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Lenovo announces dual-screen smartwatch, projector smartphone

Lenovo unveiled its Magic View smartwatch and the Smart Cast laser projector smartphone

at Tech World 2015.

Lenovo has announced two concept products that it believes will eventually become part

of the company's growing product portfolio.

Much similar to the way the company's Yoga tablet was first introduced to the world,

Lenovo has announced at Tech World 2015 a dual-screen smartwatch and a laser projector


Lenovo CTO Peter Hortensius said the dual screen smartwatch, known as the Magic View,

has been designed to address the pain points of users when it comes to other smartwatches:

Small screens and privacy.

The second screen is a virtual interactive display at the top of the watch band, which

uses optical reflection to create a virtual image to allow users to see a virtual display

more than 20 times larger than what users would see on the display. It also allows users

to privately view messages rather than openly view messages on the main screen.

Lenovo also announced the first laser projector smartphone, Smart Cast. The Smart Cast concept

features a built-in laser projector, infrared motion detector, and gesture recognition algorithms.

Using the projector, users will be able to project images and videos from their smartphones

onto a wall or table top.

At the same time, users can project virtual touchscreens such as virtual keyboards, or

even piano keys onto a table. For video chats, users can project contact onto the wall while

viewing different content simultaneously on their smartphone screen.

While no specific dates of release have been given, Hortensius said Lenovo is serious about

making it widely available.

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