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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (ENG) EVERGLOW(에버글로우) "하루 10시간 이상 맹연습했다" @ 'DUN DUN' Showcase 쇼케이스 (이유, 시현, 미아, 온다, 아샤, 이런) [통통TV]

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Please elaborate on your feelings and determination for your comeback.

I think she wants to hear from you one by one.

Shall we start from Aisha?

Hi, I'm Aisha.

We prepared so much for this comeback.

We'll keep working hard to be a reliable group.

Thank you.

You'll work hard to be a reliable group.

I'm Mia.

Through this promotion, I really hope to get our name out there.

'That's what EVERGLOW is!'


We'd like everyone to say, 'EVERGLOW never disappoints.'

We'll do our best throughout the promotion to be able to hear that.

Awesome. You really want to get your name out there.

And Yiren?

I want to communicate more intimately with our fans.

We will work really hard and I hope everyone will like our album.

You'll communicate with your fans more.


I'm E:U.

We practiced our choreography for hours and hours.

We spent a good deal of time for practice.

So we hope to show everything we prepared.

There was a time when we practiced the choreo for ten hours.

We pulled many all-nighters.

I hope everyone will take note of that as much as possible.

I'm expecting to present you with great performances since we prepared so much.

Great. You're confident about your performance.

There was a time when you practiced for ten hours.

Awesome. Looking forward to your stage.


I'm Onda.

I'm going to work hard to be called a group that pulls off any musical style...

...and proudly represents K-pop.

- You'd like to play a part in the K-pop boom. - Yes.


I'm Sihyeon.

As Mia said, I think it's our priority to get our name out there.

Also, I want to make our fans, who have waited for us and loved us, proud.

You want to make your fans proud.

That's your goal for this promotion. All right.

From your determination, I can see your goals and confidence in going into the 'comeback war'.

Thank you for your answer.

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The Description of (ENG) EVERGLOW(에버글로우) "하루 10시간 이상 맹연습했다" @ 'DUN DUN' Showcase 쇼케이스 (이유, 시현, 미아, 온다, 아샤, 이런) [통통TV]