how many people are

watching the live stream because it's always in front of me so sometimes my

mood will go up when lots of people join and then my mood will go down when I see

lots of people leaving so it is a very strange thing when you are doing this

live because you are always reacting to what is happening out there on the

internet hello to you just in case you don't know what this is it is English

addict live yes it is we are doing lots of things today he was an interesting

word in the English language and there is something very unusual about this

word do you know what it is I'm sure quite a few of you will know but there

is something very interesting about this word can you tell me what it is the word

is rhythm rhythm so when we talk about rhythm we are talking about beat so

something that is happening with a certain beat so maybe your heartbeat has

a rhythm it is something that is happening over a period of time at a

steady pace your heartbeat has a rhythm so when we talk about rhythm we mean the

word beat so maybe you can beat a drum but also beat can be the pace of

something so the rhythm is the beat so beat can

a verb also it describes the thing that is beating so your heart will beat the

drum will beat so many things can beat it means something that is happening at

a certain tempo a beat and of course the word rhythm a lot of rhythm do you have

rhythm I think so so here we go there is something very

unusual about this word what is it please tell me I'm sure you will give me

the answer because I know I have a lot of savants out there watching

hello also to Luis Luis Mendez watching here today I am trying some new

technology today you won't be able to see it but I'm trying something new

today so I hope it works or else I will end up with lots of egg on my face

I will look a fool hello pal Mira again hello Rafael hello to you as well also

halel who is watching in turkey hello to

Turkey I have been to your country twice I have

hello also Paschalis hello from Greece Oh Greece now there is

another place I've been to in my life I've been there twice as well I went to

a beautiful place called Corfu a lovely Greek island I still remember those

lovely Greek nights sitting in the warmth of the Corfu evening beautiful

hello Nicola allo hello to Palmyra thousand hello thousand it's nice to see

you here as well also Belarusian hello Belarusian thank you for your message by

the way I hope your mother is feeling better I know things at the moment are

not good with your mother so I send my best wishes to you and also

your family as well hello to 10 year hello Tanya Tanya says I am watching The

Green Mile oh yes a pretty good book and also it was made into a movie as well

yes the Green Mile a very interesting movie starring Tom Hanks among other

people as well Carn kylo is here hello Karl nice to see

you here as well mirela mirela mirela I like your name by

the way it's very unusual it has a nice feel when you say it Marella hello Omar

hello also to tang new ween what is the topic today we are talking about give

and take also mustn't forget that today is Black Friday so last week I talked

about this briefly and also I showed you a video Black Friday is today officially

because Thanksgiving was yesterday in the United States a lot of people ask me

mr. Duncan do you have Thanksgiving in the UK we don't we don't have it here

because it is a u.s. celebration so we don't celebrate it in fact quite the

opposite when you think about it so hello also to Siddiqui hello to

Christina as well thank you very much very sad images but also a strange mood

as well I think you are referring to my video that I played earlier the view

outside it was still it was quiet it was rather nice in fact I do like those

sorts of mornings where everything is still and misty and cold by the way it

is freezing at the moment at the moment it's freezing in the UK it is around 4

degrees at the moment so it's very chilly I'm sure there is something I've

forgotten to do I can't remember what it is there is

something I've forgotten to do today it's in my mind but it's it's

disappeared around the back behind the sofa unfortunately

hello also to our bed hello our maid also hello to Rakesh nice to see you

back Rakesh thank you very much mr. Duncan nice to see you after two days I

don't I am NOT late for this livestream the topic today many things another

thing I want to talk about because it's Black Friday I thought it would be fun

to talk about the strangest thing you have bought or seen for sale on the

Internet now a lot of people at this time of year

like to go on the internet to buy their things maybe they use eBay or maybe

Amazon so what is the strangest thing you have ever seen for sale on the

Internet I will show you something a little bit

later on an unusual thing that I didn't expect to see when I was looking last

week for something to buy mr. Steve for Christmas because December is just

around the corner which reminds me so many things to remember here is

something else that I have to mention December is just around the corner so

tomorrow will be the last day of November and then December will be here

which of course is a busy month for some people it's very busy here in the UK

because we have the general election on the 12th of December a very strange time

to have a general election I have to be honest with you in winter I mean most

people will want to stay in the house they work they don't want to go out to

vote and also the 25th we have Christmas and there is something I've noticed

Christmas Day is on Wednesday this year hmm so maybe I have something

and for that as well so December is going to be a very busy month for many

people including me also let's have a look who else is on the live chat shares

odd shares that hello to you watching in Kurdistan nice to see you here lots of

people watching today also pack wheat oh hello to you watching in Spain

apparently the rain in Spain is falling everywhere at the moment

hello also - Irene come on Irene we have the mystery idiom would you like to see

the mystery idiom yes there is a mystery idiom today don't worry I haven't forgot

so here it is today's mystery idiom this is something that I create just for you

something to allow you to think about the English language and also something

that many people say is rather unusual so here is today's mystery idiom all you

have to do is say what you see mystery idiom so there it is today's mystery

idiom it is a well-known phrase in the English language all you have to do is

tell me what it is and maybe give me the definition so there it is the mystery

idiom for today and now it

that's gone hello also to the researcher hello researcher I am intrigued

what do you research what do you look at is there something special that you do

hello also - christina has a plan for this weekend my plan for this weekend I

am going to the gym to workout and then I will take a lovely walk along the sea

waiting for the Sun to go down that sounds like the perfect weekend I have a

lot to do this weekend unfortunately because I'm helping mr. Steve with

something but don't worry I will be here on Sunday at 2 p.m. UK time so don't

worry today is Black Friday did you buy something mr. Duncan I haven't bought

anything there isn't really anything I need to be honest there isn't much that

I really need hello Anna your live streams are always interesting

don't worry about that mr. Duncan the topics are involving and your gestures

are vivid and funny thank you very much for that

I like your vote of support business new win is here as well watching in Vietnam

I know I have a lot of people watching in Vietnam

hello also - I could who is watching in Turkey another Turkish viewer a lot of

people watching in Turkey whenever I think of Turkey I always think of my

Christmas meal sitting down to eat a lovely big juicy turkey Tomic oh hello

Tomic nice to see you I hope you are well my son is waving at

you he thought that you can see him well maybe I can see you hello tommix son yes

I can see you all especially you over there what are you doing

stop doing that Oh Deary me can't believe it and you what why are you

doing that that's terrible and also Tomic hello Tomic I can see you there

and also a big wave for tommix son as well why not

I'm feeling so happy today Guha please accept a lot lots of love from this

student you are looking amazingly nice are the best words to describe you would

be an energizer oh thank you very much it's a little bit like the back tree so

you might describe the back tree that you can buy to putting your toys as an

energizer battery so thank you very much I'm glad you are taking some inspiration

from this it isn't easy to do this by the way a lot of people think it is but

it isn't I'm sure there is something I forgotten I'm sure I'm pretty sure there

is something that I have forgotten to do so here is a unusual thing that I've

seen on the Internet here is something very unusual and I think it's very

strange anyway so I was looking through the internet I was flicking and clicking

on the Internet and I went on to Amazon to have a look

at one or two things normally things that I can't afford and I came across

this particular thing and I was very surprised to find this on Amazon for

sale because it seems like an unusual thing to buy through the internet and

here it is now so this is a very unusual item to find for sale it is a

defibrillator so we were talking about rhythm and also beat earlier on and this

particular device is used to help restart your heart or to help maintain

the rhythm of your heart if you are having problems with your

heart maybe you are having a heart attack some sort of heart episode

something is going wrong with your heart so this is a useful device that you can

use to help regulate a person's heartbeat if they are having difficulty

with the old ticker so I was surprised to see this I suppose I shouldn't be

surprised but I was surprised because it came upon my recommendations and I don't

know why so that's the big question why did Amazon recommend a defibrillator to

me what are they trying to tell me what is going on maybe they are worried about

my age so there is something unusual that I saw on the internet the other day

I was also surprised at how expensive they are so a defibrillator can cost

between one and two thousand pounds so quite expensive in fact

so that was my unusual thing but the strange thing was that was actually

recommended to me I don't know why maybe Amazon knows something about my heart

that I don't very strange indeed hello also too seen em Hello seen em

please tell me hello please say hello seen em hello to you I am waving now all

away from sunny England yes the weather outside is ever so nice would you like

to have a look outside again okay let's have a look outside right now oh look at

that I feel so happy about looking out of my window and seeing that because

over the past few days the weather in the UK has been really bad I'll be

honest with you we've had some horrible weather

recently so I must admit it does cheer me up when the weather looks nice so

have you ever seen anything unusual for sale on the Internet

another thing I've noticed sometimes on on Amazon and maybe eBay is when someone

is selling an item that's very expensive for example a television set

so maybe someone is selling a television on Amazon and it's very expensive I have

seen some televisions for sale there is one that is 33,000 pounds I don't know

why you would spend 33,000 pounds on a television so I've seen some very

expensive things on YouTube I don't know how or why you would spend 33,000 pounds

on a television really I don't understand

hi Lee Kwang says Mr Dan Cohen Amazon recommended the defibrillator to you

because you are very old

CNM says do you know about Turkey yes I do I know all about Turkey because I've

been there I actually visited Turkey twice so I've been on two trips to

Turkey I even made an English lesson in Turkey and it's on my youtube channel

hello to all my friends in Colombia says Vlad Perez nice to see you here as well

yes I suppose Amazon would say mmm mr. Duncan we know how old you are because

you gave us your age so maybe they are recommending a defibrillator

just in case the stress of doing this becomes too much maybe we are talking

about some interesting words today first of all here is the word that I showed

you earlier so why is this word so unusual the reason why this

word is strange is because it is used and spelt using no can you see it it's

all consonants yes there are no vowels in this word so AE I owe you

there is no vowel anywhere in this word so rhythm is an unusual word because it

is made up of consonants there are not many words in the English language that

do that in fact hello to Lois who sends a lovely message to Belarusian I hope

your mum gets better soon you have made me laugh with your stove oh okay well I

don't know about that suddenly I don't know what what that is there is a story

that Belarus ear is telling everyone and I don't know about it I feel left out to

be honest I really do which is the better way to learn English you can

learn it in the way that you feel best with all the the way that you feel the

most comfortable with there are many ways of learning English some people

like to read some people like to listen some people like to practice speaking

but in fact what I always say is you have to make English part of your life

so you have to use it every day you have to get used to hearing and reading and

also speaking English so it is something that you do over time Amazon will gain a

lot of profit if they sell off the products the products of their composure

oh I see I'm not sure about that I know I don't know what you mean by that says

chip chip TV but I was surprised to see something that is used to help start

and regulate your heart recommended to me on Amazon I was a little bit worried

to say the least hello a man hello a man watching in oh

man nice to see you here as well oh I see

Belarus ear says sometimes I forget that I have something on the stove something

is cooking and sometimes Belarus ear will forget about it

Cristina says have you heard about the employees at Amazon they are striking

because of poor conditions here in Italy I see I have heard that there are some

employees and Amazon who are not happy with the working conditions and the way

they are treated however it's very interesting I've noticed on television

over the past few weeks Amazon have been advertising on TV here in the UK in

England and they've been showing tours you can actually go on a tour around

their factory which I find quite interesting

sally jama hello to you sally Jarmo nice to see you here today and it's lovely to

know that you are joining me live on Friday there is something that I've

forgotten about there is I I'm sure it will come to me soon but there is

something that's in my brain that I've forgotten about take the word take is an

interesting word quite often used negatively so we think of take when we

are receiving something when something is being removed or maybe something is

being being taken away so you take something away so quite often take is

used as a negative word of course we can use it in other ways as well you can

take a photograph so when you take a photograph you

capture an image so take can be used negatively but also in a positive way as

well if you are writing something down maybe a person is speaking and you are

writing down the words they are saying we can say that you take notes so if you

take notes it means you are writing down thing you are listening to maybe you are

taking notes for me as I speak to you today

take notes also I suppose another word we can use is grab grab so this is

something that you do when you want something quickly maybe you want

something in a hurry you don't have much time so you grab the thing you grab

something maybe you are hungry so you grab something to eat

it means you get something to eat something that you can prepare and also

consume very quickly you grab something maybe you are in the street and someone

goes by throwing money into the air they go around throwing money all over the

place so the first thing you will do you will try to grab some of the money grab

so grab something to take hold of something another word we can use is

seize seize again an interesting word and can I just say that this is a word

that is often misspelled a lot of people spell this word incorrectly seized is

another word for grab or take hold so you might

seized a person's property you might take someone's property from them so to

seize something is often used in legal terms when we are repossessing or taking

something back that belongs to us or maybe if a person owes money you might

seize their property or their house so seize means to take we can also mean if

something comes to a halt or if it suddenly stops

it also seizes catch it's another way of using the word take catch so maybe you

catch something something that is flying through the air like a ball you will

catch the ball so you take the ball as it is moving through the air you catch

the ball catch so to catch something is normally to capture or to take something

as it is moving maybe you catch a butterfly or you catch your next-door

neighbor's cat in your kitchen catch a very interesting word who would have

thought that there would be so many words connected to a simple word like

take swipe now you might not think that this word is connected but it is swipe

so when you swipe something you take it in a hurry we often think of swipe

relating to your mobile phone when you are looking at something but also swipe

can mean take you swipe you take something very quickly maybe a person

will swipe your bag from your shoulder as you are walking through

now on they will swipe a similar word is

grasped grasp once again the word grasp means to take you grab you grasp

something maybe you are on the bus and the bus is moving around and you are

standing up because there are no seats so you have to hold on to something you

grasp something to stop yourself from falling over on the bus grasp to grab to

take hold you Gress another word clutch if you

clutch something once again it means you grab you hold onto something

you clutch you grip onto something clutch it is also part of the car as

well so your motor car will have a clutch if you have gears so the clutch

will allow the engine to make the wheels go around at a certain speed clutch so

you will have a clutch on your car and once again it means that two things are

grabbing each other hence the name clutch another one very quickly capture

now this is a word I've used already today capture if you capture something

it means you take it you hold it for yourself you capture something maybe you

capture a wild animal which you shouldn't do

of course capture you capture an image by taking a photograph capture so to

take something is to capture you take it and you keep it for yourself you don't

let it go you keep it you capture something here's another word that can

be used instead of take pinch now pinch in British English can mean steel we'll

take something so if you steal something from a person it means you pinch it

someone has pinched my mobile phone someone has pinched my pen so if you

pinch something you steal it you take it away you thieve you are a thief because

you pinched my phone you stole it so the word pinch can be used in more

than one way and we can use it in this sense to mean take or steal you pinch

something another word snatch snatch once again snatch is very similar to

steal or to take normally using force so if you snatch something you take it with

force here give that to me that's mine you snatch something you take it with

force we could have a pinch of salt yes sweetness you are right if you have

a pinch of salt it means a small amount but in that sense we mean something that

is held between the fingers so you pinch something so in that sense we are saying

hold something normally between your thumb and forefinger so that's what you

normally do you pinch something and that's why we say a pinch of salt

because normally you hold the salt between your thumb and your forefinger


hello to Martha Poland is here hello Martha sorry I'm late

yes I think you might be a little bit late but don't worry about it don't

worry there are some interesting points to make in English there are many things

that are interesting to talk about and now we are going to take a look at the

differences between two words that look connected and seem similar but are in

fact very very different I'm often asked to explain the differences between

certain words some English words appear similar which can lead to the assumption

that their meanings must also be the same a good example of this

misconception occurs with the similarity of the words continuous and continual on

appearance they look almost identical while it is true that they are both

adjectives and their definitions do overlap somewhat there is still a

distinction between them first of all the word continuous means

forming an unbroken whole without interruption something that goes on

without stopping is continuous to form a series with no exceptions or reversals

is to be continuous there are continuous advances in medicine and treatment

cellphones have evolved by continuous improvements on previous designs

continuous is always moving forward without reversing or making exceptions

then there is the word continual which to a certain degree can be used in the

same way as continuous when describing something that goes on without

interruption however in this sense the word continuous tends to be the

prominent one the word continuous can also be used to refer to space as well

as time that is to say that something goes on in distance as well as over an

open-ended period the development forms a continuous line along the coast the

alarm sounded with a continuous whining noise continual on the other hand

typically means happening frequently with intervals between as in the bus

service has been disrupted by continual breakdowns overall continuous occurs

much more frequently than continual so to recap continuous is to go on without

a break deviation or reversal relating to time and space continual is to happen

frequently with breaks or pauses in between the use of these words in adverb

form are bound by the same definitions as their adjective forms continuously

and continually relates to how something occurs or behaves having said that in

adverb form continuously and continually can both be used to mean constantly and

without a break or pause often in a negative way which is where the

confusion between these two words often arises I've gone I've disappeared where

have I gone to I wonder okay I will put you out of your misery I have remembered

the thing that I forgot all about I have remembered everyone yeah

I have remembered but where is mr. Duncan I hear you ask where are you well

I am now outside I have come outside because I've remembered what I forgot to

do it suddenly popped in my head whilst we were watching that particular video

all about the differences between continual and continuous and now I am

live outside yes exactly and it's freezing cold let me just say now so the

reason why I've come outside is because I've just remembered that I forgot

something I forgot about something very important I forgot about my lovely

feathered friends the birds I forgot all about the birds and at this time of year

the birds do get very hungry and thirsty because there isn't much food around for

them to eat so that's the reason why I'm doing this now because I thought I will

do it during the live stream because well first of all it might be something

interesting so that's one of the reasons why hello also to eman because now I

have the live stream outside as well because I'm trying out some new

technology hello Eman hello I want to improve my English grammar can can you

tell me the best way to improve my English grammar well the same way that I

always say whenever anyone asks me this question the answer is do it as much as

you can read as much as you can you have to make English part of your life it has

to surround you it has to be something that you see and hear every day

yes mr. Duncan you are now outside but it must be freezing cold can I just say

it is freezing cold outside yes you are right I am absolutely freezing thank you

Christina for your - so the reason why I'm outside at the

moment is because I am going to feed the birds because I've been neglecting the

birds for quite a while and if you look behind me you might be able to see the

bird feeders are actually empty so there behind me is my lovely bird feeder but

the problem is the bird feeder is empty there is nothing in any of the feeders

as you can see and I think the birds have been getting rather angry

to be honest hello - buckwheat oh thank you for joining me today yes we are live

there is a live camera outside in my garden and this is where I am right now

I'm going to get some bird food so will you excuse me for about 15 seconds

so talk amongst yourselves I will be back in a moment

I am guessing that you didn't think that you would see this today I'm outside in

the freezing cold it is around about 4 degrees at the moment it really does

feel as if winter is in the air right now so I'm going to feed the birds a lot

of people ask mr. Duncan what do you feed your birds here is something that I

like to give to my Birds it is called sunflower seed so this

particular thing is sunflower seed it is something that I give to my Birds

you can see there this sunflower seed it comes from the sunflower of course now

some birds are a little bit lazy sometimes they don't want to pick and

open the seeds with their beaks so this particular seed has been done already so

the outside of the seed has already been removed so the birds don't have to

struggle so it makes it easier for the birds to eat the seeds I won't do all of

these because some of you might think that this is a little boring so I will

put some of the seed into the bird feeder and then hopefully we might see

some of the birds as well you might see them coming now what about you do you

take care of nature in your garden do you ever do anything outside your house

to attract the birds

nearly there over the past few years taking care and looking after the birds

has become a big business and for many years I have been putting bird food out

for the birds do another thing that birds like oh actually I can't use this

because it's a little bit dirty at the moment so unfortunately I can't put any

peanuts in there I need to clean that so instead instead I will use this for my

little pieces of suet let me just show you something so here is another thing

that I use I will bring it to the camera so you can see it there can you see that

it is a type of suet so this is something that the birds really like

eating at this time of year I absolutely love it

they really do look at that no I'm not going to eat it this is for the birds

not for me so I will put some of this into this feeder

now a mistake that many people make is they always put too much food in the

feeder and what happens sometimes is the food will go rotten and start to go bad

so you have to be very careful because sometimes if your food in the bird

feeder goes bad it can actually harm the birds it can make them feel earn well

mr. Duncan I fear that I am afraid of writing here on the live chat just in

case I make a mistake don't worry about it so the thing in my hand is a bird

feeder so this is something that you use for feeding the birds can you see it so

there it is so that is something I use when I want to feed my birds and then

the birds will fly down and they will eat from the bird feeder so I will put

some more of these in here as I said earlier this particular stuff is called

suet it is a type of fat and the birds love this particular food because it

gives them lots of energy and also I have another thing here this is also for

suet but this particular suet is shaped like a ball I will show you on camera

there we go so there you can see suet ball so that particular thing is called

a suet ball so it is shaped like a ball hence the name for those who are

wondering why I'm doing this this morning there was something that I I

thought I had to do but I couldn't remember what it was and then I suddenly

realized I had to come out to feed the birds and I forgot all about it so now I

am putting it right what about you do you ever feed the birds do you ever care

for the nature around you there is one thing I am realizing at the moment I am

absolutely freezing it is very cold here in the UK today

thank you very much Lois so the birds are very important to me if there's one

thing I love doing I love sitting sometimes in the house I like to sit by

the window and I like to watch the birds feeding in the garden so one of the best

ways to attract the birds into your garden is to have a bird feeder over

here you can see it I will also put some food on this here so this is a cage it

is a type of cage where the birds can fly inside and they can safely eat

without being taken away by a predator oh by the way that's the other thing I

have to mention about living here there are many birds that like to eat other

birds oh dear not very good

so in my little cage I will put some sunflower hearts there you go

and also also I will put some of these I will put some of these in the cage as

well in fact in fact I can already hear the birds look the birds are arriving

already hello Birds now all waiting to feed they are watching me so funny

come on there you go there you go okay that's done that's finished because my

fingers have become very numb and cold so now I must go back inside Christina

says you are a good-hearted person because you live the nature like me

thank you Christina that's very kind of you to say well I'm always fascinated by

nature the things around us and of course at the back of the house at the

moment there are lots of sheep and at night the sheep will all gather round

and they will lie on the ground and fall asleep so I think the birds are now

waiting to come and get something to eat so I will now go back inside and we will

continue with today's live stream don't go away!

oh my goodness I am absolutely freezing I'm not sure if that was a good idea or

not I'm back inside now look at my fingers they are turning blue

so I hope you enjoyed that something a little different something a little

strange maybe for some people so that was the thing that I forgot about this

morning now this morning when I got up I I I did think of the birds but because I

had so many things to do it slipped my mind if something slips your mind it

means it disappears from your memory you can't remember what it is mr. Duncan did

you lock the door yes yes I did lock the door don't worry I definitely locked the

door thank you very much for your care and attention isn't that lovely it's

coming up to five past three but I will be with you for a little bit longer so

don't worry I'm not going away even though I am I'm freezing cold at the

moment absolutely freezing it is very cold outside shall we have another look

outside because it's ever so nice out there

that is the view at the moment outside the window it looks nice but it is

freezing cold that's all I will say

hmm be with me so we have the mystery idiom I don't think anyone has guessed

the mystery idiom today so I will show it very briefly before I go there it is

again today's mystery idiom it is a well known expression in the English language

but what is it what is today's mystery idiom if you think you know let me know

and then I will let you know what the answer is later on hmm

thank you very much to Connell hello Connell do you ever use people's instead

of persons peoples yes you might when you are talking about possessive things

for example China has the People's Republic of China

so the people's is the plural possessive so I hope that answers your question

I'll care what a beautiful place you live in thank you very much I know I'm

very lucky because I live in a nice part of England there are many beautiful

parts of England that you can live and enjoy we have some more words here oh my

goodness even more words to talk about even though my fingers have now turned

blue another word give so we had take earlier on he was another word that we

can use and this is the opposite give Oh something that is nice something that is

friendly you give something so maybe you offer you give maybe you give some money

to your friend because they don't have any maybe you give something to another

person for their birthday so maybe you give them a present so quite often give

is a positive word give is a word that means to be generous you like to

give you like to give your time so you can even give your time if you spend

your time helping other people we might say that you give your time so this is a

nice word isn't it nice to have something positive to mention in this

day and age I really think so another word that can be used instead of

give is offer offer so you might offer something to a person you might offer

some money you might offer a job so if you have a job offer it means someone

has said that they will give you a job a job offer I had a phone call yesterday

with a job offer from someone and they want me to work for them so if you

receive a job offer it means someone wants to give you a job

which is rather nice I think so all my paper is stuck together award

you might also give a person an award you give it to them because you think

they deserve some recognition so you give them an award but also award can be

a verb so you can award someone you give something to a person maybe you give

them extra money for their job because you think they are working very hard so

you get an award they award you a pay rise you get more money I thank you for

your award handout here's another word so handout can also be used as a verb

and also as a noun so when you hand out something you are giving maybe you will

give one thing or maybe you are giving one

thing too many people so you might hand out leaflets you might hand out tickets

you hand out you give maybe you give one thing too many people maybe you give

many things to lots of people you handout so handout normally means

something that is given you give something you handout we could also say

present if you present something again you are giving it you are showing

something you are giving a performance you are giving a lecture you present

something you give something that you are doing for example I present this

English lesson so I am presenting it I am giving this to you another word we

can use is grant grant if you grant something once again you give or we

could also use this to allow a person to do something by giving them normally

money so if you give someone a grant it means you have given them some money so

they can do something maybe a grant for study or maybe a grant for scientific

research so there are many ways the word grant can be used

so you give you allow a person to have three wishes

you grant their wishes you give them three wishes

leave now this seems like a negative word but it isn't leave if you leave

something for a person you are giving it to them by putting it in one place

so maybe you leave your keys under the doormat so a person can take the keys

and use them so leave something is to put something in a certain place for

someone to take later leave he was a sad one this is a sad word I don't want to

be sad on a Friday but here it is bequeath if you bequeath something it

means you leave something normally in your will so after you die your will

will be read out and the things that you have given to your family or friends you

will bequeath you will leave them behind for someone to have to take or to own

you bequeath something here's another word pass so pass can mean offer or give

so you might pass one thing to another person such as a football if you are

kicking a football around the field with your friend you might pass the ball to

your friend you kick the ball to them so you give the ball to your friend you

allow the ball to go in the direction of where your friend is bestow oh I like

this word again bestow is a beautiful word that means give you bestow you give

you offer you give something to a person normally with kindness or love we have

one more word before I go Oh

hmm I like this word donate so donate is another word that means give

you often give something to help another person do something or to have something

that they don't have so maybe you donate some clothing

excuse me that cold air has gone on my lungs so maybe you donate money maybe

you donate your time so donate often means to give without wanting anything

else in return so you might donate some old clothes to a charity and then the

charity will give those clothes to people who need them

maybe they are homeless so donate is to give without wanting anything else in a

return so you give something freely so you might donate money so maybe there is

someone who teaches English on YouTube and they do it for free

maybe this person has been doing it for many years maybe they've been doing it

for 13 years and they do it for free you might donate a small amount of money to

them to allow their work to continue

donate thank you very much for your company today a lot of people have been

here today joining me we had some fun in the studio and also I went outside I'm

not sure if that was a good idea because it's freezing out there at the moment it

is very cold here in England hello also to pack wheat oh thank you very much for

the class mr. Duncan I'm not going just yet because I have to give you the

answer to today's mystery idiom here it is the question today's mystery idiom

but what is the answer to the question what is it please tell us here with the

answer to today's mystery idiom a well-known phrase I'm surprised that no

one guessed it right money for old rope is the answer to

today's mystery idiom money for old rope the meaning to give the impression that

something is fresh and original when little effort has been put into creating

it you are paying for something that has been lazily created it is money for old

rope so something that has been done made created using very little effort

but you will ask people to pay for it you will ask people to buy it maybe a

movie maybe a movie is being remade again and again and again we might say

that it is money for old rope it is something that is being done with very

little effort very little creativity is being put into it so that is one way of

using today's mystery idiom money for old rope

for those who want to get in touch with me yes I have a Facebook page I also

have an email address and also I have a place where you can donate as well if

you feel that that's the thing you want to do

some breaking news coming through at the moment it would appear that something is

happening in London at the moment there are reports of gunfire near London

Bridge so that's just come through on my phone right in front of me at the moment

so it would appear that there is an incident of some sort

happening in London at the moment I'm not sure what is happening I hope it's

nothing serious I hope it is nothing too serious but in this

day and age you never know

so that's almost it for today we will have a look

in the garden just in case the birds have decided to come are they there?

I can't see any birds at the moment I think maybe they are a little bit shy

because I was outside talking to you all but it would looks it looks as if at the

moment the birds aren't go yes there is a bird now

oh yes the birds are coming yes now when I was out there I noticed that there was

a Robin and also three or four blue tits were watching me so I think that they

are the birds that you can see now so you can see there are some birds now in

the garden and they are feeding from the bird feeder what a lovely way to end

today's live stream thank you very much Noemi Thank You Julie

Thank You Martha how nice to see you here today don't forget you can watch

this again and something I forget to mention something I always forget is you

can have captions on the live stream so if you press C on your keyboard you can

actually have live captions I will be back on Sunday and of course Sunday is

the 1st of December we are finally into the final last month of 2019

what will happen will it be a busy month well for me it's going to be very busy I

hope you have a good weekend by the way thanks a lot - hi Lee Kwang thank you

also to Martha thank you to Irene thank you also to Valentin I hope you've

enjoyed today's livestream it's been fun being here I do enjoy

doing this I must be honest with you we will have one last look outside there it

is the beautiful weather the sun is about to set yes I'm not joking the Sun

is about to set you can see that many of the shadows are very long in the

distance and that's because the Sun is now getting ready to set because during

the winter time the days here in the UK are very short indeed that's almost it

then I hope you've enjoyed today Thank You Irene mr. Duncan have a nice cup of

hot tea or chocolate bye bye and thank you very much and a but goodbye to all

the birds as well thank you very much that's very kind of you Irene thank you

Anna Cobie Valentin zoo seeker palmira catch you on Sunday see you on Sunday

here are the times Sunday Wednesday Friday 2 p.m. UK time however there will

be a slight change next Wednesday because I'm helping mr. Steve with

something rather exciting details to come on Sunday I will see you later

this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for watching me

today I always hope that this is interesting

I hope it isn't too boring if you like this tell a friend like and subscribe if

you don't like it tell me and of course until Sunday 2:00 p.m. UK time you know

what's coming next yes you do

ta ta for now 8-)

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