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Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Diana, Scorn of the Moon.

"A new moon is rising"

Diana is an Ability Power-based assassin, fighter, and jungler.

Utilizing quick movements and precision targeting, Diana can burst down individual targets or hold the front line in larger engagements.

Dianas passive is Moonsilver Blade. Diana automatically enjoys increased attack speed, and every third attack will deal bonus damage in an area.

Not attacking for a few seconds will reset this attack timer.

Crescent Strike sends out a nuke that arcs from Dianas right, damaging and applying Moonlight to all enemies it hits.

Moonlight reveals enemies for a few seconds and interacts with her ultimate, which well get into later.

As Dianas primary damage tool, youll typically want to max it as quickly as possible.

Pale Cascade shields Diana for a few seconds and creates three orbiting spheres that explode on contact with enemies, dealing damage in an area.

If all three spheres explode, Dianas shield is refreshed.

Pale Cascade is a must-have for jungling, so if this is your goal, take at least two points quickly, and in most cases will want to max it second.

Moonfall pulls in and slows all surrounding enemies.

Taking an early point will help you secure kills and save allies, but usually can be left at just one point until maxing your other abilities.

Dianas ultimate is Lunar Rush. Lunar Rush teleports Diana to target enemy and damages it upon arrival.

If Lunar Rush is cast on a target afflicted with Moonlight, the cooldown is immediately refreshed.

As with all ultimates, take Lunar Rush at levels 6, 11, and 16.

There are four important rules to remember when jungling as Diana: First, position yourself so that Moonsilver Blade will hit the entire jungle camp.

Second, dont use Pale Cascade when the monsters are almost dead, as youll want the cooldown to be ready for the next camp.

Third, make sure you get full use of Pale Cascades shield. Dont activate it until jungle monsters start actually attacking you.

Finally, try to also position such that the detonating spheres from Pale Cascade hit all the monsters of the camp.

When ganking, try to get into position to land Moonfall first.

Here Diana is able to Flash into range for Moonfall, hitting all three spheres in Pale Cascade as well as Crescent Strike and Moonsilver Blade.

Its important to save Moonfall until your opponents actually try to run.

As Diana takes on Hecarim with the help of her team, she deals as much damage as possible with the rest of her abilities.

Only once he tries to run does she hit Moonfall, pulling him back into range for Tarics Dazzle and the kill.

In order to gain a bit of extra speed when clearing the jungle or escape from chasing enemies, remember that you can reveal jungle monsters with Crescent Strike and then jump to them with Lunar Rush.

If you generally save Lunar Rush until you can put Moonlight on your target, its usually worth using it again if it will secure the kill.

Here Diana puts some early damage on Renekton, lands Crescent Strike, and follows up with Lunar Rush.

After he Flashes away, Pale Cascade plus Lunar Rush will deal enough damage to pick up the kill, so Diana charges in.

When playing Diana as an assassin, its important you constantly roam around the map to help your allies.

As Diana finds Brand in trouble, she lands Crescent Strike and immediately hits Lunar Rush.

Hitting Moonfall into a second Lunar Rush, she gets behind Gragas and grabs the kill.

Diana players will have to decide whether to hit Lunar Rush right away to catch up to an opponent, or wait for Crescent Strike so that they can refresh its cooldown.

After Diana gets Hecarim low, he starts to get away. Instead of hitting Lunar Rush to close the gap, she waits for Crescent Strike to come back from cooldown.

This allows her to hit Lunar Rush twice, picking up the kill.

As the game wears on and turrets fall, Diana should look for opportunities to sneak through the jungle and flank her opponents.

Using Pale Cascade and Moonfall, she pulls Brand in for an easy Crescent Strike into two Lunar Rushes and Moonsilver Blade for the kill.

In team fights, its important that Diana focus on assassinating the highest-priority targets first.

Here as a battle breaks out, Diana takes the time to kill both Nunu and Brand.

This leaves KogMaw untouched, and allows him to clean up the fight, killing Diana before she can do anything to him.

When building Diana, I recommend starting with early-game Ability Power damage, rounding out your end-game with some extra durability.

I also recommend getting a bit of early Armor and Attack Speed when jungling.

For Runes, try Attack Speed Marks, flat Armor Seals, flat Ability Power Glyphs, and flat Ability Power Quintessences.

Consider 21/9/0 Masteries, taking all the magic damage increasing Masteries in Offense, plus minion damage reduction and bonus Heath in Defense.

For Summoner Spells, try Flash plus either Smite for jungling or Ignite for further champion-killing power.

When building items, I like to open with Boots of Speed and Health Potions, plus a Prospectors Ring on Dominion.

When jungling, I add Philosophers Stone and Heart of Gold for extra income.

Rabadons Deathcap massively increases my damage, Abyssal Scepter grants a nice mix of damage and durability, and Frozen Heart ensures I can survive tough fights.

Adding a Void Staff makes sure that I can still deal with enemies who stack Magic Resist, and finally Rylais Crystal Scepter adds some utility to my build at the end.

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