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- My name is Peter.

I'm ecommerce manager for Pets Place in the Netherlands

and Pets Place is the biggest retailer in pet food

in the Netherlands with over 200 stores and two websites.

Personalization is key for us, we have tough competition

and by personalization we can help our customers

to buy the right products.

We have chosen Dynamic Yield after

quite remarkable research.

We have been looking at almost all systems

which are for sale at the moment,

and Dynamic Yield is chosen by flexibilities

so we want to have a flexible system.

We want to have all on one platform

and not a mix of systems, and it's very easy to use.

Our focus on personalization lays in product recommendation.

We have almost 15,000 products, over 200 brands

and lots of categories.

And it's important for visitors to choose the right product.

Our priorities for the coming years

is product recommendation, that's really key.

And we want to be the product expert.

Dynamic Yield helped us building our recommendation bar,

which is multifunctional.

We can use it everywhere on our website, on every page.

It's not difficult, it's multi platform

and that's what I build so another technical guy,

like me, can work with that.

We have seen quite an impressive avenue

and we learned that by heart.

One of our IT systems went down two weeks ago,

it really happened.

And we had to switch off Dynamic Yield for almost two days

and we saw a drop of revenue of almost 15%

and switching on Dynamic Yield again

brought us back on the higher level.

Dynamic Yield, the guys I met up 'til now

are really nice and easy going guys.

So, we like them, they're helping us.

And just pronouncing them by their first name

says more than enough how we work together with each other.

(light piano music)

The Description of Product recommendations lead to 15% lift in revenue for Pets Place