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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (ENG SUB) [Stone Music+] BEHIND CUT_EVERGLOW (에버글로우)|Dun Dun, E:U, SIHYEON, MIA, ONDA, AISHA, YIREN

Difficulty: 0

Q. A verse from a song that you've listened to the most recently - "You got me feeling like a psycho~"

Bet there's another song you've listened to even more

I've been listening to "Dun Dun" so much

Plz listen to it too until your ears bleed

I can't do aegyo😝

"Hit the drums"

It's not working. Sorry

You can just shoot anything

Like a daily V-log?

What is she doing?

- Oh you're shooting us - Yes

We'll shoot you too (It's E:U~)

We're shooting each other (Hi hi~)

Lemme investigate(?) other people

Wang Yiren?

Wang Yiren x3

Wang Yiren what you doin

I'm gonna do some shooting

What kind of shooting?

15 sec vid for Instagram

- Really?😮 - Yes


It's a very difficult task

Do you know why we're here today?

- Jenga Interview - Jenga Interview~?

Jenga Interview

It's like a...

Do you now that game called Maple Story?

- Yes - You look like Slimes from it

Slimes? Seriously?


Who are you talking to?

I guess you've been through smth. Lemme wipe your tears

Looks like u had some extra-hot spicy rice cake?

I want spicy rice cake!

I want spicy rice cake... When should I eat it

3 cutie faces


So pretty

It's your turn now

1, 2, 3


3 pretty faces

1, 2, 3

Oh wait (camera monitor turned off lol)



3 sexy faces


I meant sexy...

It's just random 3 faces

We're gonna shoot Sihyeon today

You don't know where to look~

- She's a celeb~ - I'll look here (looking at the air)

- You got 2 eyes for both - I'll try

- What did you do on Lunar New Year - I slept all day at home

- Really? - Really

- You didn't play with Haerong (her puppy)? - Of course I did

How about Darong (her cat)

- Darong doesn't play with you right? - Yes...

Q. Who's the most narcissistic among EVERGLOW?

Let's say it together. 1, 2, 3!

- Sihyeon - Me and Aisha

- That's right~ - Right?

Do you love yourself?

- I love myself so much♥ - Me tooooo

- I love you Sihyeon I love you - I love you too Aisha

- Now next question - Let's love each other


Q. A verse from a song that you've listened to the most recently - "You got me feeling like a psycho~"

Bet there's another song you've listened to even more

Q. How to enjoy "Dun Dun"

You should have your earphones on

EVERGLOW's songs have strong beats

Have your earphones on and turn the volume up to the max

- Oh but be careful of your hearings - No turn it up until you lose your hearings (lol)

If you listen to it on your way to work or school you might dance in the bus

- With shoulders - Yes shoulder dance

Your inner self won't be able to help but dance

Q. What's Onda's biggest charm? Big eyes vs Big mouth - I like my big eyes

But I guess my biggest charm is my big mouth?

Q. Acrostic poem with "Onda"

Onda is...

a carrot


Hello, this is Lieon(?) from EVERGLOW...

(hehe) Again

Hello, this is Yiren from EVERGLOW~

Q. Favorite part of your face? - My eyes. Cuz they twinkle..hehe

Q. If you TRYYYY to pick a part you don't like - My face shape. Cuz my chin is a bit short

I've heard I look like a baby bc of that I wanna look like a grown-up


Q. Most impressive gift from a fan? - All 6 of us got

figures with clothes that we wore on stage

- Can we expect to get them once more? - This time again...

I got my eyes on you!

She want them again

Can you do acrostic poem with "Onda"?

What starts with "On"?

It won't work I guess

Then I will

look for Sihyeon. I believe she can do it.


- I've invited Sihyeon here - Yap

Q. Acrostic poem with "Onda" (3rd try) On:

Onda's charms makes

- Da: - Everyone go "dun dun dun"

On: I came here not long ago

Da: I'm leaving now

Just change your name

- Change your name (lol) - I'll change it to Ganda (=leaving)

I like that better. It's like Ganjang (=soy sauce)

Gan: Gandhi

We don't play Jenga very well

- You don't play it well? - Yes (hehe)

Long time no see! Have you been well?

PD: (nods) (subscribe)

I haven't


So many practices!

Save us..

- Have you shoot the music video? - Yes

Feels like my ears are bleeding

I've listened to "Dun Dun" so many times

Plz listen to it too until your ears bleed




Jenga Interview starts now!

Go watch Jenga Interview

Sihyeon's got eyes on props - Can we have this?

You can take it with you

"Hit the drums"

It's not working. Sorry

Q. A word as a Hawaiian Pizza stan - I...ummmm

love pizza so much

But pizza is greasy, so you need some refreshment in it

So I like pizzas with pineapples!

It's my preference so plz give it a respect

Q. For a whole week: a portion of pork belly vs. unlimited veggies - (sigh) I will...

- It's too harsh - Too harsh

Pork belly...

3 portions will do for a week

How can 3 portions be enough?

I wasn't saying it for sure

I guess unlimited veggies are better

It'd be better for my health... (empty words)

Everyone eat lots of veggies!

Q. Your hair colors have been always bright. Do you want to do black hair? I like bright hair colors better than black

Q. Say thanks to fans in dialect - It's been a while I'd talked in dialect...


I'm always thankful to you guys

Thank you so much for waiting for us


Love you❤️

(in dialect) I don't use dialects anymore

PD: To your fans - No!


- What did you expect? - Aegyo

- You were right - I won't do it!!

Can't do aegyo

E:U's on mukbang

Q. A member you were the most thankful to? - Onda I guess?

When I was exhausted she came without a word and

patted on my back and cheered me up

So I have many things I am thankful to Onda

Q. Food you're into recently? - That's a bit hard. It'd always been meats

but my appetite has changed

Sushi for now!

Q. You're more confident being Cute vs. Sexy - More confident?

I'm more confident being sexy, I guess...?

B-CUT never let go of its baits

Mia's getting prepared for "Spotlight"

E:U: There's a camera in front of you

Starrrringggg (hehe)

I was watching choreos

Q. Is chores for "Spotlight" well prepared - I'm not confident actually

Onda: Why? - It's so hard

Our choreo's so harddddd

(Who said it's hard goes first)

*This is who just said the choreo's hard*

I lost my balance there

(Guess she's cold)

Q. Describe Aisha's dance style - She put a lot of strength on her feet

It surprises me cuz it feels like she's gonna break the stage

- Heard that? - You can hear it right?

(My turn!)

Onda got smooth moves

(monitoring in detail)

(gna be camera man again next life)

- Cue! - (cue!)


Fighting! hehe

(Leader's watchin)

Q. Did everyone do great? - You saw me watching others?

I got surprised cuz everyone got so much better

- SO SURPRISED - Time out

So much improvement on dancing

Especially Yiren~

Q. Who's the most girl-crush member?

1, 2, 3


She's a rising star

Onda's eyes...👍

Her eyes' on fire like her hair color

Aisha: You don't do it like that Sihyeon: That's like a baby tiger

- That was just pretty - I wasn't!

- That's like a baby tiger

We're putting our autographs on photos and decorating them

I hope people like it when they get these

Aisha: How does the raffle works? Yiren wants the prize too

Yiren: I'm actually a fan

A huge fan of mine

- She's the head of my fan club - I am

We worked hard on these. I hope fans like them.

I'll do cat. You do cat too

I hope someone who will be

very, very happy receive my photo

Yiren: You're talking about me?

Oh my gosh

I finally got E:U's autograph!

Like that!

- Someone who will be happy like that - I'm gonna put this under my pillow~

I like this. It's kinda chic


- Now we got group choreo for the last shooting - Yes

With our best, like we're gonna break down the stage

- Haven't we danced real hard - We have

Let's finish this up real good~


The end!

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