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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BOx - The smart bottle opener

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Today, we are launching more than a bottle opener, we are launching

a new way of thinking of what a bottle opener can do.

Introducing Bottle Opener X - the worlds first smart bottle opener.

Each BOx is handcrafted with the finest materials. Solid wood and Stainless steel.

We made great effort in designing BOx so you can hold it comfortably.

With its elegant curves, BOx is beautiful to look at as it is to use .

Using only one hand

SLIDE BOx on top of the cap

GRAB the neck of the bottle firmly

POP the cap

RELEASE and ENJOY your bottle.

BOx is fitted with a smart chip to connect with your phone through wifi

Its innovative feature will seamlessly share that moment with your friends.

Just select your group of friends from your favorite chat platform.

And the next time you open a bottle,

BOx will automatically share with them

a special CHEERS message wherever they are.

As the saying goesIts 5 PM somewhere on earth, for beer oclock”.

Your fun times are limitess

just let BOx open your new experience

Join us

get your BOx

enjoy your bottle,

live the real moment

and let BOx do the sharing your way.

The Description of BOx - The smart bottle opener