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it's chipping day today let's do it okay first thing up today we're gonna go

short chips okay one bag shag short chips to a short flag

open-faced we're gonna open the face of these and we do short chips with the

open 60-degree or highest lofted wedge make sense and the reason we want to do

that is because this this shot is a critical piece of the game that costs

people so many strokes so we need to be comfortable with this and get it down so

that we don't scull one or blade one across the green this is where you start

building that confidence so the this shot is going to do that here we go if

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in the description below here we go I'm going off tightly because that's going

to give me the most difficult challenging shot and that's what we need

to improve also I'm using Volvox coloured balls for you guys so you can

see them better and I'll let you know how they perform as go but so far I like

them I played played with them their s3 and s4 ball those are really solid high

quality performance golf ball I've got vivid and the vivid soft

these are really soft it go higher go no one see how they work around the green

you should have more balls in this I just don't have as many yet so

technique-wise all I'm doing is Wade is way forward okay open the face hands are

right on my left pocket and when I take the club back I just kind of take it out

here and hit the bounce right on the ground right beneath the ball and I try

to drive that bounce in the ground underneath the ball really trying to get

under the ball with the balance just right do that and you'll hear this smack

in the the turf that's the technique piece and I keep my knees bent the whole

time you'll see that

okay so this shot is really about discovery you're learning about yourself

and you're building confidence so you're gonna learn what you can do what you

can't do and just practicing very challenging difficult shots is gonna

help build your a confidence level because you'll you'll get to a shot

you'll you'll say oh that shots too difficult for me I'm gonna do this one

and you immediately shift into I got this kind of mentality your mind changes

as oh I got this shot I'm not gonna do the other one so we're we're just

learning it's a discovery of who you are as a player and how you're going to

improve that's why we're doing this shot let's go to the next thing here's what's

awesome the next shot is the same shot except we're gonna use a square clubface

we're not gonna open it same Club same everything same location same flag

square clubface new shot let's do it one bag check you got it

oh and in case you don't know what I'm doing here I'm actually kind of tricking

you you're you did an incredibly challenging shot first now you're doing

an incredibly easy shot you're gonna pull this one off so much better than

ever before just because I challenged you like to the extreme and then we dial

in and be like oh this is easy and you start making these and having your

confidence level is gonna go through the roof with this shot just because of how

we kind of did the whole drill let me know let me know if it's worth it that

what happens to you comment below let me know

dude this shot was way easier than ever before because of the other thing okay

technique-wise I'm feed together real close together weight on my front foot I

don't transfer my weight when I shift I keep it on the front foot and I stay

there at the entire time when I'm chipping clubface the square hands are

slightly forward I keep my hands right here just on my left pocket and I lean

into it and I don't really hinge my wrists too much it's just a Tad's

club head speed adds variables it adds co-pay to stay away from that just keep

your weight shifted forward the whole time and you're good

you're getting better I can feel it feel it

listen button okay next up we're going nine irons chip and runs a little bit a

little bit farther flag this time one bag shag same shot you just did with the

square clubface but you're just using a different club going to a different flag

good luck

let's move on it's your hybrid if you have one if not

then do the same thing you just did again but if you have a hybrid this is

what you want to do it's going to be the same shot to the same flag you're just

gonna use this instead right out of the first cut or the second cut right there

one bag shag let's go

or technique with this just use your putting grip this is my putting grip so

I use that I hold the club kind of in the front pad up here on on here and

then I just put this right over here and I choke down a little a little bit kind

of almost to the end of the grip and I'm just turning my shoulders shoulder swing

similar to what you're doing with your putter and your tendency might be to put

your weight on your back foot really be conscious of where your weight is be on

your front foot the entire time don't go back and forth keep that shoulder down a

little bit K just just accelerate to the ball get a good feel for it

and if you need to put a stick down just to make sure you're going straight back

straight through on your target do it do it

there you go that's your chipping day that's it we're done hopefully this

video is helpful and you're getting better let me know how your scores are

progressing and how your confidence is growing in your game when you're playing

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already love you guys I'll see you in the next video


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