Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 31 Days of Learning English - DAY 23 - improve your English - KITCHEN DAY - 23rd October - WEDNESDAY

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yes here we are back once again it's another day it is tying once again to share a few

moments of our existence together here we are with day 23 of 31 days of October and

learning English in 2019 here we are oh my goodness hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in

England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy well are you happy I really

do hope you are happy today I hope you are feeling good I hope you are feeling wonderful

in fact because we are here together again live on YouTube and it is myself mr. Duncan

for those who don't know who I am I will tell you right now I teach English on YouTube and

I have been doing so for quite a few years in fact this month I will be celebrating my

13th year on YouTube so that is the reason why I'm here also I am here every day as well

every single day 2 p.m. UK time from Monday to Friday Saturday 12 p.m. just after midday

and on Sunday 2 p.m. as well all of those are UK time so don't forget to check the time

difference in your country now I suppose it's worth mentioning at the moment that next week

the clocks will be changing here in the UK and I know quite a few country is quite a

few people around the world will also be changing their clocks so at this time of year we normally

turn our clocks back one hour so that is what we will be doing next week I believe it is

the 26th of October the clocks will be going back so that will mean that my live stream

will appear at a slightly different time however my actual broadcast times will not change

so here in the UK the time will be the same so even though it's a different time maybe

where you are it will still be 2 p.m. UK time for the broadcast of my live stream during

the week and of course I'm always at a slightly different time on Saturday because I normally

go into town of course all of that will change in November there will be a big change because

my 31 days will be over but the big question is what will I be doing in November so I suppose

we should mention the the subject that we've been talking about yes I suppose I can't do

this without mentioning this particular subject it would appear that it's not happening so

it looks as if the end of this month will no longer be brexit day it will be just mr.

Duncan's Youtube anniversary so it would appear that the UK is no longer leaving the European

Union on the 31st of October it looks as if it's not happening after yesterday's vote

so there will be no discussion about leaving there will be nothing mentioned and it looks

as if we won't be talking about this again until next year so it would appear at the

moment that they are going to postpone this until the end of January next year of course

there might also be a general election before then as well so lots of things going on here

in the UK it would appear at the moment that there are things happening all around the

world have you noticed mr. Steve used a good word last night when we sitting at the dinner

table tumult tumult it is a very tumultuous time a lot of chaos a lot of disorder many

people unhappy with the way their governments are treating them so that's what's happening

at the moment around the world here in the UK well I'm okay not too bad the weather outside

what is the weather doing it's not too bad you can see it's a little misty this morning

when I woke up it was very foggy outside very misty so if it isn't as bright as yesterday

we had quite a nice day here in the UK yesterday but today it's a little bit gloomy it really

does feel as if autumn is in the air however meanwhile back here in the kitchen what is

happening today we are talking about kitchen things because every Wednesday during October

I am with you in the kitchen as you can see there are lots of things here I will be taking

a very close look at some of the kitchen things and there you can see them now kitchen things

we are talking today all about these particular items things that are useful to have around

the kitchen lots of gadgets devices things to make your life much easier now we often

call these labour-saving devices so if something is labour-saving it means it can save you

time and also effort as well so we will be doing that later on that is what is happening

however there is an even bigger thing I must talk about right now because we have the live

chat hello hello to you on the live chat so who is first I wonder let's have a look shall

we I'm just going to look at the live chat right now oh well done once again to grace

chin you have a very fast finger that's all I can say well done grace also tanya is here

and llaman Luis Mendez hello Luis nice to see you here again and a Kobi Eric hi to all

of you and a special congratulations to grace chin you are first again on the live chat

congratulations to you well done you are first today also to Belarus er hello Belarus here

I've noticed that you've changed your account on YouTube I don't know why maybe there is

a reason I don't know maybe you are at another place maybe you are at work at the moment

hello Rahul how are you today I'm okay and I hope you are good as well Louie Louie hello

mr. Duncan hello Nate Noemi Noemi I always worry that I mispronounce your name do I pronounce

your name correctly I don't know Meeker is joining me in the kitchen as well hello Meeker

nice to see you here also Joelle or Joelle Louise London so does that mean you are in

London hello to you hello mr. Duncan good afternoon Ramsey Nouah is here so many people

are here today Theo hello viewers and mr. Duncan from sunny Athens well you are very

lucky you have sunshine today sadly here in the UK we have no sunshine it is looking very

dull and dismal outside Louie Louie yes it's kitchen time maybe one week when I'm in the

kitchen I might actually do some cooking however I won't be doing any cooking today hello mr.

Duncan Marella thank you very much Irene I'm not cooking anything today however I will

be cooking up a fun lesson I hope so I will stir my ingredients and hopefully the result

will be satisfying for everyone hello also - Kristina hello Christina nice to see you

here I haven't had my lunch - yet so I actually haven't eat today at all so now and again

you might actually hear my stomach complaining so you might hear my stomach growling growling

like a dog [Music] was that my neighbour's dog I wonder hello RHS Buenos Aires is here

hello Buenos Aires hello to you hello Louie Louie and also Christina says I can't say

the word I'm sorry I'm not going to say it I refuse to say this I'm so tired of this

nearly three and a half years we've been talking about this it's driving me crazy Rosa also

Ibrahim so many devices in there in the kitchen there are now you might not realise just how

many things you have in your own kitchen because normally you put them away normally they are

stored in your cupboards around your kitchen so there might be more things in your kitchen

then you realise especially over the years because quite often we will buy things and

then over the years we will put them in the cupboard maybe it is something that we use

quite often but then suddenly we stop using it so we put it away we put it into storage

in the kitchen hello also - salad hello - Keeley hi Kylie hello to you also tan Chang and rosso

is here hello Rosa nice to see you here today as well lots of things to talk about here

are two words that I've been asked to explain so I'm going to write now so the words are

accept and accept except except so you can see they are almost the same but not quite

there are some differences not only in the spelling but also the pronunciation and the

definition as well so first of all except if you accept something it means you willingly

take something that is offered to you you accept so something that is offered to you

or something that comes your way and maybe you have a choice you accept the thing you

agree to it so if you accept something it means you agree you accept you agree and understand

the thing that is being explained to you so maybe uux you accept an idea so if you accept

an idea it means you believe it so we have the word accept and underneath accept accept

means to push away or to discount so maybe a thing that you don't want to include you

accept it you accept so accept that person so you can come to my party except you you

cannot come so accept is to agree to something to take something as true and there accept

is something that you disregard or put aside or reject you accept accept so all of you

can come to the party except you you cannot I'm sorry I hope that helps now in my life

I have had to make a choice whether or not to accept an offer so when I first started

doing my lessons on YouTube way back in 2006 I had a big choice that I had to make because

many people offered a place on their video network but I turned all of them down because

I wanted to have control of my own work so some of the very big networks on YouTube in

the early days when they were just forming they actually contacted me many times trying

to get me to work for them and every time I refused so I did not accept their offer

so if you don't accept you refuse so you refuse someone's offer you do not accept their offer

you refuse it so over the years I have had many offers many people have offered to allow

me to make videos for their network but I've always turned them down because I know as

soon as I agree to work for them they will tell me what to do and how to do my lessons

but of course I like to have control of what I do and that's the reason why I have never

done that so you will never see me on any or any other channel or any other network

but if you do then I shouldn't be there I don't belong there okay there is only one

mr. Duncan YouTube channel hello - row sir row so nice to see you here Belarusian I am

not at home I am using my mobile phone now that's the reason why I thought so I thought

your your name and also your icon look different d-m d-m top tech says your t-shirt looks very

happy this is my old t-shirt I've had this t-shirt for many many years in fact I first

bought this I think it was around 2007 I bought this t-shirt palmira mr. Duncan do you have

two taps one for cold and one for heart yes we do although here in my kitchen I have two

taps but they go into one main tap so the controls are separate however they both go

into one individual tap and we call that type of tap a mixer mixer tap so if you have a

mixer tap it means you can control the hot and cold water coming out of one tap or one

outlet I hope that helps you hello also to business hello business watching in I think

it's Vietnam am i right I think so did you enjoy yesterday's lesson I did something a

little different yesterday I talked about I suppose it is a very serious topic protesting

and demonstrating going out into the street to show your anger or your disagreement of

something so I hope you enjoyed that yesterday it was a little bit different and I know sometimes

I like to cover difficult subjects or maybe topics that some people might feel uncomfortable

with but it is all part of life and I suppose it is also part of the English language Louie

Louie says it is so true over time your cupboards are full surprises this happens in fact can

I show you something over there can you see that door over there that door behind that

door there are all sorts of things some of the things behind there are things that we

haven't used for a long time so behind that door there are many things hidden away many

surprises and that's what happens over time normally when you live in the same house for

many years you start to collect lots of things that you don't use anymore some of the things

are useful but maybe you've forgotten about them hello - Linney hello Lily Lee hello and

thank you for your cowl as well Christina I have to compliment you you have a very tidy

kitchen this kitchen I know I've said this before this kitchen needs a lot of work doing

to it this is a terrible kitchen and I know you don't believe me but on camera this kitchen

looks lovely so quite often when you film something it normally looks better than it

does in real life it's a bit like mirror thee so this kitchen needs a lot of renovation

work doing it it needs completely changing everything in this kitchen is old and in some

cases worn out a little bit like me again hello - Ian hello Ian nice to meet you the

live chat and I am glad to see everybody here you are welcome Ian no problem Pedro is here

Thank You Pedro for joining me in the kitchen today thank you very much Fabiana it's great

that you include topics in the news well that is one of the things I love about doing live

lessons the thing about live lessons is that I can talk about things that are happening

right now at this moment so that's one of the reasons why I will often mention this

subject even though a lot of people are really sick and tired of listening to people talking

about it however it is still an interesting topic so yes one of the lovely things about

doing a live stream is you can talk about current events things that happen right now

and things sort of going on in the world at this very moment we are going to have a little

break and then when we come back we're going to have a look at some of these wonderful

items that are around my kitchen look can you see all of the things I'm going to show

you not only that I'm going to name them as well but for now we are going to go back in

time this very day in 2013 I did a special series of lessons all the way through October

and now we are going to go right back in time to this very day six years ago yes and you

might notice that I look a little bit younger [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

hello and good morning welcome to day 23 of 31 days of dunk Toba how are you on this new

day I hope you are fine and dandy well it's all back to normal today I hope you enjoyed

yesterday's studio tour and thank you very much for your kind messages some of which

we will take a look at later the weather right now is not too good here in England today

is a showery day this means that there are sudden bursts of heavy rain of all the weather

conditions that exist I think I dislike the rain most of all there is nothing worse than

getting caught in a rainstorm you get soaked to the skin the rain has soaked right through

your clothes luckily today I have my brolly with me

heavy rain can be described as falling like cats and dogs what a strange phrase oh the

weather is terrible it's raining cats and dogs it's pouring down it's raining buckets

it's chucking it down do you get much rain where you live do you like being out in the

rain a wet thing can be described as soggy it has become sodden it is wet through it

is soaked it is drenched it is saturated it is wringing wet if you ever mentioned England

to anyone there is a good chance that they will mention the rain of course it does not

always rain here in England but we do have a fair share of it the wettest seasons of

the year are spring and the autumn although we can sometimes get very wet summers here

too fortunately for me this summer has been quite glorious and not too wet at all plenty

of chances to go out and about with my camera what a lovely summer it was it was it was

it was it was it was the umbrella has to be one of the most brilliant inventions ever

it's such a clever device of course it is not infallible or perfect on a windy day the

umbrella can get caught by the breeze and turn inside out or even worse blow away completely

[Applause] [Music] mmm-hmm I hope you enjoyed that we went back in time there with one of

my full English and super duper 31 days of 'don't Toba lessons that was recorded can

you believe it six years ago thank you for your lovely compliments a lot of people saying

mr. Duncan you haven't aged it all thanks a lot isn't that lovely thanks for your support

and your lovely words as well thanks a lot so I hope you enjoyed that yes during 2013

I did a special series of recorded lessons however this year I'm doing live streams every

day every single day you can catch me on YouTube during October something very special to celebrate

my 13th year Louie Louie I like the rain it is not disturbing to me at all after all it's

just water I'm not a big fan of rain I'll be honest with you I don't like going outside

on a rainy day I find it rather annoying especially when it's cold and raining and maybe the wind

is blowing at the same time and I don't like that sort of weather but a loop is here also

thank you very much to Palmyra we had a special lesson a taste of Halloween and I haven't

learned a new word oh I say oh I have learned a new word turn it a turnip is a type of vegetable

it has a very pungent smell very strong smell so yes halloween is coming up at the end of

this month I haven't forgotten it but we will be talking about that a little bit nearer

the date after all it is only the 23rd of October at the moment we still have a long

way to go before the end of the month so thank you very much for joining me today we are

talking about things that you find in the kitchen useful items so there are lots of

useful things in the kitchen and here is the most obvious one so first of all I am going

to start with the most obvious thing and I think that everyone has one of these in their

kitchen we are talking stove or cooker so when we say stove stove or cooker so both

of these words basically mean the same thing to be honest you can say something is cooking

on the stove or I will boil some water on the cooker so these two words are general

terms for a thing that you cook with so you can cook inside and also you can cook on top

so there is a stove quite often here in the UK will we use the word cooker so you will

often hear people use the word cooker so when they say cooker they mean this I need to turn

the cooker on I need to boil some water so you will put something on the stove or on

the cooker someone mentioned the other day they said Mr Duncan it's very strange your

cooker has two things at the front yes for some reason don't ask me why this particular

cooker has two ovens so it has a bottom oven so that's the main oven where we we normally

cook most of our food and then you have another oven there but the clever thing about that

one is that it has two uses so you can use this here as an oven but also you can have

a grill as well so you can cook things in there just like an oven or if you want to

grill something if you want to just cook something from the top you can grill the thing as well

so this particular oven has a lot of clever uses and then at the bottom you have the main

oven the oven that is used for cooking the big things like meat and extra large pizzas

very nice can I tell you an interesting story about this cooker because just before we moved

into this house way back in 2013 in January 2013 about a week before we moved in the previous

owners of this house they had to replace this because there's blew up it stopped working

so just before we moved in they had to go out and they had to buy another cooker because

the one that was there before blew up it stopped working however they didn't buy a new cooker

they bought an old one so this is actually a secondhand cooker so it isn't new although

having said that I think it's quite old I think it's a very old cooker so this cooker

I think might be maybe 25 years old it's quite old but it still works the only thing I don't

like is that it uses electricity not gas because we don't have gas here so unfortunately in

our houses we don't have a gas supply sadly so we have to do all of our cooking with electricity

which is quite a pain really when you think about it Naja Naja belly says yes my cooker

cooks very well for me often it sounds as if you spend a lot of your time in the kitchen

cooking food so there is the first word now I suppose when you are doing things in the

kitchen you have two choices you can do something automatically all by hand so nowadays many

people have lots of great devices things to help them do do all of their chores and the

things that they have to carry out much easier so quite often we have things that carry out

tasks or help you to do your chores quickly by being automatic for example over there

you can see my dishwasher so that is the thing that I use to wash the dishes so if I'm feeling

really lazy I will just put all of the dirty dishes all of the dirty things in the dishwasher

so that will do it automatically it is an automatic device so that is very useful when

I lift at home with my family we didn't have a dishwasher our dishwasher was our mother

she was the dishwasher and of course you can do things by hand when you do things by hand

it means you do them manually so if you do something manually it means you are doing

it by hand so quite often people do their washing maybe they wash their dishes or maybe

their clothes they will do it by hand they will manually do it so two interesting words

there automatic and by hand automatic means the thing is done for you by hand means you

have to do it yourself let's have a look at some items in the kitchen neo says I love

to bake cookies yes Eric I like your idea there this cooker is actually older than many

of the people watching the live stream right now isn't that amazing you're right yes this

is a beautiful stove or cooker it is nice although it's quite old and one of the problems

with this particular cooker is that it uses electricity so it isn't very economical when

you are cooking your food you will use a lot of electricity hello to Abdul hello mr. Duncan

can you cook fish and chips in your cooker yes I can yes we can cook fish in fact quite

often on Sunday mr. Steve and myself we will have fish so normally we will have salmon

on Sunday and we always cook it in there we cook it in the main oven let's have a look

at some items I'm going over there so excuse me I have to fetch something so be patient

I will be back here is something I showed you a few days ago I will show it again very

quickly this is a kettle kettle I love this word so kettle it is a container quite often

it is used for carrying water or storing water or of course you can put water in an electric

kettle and boil the water so you can make a cup of tea or a cup of coffee so kettle

it's a great word kettle so I suppose most houses many houses if not all houses have

something with which to boil water so this particular thing works using electricity however

you can also put some water on the stove and boil the water in a saucepan so yes kettle

so there is our first object on today's live stream this is a very old kettle we bought

this kettle in around I think around about 1990 or 1991 so we've had this kettle for

a very long time it's almost 30 years old this kettle can you believe it and it still

works perfectly made in Poland it says on the bottom so this kettle was manufactured

in Poland kettle what should we look at next oh here is something

that I I use everyday something I use everyday toaster but where is the toaster excuse me

I have to find my toaster there it is nice to see so there is my toaster this is the

thing that I use for toasting my bread yep I've dropped my paper excuse me let's try

again toaster there it is so a toaster is something you use for toasting your bread

you can put your bread in there and then if it will slowly turn your bread into toast

and to be honest with you I love toast there is nothing nicer than some fresh hot toast

with butter toaster I have one in my kitchen do you have one in yours we are as live as

life can be today we are let's have a look what else oh here we go hmm the next word

is blender blender and know before you say anything it is not my Chinese girlfriend for

lenda oh here is my blender hello blender how have you been keeping so there we go my

blender now this is a very useful piece of equipment this is what we call a multi-functional

device it has many uses it is multi-functional so a blender can be used for making things

that you can drink you can make a milkshake in here you can also make soup if you want

to blend vegetables to make them a nice healthy smoothie you can so this particular thing

is very useful for for making drinks or soup you can blend things so when we say blend

it means so you blend everything together you mix it you make many things become one

thing so you might blend tomatoes and vegetables and water to make soup he will blend the ingredients

in a blender so there it is that is one of the devices and I think mr. Steve's mum gave

this to us and it's really old so I think this is about 15 years old this device and

I think we've only used it about twice since Steve's mum gave it to us so there it is blender

and in a few moments I will put this back into the cupboard and it I will never use

it again true it's true this is one of the things that is stored in the cupboard and

it is unlikely to be ever used again blend oh my goodness it is already 10 minutes away

from three o'clock I can't believe it hello Guadalupe hello to Christina a very big blender

it is useful in the kitchen you can make lots of things yes something that is multi-functional

has many uses what else are we going to look at ooh the next thing we are going to look

at is something I do use quite often coffee press the word is coffee press but what is

a coffee press I hear you ask well I'm going to show you there it is so there is a coffee

press you can use this to make instant coffee whilst still using ground beans so this is

a simple way of making a nice strong fresh cup of coffee and it almost tastes as good

as the coffee that you might buy in Starbucks so a coffee press I think we also call it

French coffee if I'm not mistaken so this can also be called a French press or French

coffee press so quite often in a coffee shop you might see these but more often than not

if you go into a coffee shop they will often use a machine to grind up the coffee but sometimes

you will have these given to you at your table and you can press the coffee yourself so this

is called a coffee press and it's very useful for making a very nice strong fresh cup of

coffee something I love very much that was a coffee press what else oh here's another

interesting thing something very useful can opener can opener you can also say tin-opener

so a can opener is used for opening a camp a very useful item and there are many different

types of can opener so a can opener can be manual so you use the can opener manually

and of course there are automatic can openers so if you want to open a cam quickly you can

use an electric can opener can opener and I will show you what that is right now there

it is there is my lovely brand new can opener when in fact I say new but in fact I think

this is a couple of years old so there is a can opener very useful for opening cans

for food we could also say tin so instead of can you can also say tin so a tin opener

can opener this once again is a very useful thing to have it around your your kitchen

I've just realise I'm running out of time my goodness so I might stay a little longer

today the next thing I'm going to show you again something that is very similar to a

blender but it isn't the same something called a whisk whisk that is interesting whisk whisk

can be used as a noun or a verb so the thing itself and there it is whisk so this thing

is used for mixing that's a horrible sound so there it is whisk so this is good for mixing

liquids maybe if you are baking a cake you might have to mix the ingredients so you will

use a whisk whisk very interesting and quite often we use that for mixing of course you

can get the electric version of this so this can also be operated by electricity however

this one is old-fashioned and you have to do it by hand you have to use your hand whisk

I like that one very much what is next mr. Duncan Oh as you know I like

eating potatoes very much and this particular thing comes in very useful when you want to

have your potatoes with butter and you want to crush the potatoes you want to make them

into potato champ which is a type of French dish masher where is the masher here is the

masher so this is the thing we use for mashing the potatoes we want to make the potatoes

soft and creamy so you will use a masher masher so that's a fairly basic item but once again

very useful it looks as if I'm in prison I'm in prison how will I ever escape from this

terrible prison so masher next one this is very good for mixing things together funnel

funnel something that is useful for pouring liquids from a container or maybe things like

flour or sugar or grain funnel and there is the funnel a funnel is something that's very

useful to have around your house because you can use it for all sorts of things so if you

have to put lots of things into a container you can use a funnel funnel and then once

again this this word can actually be used as both a noun and a verb so you use the funnel

and you funnel something through it so funnel means to pass through pass through a certain

thing and this is also called funnel so this can be used as both a noun and verb

I don't know about you but I always find my kitchen days are very busy very busy indeed

next oh here is something that mr. Steve's sister bought for us a grilled sandwich maker

now I don't know about you but I enjoy having snacks I like to make myself a tasty snack

here in the kitchen so quite often I will have a grilled sandwich so I will put some

cheese on some bread and then I will put it in the grilled sandwich maker a grilled sandwich

maker many people have these nowadays they can make very delicious meals very delicious

snacks quite quickly this is rather heavy so here it is this is so heavy it's really

heavy so there it is a grilled sandwich maker so what you do you put the bread inside you

put the bread in there and then you close the lid and then inside it will get hot and

everything will cook inside so if you put cheese inside some bread the cheese will melt

and you will have a delicious toasted sandwich so this is actually a gift that mr. Steve's

sister gave to us about three years ago and we do use it yes sometimes when a person buys

you a gift quite often you won't use it you will put it in the cupboard and forget all

about it however this has come in very useful especially at night when I fancy a midnight

snack lovely another one for you another useful tool to have around the kitchen silver silver

this word looks very strange it has a very strange spelling and it is pronounced silver

silver where is the sieve it is here is my serve through you like it so a sieve is a

very useful item if you want to strain or remove small objects from liquid you can put

things through a sieve like flour or grain or rice you can put the rice in there and

then all the water will flow away so your rice will be nice and firm so this is a very

useful thing very simple object but I've always noticed that quite often simple objects are

actually the most useful things so this is called a sieve sieve there it is and this

one is very old in fact I think I think this belonged to one of mr. Steve's grandparents

so this is actually quite an old thing but it still works perfectly sieve and once again

you can use this as both a noun and verb maybe you're making a cake maybe you are following

a certain recipe you might need this if you have to weigh something so maybe you have

to sort out the quantities of flour or milk or butter something you have to add to a recipe

these are very useful scales scales and here are my scales so scales the things you use

to weigh items maybe ingredients that you are putting in a recipe flour sugar butter

things like that you need to weigh you need to make sure that you are putting the right

quantity in your to pee so as you mix things together it is often important to get the

quantity correct and to help you you can use scales so these come in very useful very useful

indeed back to the live chat quickly the sieve is not a net no it isn't really a net however

you can use other things as a sieve so you can probably use certain items as a sieve

maybe a piece of cloth or something like that can also be used as a sieve scales are also

used in mathematics as well yes when you want to measure the difference between one thing

and another if you want to balance something you will often use scale walls this use this

lesson is quite useful thank you very much Eric and glad you think so here is another

wall oh here's an interesting word what does it mean grater grater so when we say grater

we mean a thing that is used for chopping but quite often we will chop very small pieces

off a certain item so maybe a vegetable or maybe a piece of cheese a grater so a grater

is a very useful tool to have in the kitchen and this is it so there is my grater so this

particular thing is a cheese grater but you can also use this for other things as well

you can grate vegetables you can also grate carrots so not only for cheese although to

be honest with you in this house we normally use this for cheese so this is a grater but

most people refer to this as a cheese grater because for most of the time people will use

this for grating cheese so it's very useful for getting small pieces of a certain thing

to put on your food so you will press the cheese and move it downward and lots of small

pieces of cheese will come out so this is called a grater grater or more commonly a

cheese grater so we often use this for grating cheese you can get small shreds of cheese

if you use one of these it's five past three everyone I will be going soon don't worry

here is another one something very useful if you are frying food especially if you are

making fries or chips so this is a chip strain strain very interesting word this is very

similar to a sieve but the holes are much larger and I will show you let me show you

right now so this is very useful if you are frying food so this is called a chip strain

and as you can see the holes are very large so this is used for frying so quite often

you will put potatoes or chips inside and you will fry the potatoes inside and then

you will take the this out this item out from the fact and all of the chips will be inside

and then you can get rid of all effect all of that horrible unhealthy fact and then pour

the chips out however mr. Steve uses this for a completely different reason mr. Steve

uses this to strain his Tamsin's when his making jam so mr. Steve uses this not for

frying but for making jam I will show you the word again stay stay chip strain it is

used for draining fat from chips or in mr. Steve's case he gets all of the stones out

of his damsons when he's making jam next tongs now this sounds like a little tongue

but it's pronounced differently so when we say Tong Tong Tong Tong and we normally say

a pair of tongs so we always use the plural for this particular item you will always see

it used in the plural sense and there they are a pair of tongs and these are very useful

for picking things up so maybe you are cooking something in the oven and you want to turn

it over you can use a pair of tongs to turn the hut thing over so you don't burn yourself

so this is something very useful you might use it when you are frying food so if you

are frying a piece of meat you can turn the meat over very easy so these are tongs a pair

of tongs and there is the word again tongs many people use these in the kitchen when

they want to protect their hands when a person does not want to get their hands burnt they

will use a pair of tongs Oh something else now this is something that is used when you

are rolling pastry if you are making a cake or something that needs to be flat you will

use one of these rolling pin rolling pin there it is and I will show you the item there it

is so this is a very useful item a heavy object something that is used for making a thing

flat so maybe you have some pastry and you want to make it flat you will use the rolling

pin to make the pastry flat and thin another use for this is especially for the women so

maybe your husband has been out drinking with his friends and he comes home very late you

might be waiting at the door with the rolling pin where have you been do you know what time

it is I've been waiting here all night for you to come back home so a rolling pin can

come in very useful especially if you want to punish your husband I can't believe I just

said that here's another thing squeezer a little squeeze er a thing that we use to squeeze

so if you want to get juice from an orange or a lemon or maybe grapefruit you will use

a squeezer squeezer it's a great word and here is the item so this is a squeezer we

can also call this a juicer as well so this is used for extracting juice quite often from

an orange or another juicy fruit such as a lemon or maybe grapefruit a lot of people

nowadays eat grapefruit having said that you don't see them very often anymore in this

country you don't see grapefruit there used to be very popular when I was growing up so

there it is you can use this for squeezing juice out of fruit so first of all you will

cut the fruit in half and then you will press the fruit on top it will squeeze all the juice

out and then you can pour it away you can pour it into a glass or into a recipe that

you're making there it is a juicer you've got to have a juicer in your house here is

a big thing now who a lot of people have these even though there are one or two people who

feel that these might be unsafe some people believe that this particular item is dangerous

or maybe hazardous if you stand very close to it so there is the word microwave microwaves

have been around for many years I remember when they first came on the market I can remember

when microwaves became very popular in this country so I think they were popular first

of all in the United States and then eventually over here we got them as well microwaves or

some people call them microwave ovens so a microwave oven or you can simply say microwave

you put some food in the microwave and once again you can use this as both a noun and

a verb so you put it in the microwave you will microwave the food where is the microwave

oh there it is so here's here's my microwave you can see it my microwave oven this is very

old I think this is about maybe 13 13 years old so it's quite old this one and it was

also very cheap so this behind me is a microwave there we go a microwave we could also call

this a microwave oven as well although a lot of people don't like microwave ovens they

think they are dangerous I love that sound because that sound tells

me that my food is ready Mika says I can't live without using the microwave david says

drunk husbands must be very afraid of the rolling pin I think so orange juice is delicious

but sometimes not easy to digest that is true if you eat or if you eat an orange or if you

squeeze the orange juice quite often it can upset your stomach so you can actually get

indigestion from from drinking fresh juice I think so heavy too says hi everybody I have

had the same microwave oven for some years so when we say some years it means many many

years so a microwave oven is something I couldn't live without I'll be honest with you sometimes

when I'm feeling lazy yes I know it is most of the time most of the time I feel lazy I

will use the microwave oven to heat some food up Kristina the microwave is a very useful

device for making fast food I think so although there are people who don't trust them they

believe that they are dangerous or hazardous something that is hazardous on top of the

microwave you can see the bread bin now quite often we use the word bin to mean a place

where we put our rubbish however in this particular word it means storage so quite often we will

bin some thing we will throw it away we will dispose of something in the bin however this

does not refer to rubbish this refers to food a place where you store your bread is a bread

bin and there it is so there is my lovely bread bin and you can see inside the bread

bin there is a fresh loaf of bread ready for me to eat as soon as I finish this lesson

it's true bread bin sometimes you have to clean the kitchen quite often the floor will

get dirty in fact I think it's safe to say the most dirty and the dirtiest place and

the place that gets the dirtiest is the floor especially in this house because quite often

we will come in from the outside and the first place we will come to is the kitchen so quite

often a lot of dirt will come in from outside so in this kitchen the floor is always getting

dirty so you have to use one of these mop I lift that word it's so simple mop so if

you have to clean your floor you will often use one of these mop you will use a mop and

it just so happens I have my mop over here so here is my mop it is ready to clean the

floor at the weekend when mr. Steve keeps coming home with his dirty feet I have to

clean the floor with this mop [Music] of course normally you will use hot water so you will

put this into some hot water and then you will squeeze the water out and then you will

clean your floor with it mop very useful a very useful thing very simple but useful can

I let you in on a secret I hate mopping the floor mopping so that is the action of using

one of these when you mop you are mopping the floor you use a mop so once again this

can be used as both a noun and a verb this is a mop you mop the floor you are doing the

mopping by the way the word mop means soak or soak up so if you mop something it means

you are removing the moisture you mop maybe you spill some soup on the floor so you mop

the soup up you absorb the soup normally into a cloth mop I love that word by the way if

you if you put it upside down it looks like some strange word but if you put it that way

around it says mop finally we have a mystery object

here is something very unusual I wonder what this is do you know what we use this for it

looks like some sort of torture device maybe it is something for piercing your ear well

what is the mystery object does anyone know anyone know what this is this is a very strange

item but what is it it has a particular use very particular use what is it the live chat

is very busy I did not know the word mop I have never seen it but now I do oh very good

I'm pleased to hear that this is being useful to you thank you very much I'm so glad that

this lesson has been useful to you but what is this what is this strange thing does anyone

know what do you use this for Eleanor says do you use it to remove the stones from cherries

yes and also you can use this to remove these stones from olives as well so this thing is

actually called a olive pitter so look at that strange word pitter so if you pit something

it means you take the centre out of it so an olive pitter of course you can also use

this for cherries as well so this can be called an olive pitter also it can be called a cherry

pitter so if you pick something it means you take the centre out you are removing the stone

or the centre of a type of food there we go so you put the olive in there or maybe the

cherry in there and you just press and then the middle will pop out very useful thing

simple but useful and olive of course I have to keep my kitchen looking

lovely and clean I have to use washing up liquid now washing up liquid is something

you use to wash your plates your dishes and your knives and forks so the things that you

use to eat with or to cook with you can often wash them by hand using washing up liquid

and I will show you a bottle that I have over here so there you can see a bottle of washing

up liquid and you can see on the bottle you can see the actual words they're washing up

liquid I hope you can see that clearly so on the front there you can see the word washing

up liquid so when you do the washing up it means you clean the plates you clean all of

the dirty things you use washing up liquid so if you don't use this if you don't use

the dishwasher you will use this instead washing up liquid another thing you can use around

your kitchen especially on your surfaces so the things that you use to cut your bread

or cut your meat prepare your food we call those the surfaces the things that you do

things aren't you prepare food on the surface we could also call this a counter so this

can also be described as a counter this is a counter top or the surface and we can also

use is cleaner so this is something you use around the kitchen to clean your surfaces

to make sure that they are clean and hygienic so when you prepare your food that there is

nothing bad on the surface that will affect the food and make you ill there we go surface

cleaner I will show you the surface cleaner that I have so here is some surface cleaner

that I use you can see there now this particular thing is ecological oh very nice so this is

multi surface cleaner and this is used for cleaning all of my surfaces all of the tops

the work tops and the counters in the kitchen and this is very useful because you can spray

with this so this lets you spray it's very useful so if you want to clean around your

kitchen if you want to clean the surfaces or the work tops you will use surface cleaner

and there are many different types of surface cleaner on the market another one well we

are almost at the end Wow over there you can see the dishwasher if you use a dishwasher

you will also use these dishwasher tablets now it's very interesting to see this word

tablet quite often we think of a tablet as something that you eat however please do not

eat these because you will become very ill so dish washer tablets and there you can see

you can see the words now on the screen dishwasher tablets and I will show you one of them they

come individually wrapped so each tablet is wrapped individually and there you can see

so there is one dishwasher tablet so normally you will put this in the machine and then

you will start the machine and this will help to clean your dishes we call them dishwasher

tablets however please don't eat them I know some people have been eating these don't eat

them please don't eat these you will become very sick your own surface cleaner is ecological

yes we often get all of our things from the same company so things that don't have any

poisons and things that don't harm your skin because my skin is very sensitive can you

see look can you see my skin it is so so sensitive ah mr. Duncan's sensitive skin my skin is

very sensitive so that's the reason why we have ecological cleaner and washing up liquid

so it isn't just kind to the environment it's also kind to my hands the final thing before

we go and we will be going in a moment here is another thing in fact we have two more

things to show you Oh mr. Duncan that's a very interesting word I've never seen that

word before how do you pronounce this word I will tell you because it's my job we pronounce

this scourer ask our so if you are using a scourer it's a great word scourer you scour

something it means you use force and also you use something that is abrasive in other

words it has sharp edges so if you use something called a scalar ax normally you are trying

to get rid of something you are trying to remove something that is difficult to get

off scourer and I will show you my scourer it's a great word so there we go there is

my scourer and you can see it is made of metal so this is actually metal and it is very useful

for getting bird things off your sauce pens especially mr. steve because sometimes when

mr. steve is cooking he does have the habit of burning things so one of these comes in

very useful scourer you will use this to get rid of things that are hard to remove I will

show you the word again because it is an unusual one there it is if you want to write it down

and study it I will show you a close-up of the scourer would you like to have a close-up

here we go so there is a scarer close up so you can see it is made of metal very useful

for getting things that are burnt and hard to remove scab ara I love it I like it a lot

one more thing and then we're off one more thing and that thing is bleach now this particular

thing is a miracle I think this is the best thing in the world you can use bleach on so

many things except your clothes don't use it on your clothes but you can use it for

cleaning things that are hard to clean you can use bleach so that is probably one of

the most used things in most people's houses so you will use bleach to maybe clean your

floor or maybe clean your toilet or your bath or maybe something that is hard to clean so

bleach is a very useful thing and there is some bleach right now can you see it bleach

so bleach is very good for disinfecting you can see there it says kills all known germs

thick bleach so there is the final thing that I'm showing you today that's the last thing

I have for you I have nothing else to show you because it's almost time to go I can't

believe we've done this quite quite Oh quite a long one today it's been a very long live

stream I hope you've enjoyed it I hope all of you have enjoyed today's live stream we

are back in the kit in in the studio tomorrow the kitchen today the studio tomorrow it is

time to go I will say goodbye to you thank you very much to nasiha thank you very much

to Ramsey Nouah thank you very much mr. Duncan for your very useful lesson I have to go now

well I'm going as well thank you very much to skiff ro sir also to Seiko hello Seiko

also to pal mirror thank you very much for watching today Rafi says your house is well

equipped I like that so if something is well equipped it means you are prepared for whatever

happens you are well-equipped you have everything you need to survive you are well-equipped

thank you very much thanks for your company I will see you later back tomorrow in the

studio and of course tomorrow is Thursday it is and I will see you later thanks for

your company this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for joining me on

what appears to be a very dull and Misty day it is very murky here at the moment and of

course you know what's coming next yes you do until tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time this is mr.

Duncan saying thanks for watching and of course you know what's coming next yes you do ta

ta for now 8-)

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