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This is the weirdest thing I have ever done.

Its just so funny.

Hey guys!

Its Mi Anne and welcome back

to Beauty With Mi.

Today we are going to talk about vaginas!

I dont know about you,

but I am prone to ingrown hairs.

Sorry if this is TMI.

No joke, I once had an ingrown hair

so gnarly, I had to give it a name.


While I did learn a valuable lesson --

dont wear tight stockings while walking around

the cobblestone streets of Paris

for hours on end --

I did what many women do when faced

with this dilemma...

I self-operated.

And now I have a scar to prove it.

Before we dig any deeper...

See what I did there?

Let me give you a little bit of background

knowledge on ingrown hairs.

A primer, if you will.

Now most professionals would say

to stay away from shaving all together,

but I know that not everyone has the time

or money to get waxed or lasered.

So, here are six rules of shaving

you should always abide by.

One: trim your hairs.

Two: make sure you always wash your

bikini line and vulva with an

antibacterial, fragrance-free soap.

Three: use a shave oil or cream.

No one wants a razor blade

tugging on their skin.

Four: shave in the direction of your hair growth.

Five: when it comes to hair between the labia,

proceed with caution.

My advice?

Leave it to a professional.

Six: finish off with a calming product like

aloe vera gel to soothe and hydrate your skin.

Between my experience with Claudette

and a slew of friends asking me how

to deal with ingrowns,

it got me thinking.

Is there any recourse?

So I did a little digging on the internet

and I found a treatment called the peach smoothie

at Haven Spa thats specifically designed

to treat your vulva a.k.a. the areadown there"

that grows hair.

So naturally I jumped on the opportunity

to try it out.

That my friends is what youll be witnessing today.

You guys are getting to third base faster

than my boyfriend did.

Hi, Im Camille.

Im a beauty blogger on YouTube.

I have a channel called Offbeat Look where

I do lots of hair tutorials, mostly hair dye

tutorials, but were here doing something

very different today.

What do you normally do in terms of

maintenance in your pubic area?

So I shave normally because I have tried

waxing and..

Not fun.

Ive never gotten a wax before.

Yeah, no you should try it once and then

Never again?

Thatll probably be it, yeah.

Should we just get it over with and do it?

Lets do it.

Alright. Let's go.

First my esthetician Marta took me to a private

room where I undressed from the waist down.

Time to get sexy!

Disposable underwear off!

This is going to be nice and warm.

I like you, youre so funny.

Next she lathered me up with soap and did

a thorough clean of my vulva.

She was wearing gloves the whole time!

Let me cleanse it nicely.


You guys are funny.

Do you do this to yourself?




Youre not used to somebody touching you

like this, huh?

Yeah, no.

Get used to it!

Not with strangers, no!

Treat me as a sister.

Im not a stranger.

Next she put on an exfoliating mask

to prep my skin for extractions.

My favorite part!

Its like a massage.

Youre not getting excited are you?

Okay, this may slightly tingle.

Okay...Oh its in there.

The green tea lactic acid peel.

Thats the peel.

How is that?

It stings.

A lot?


One to ten?

Seven probably, yeah.

Because I shaved earlier today.

Thats the green tea lactic acid.

It hurts!

It does not.

It doesnt hurt.

It really doesnt hurt.

Maybe I have a really sensitive vagina.

Is that it?


Right here.

After removing all of the ingrown hairs

that she could,

Marta finished off with a soothing

clay mask and a little bit of toner.

Leave it alone for a few minutes

and I rinse it off.

Oh it feels good.

So you may a little bit peel but when you

get this, even a little bit like shadow,

from like shaving and stuff,

itll be much brighter.

Give a week.

Okay, you were amazing today.

So were you.

I feel rejuvenated.


I wanna know what you thought about that!

It was different than I expected.

Did it hurt?

The extraction?

The extractions actually didnt hurt but

the acid peel is what...It stung a little bit.


It did tingle for me but the extractions were

what was most like..ugh!

I was really afraid that it was gonna be really

awkward so I wasnt actually as afraid about

it being painful.

I was just like, “Is it gonna be really weird?

Am I gonna feel weird about it?”

It was actually really fun.

I dont know if thats the right word to use

but it was really funny and she, Marta,

was really great and nice.

I had a good time getting a vagacial.


I mean, I think thats the point of a spa

is to relax.

Yeah, words I never thought Id say.

All in all, the peach smoothie was hands down

the most practical treatment I have ever tried.

For me, $55 is 100% worth it

if it means leaving a spa completely free

of ingrown hairs.

For those of you who dont have access to

a spa like that though, there are a few things

that you can do at home.

First off, try to avoid getting ingrown hairs

in the first place by following the six rules

of shaving.

Secondly, try investing in an ingrown hair serum.

Marta recommends Whish's Ingrown Hair Serum

which I havent personally tried but she

swears by it.

My personal favorite is Furs Pu...

Its not called The Pube Oil.

My personal favorite is Furs Oil.

It has tea tree oil in it which is anti-bacterial,

jojoba oil which is hydrating,

and clary sage seed oil

which reduces inflammation.

It smells good too.

And lastly, never, ever, ever pick.

I know that Im one to talk but that will lead

you down a really nasty path of scarring and

just general discomfort so just dont do it.

You will regret it.

So what do you guys think?

Do you have any remedies for pesky ingrowns

and would you ever try a vaginal facial?

Let me know in the comments below

and see you next time on Beauty With Mi.

You should try letting it grow and I do your Brazilian.


Thats when they wax your butthole!

Thats what Im saying.

I am scared.

Thank you guys so much for watching!

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