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Hi, i'm Francis

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First, let's make white bean paste for Taiyaki

Put the pre-washed white beans in a bowl

Pour the water, which is three times as much volume as the beans

Soak the beans in the water overnight, until all the wrinkles disappear

Replace the beans into a heavy pot along with the soaking water

Turn on the burner and cook the beans over medium heat

When the water reaches full boil, add cold water

This process will keep the temperature of the beans even, in and outside

When the water boils again

remove the foam

and reduce the heat to low

Cook for three minutes more and discard the cooking water to remove bitterness

Rinse the beans lightly

Put the beans in the heavy pot

Add water

And turn on the burner

Bring the water to a boil

And add cold water until it stops simmering

When the water boils again, remove the foam

Place a droplid in the pot

And put on a lid

Reduce the heat to extreme low and let the beans simmer until they become soft

Do not stir, as it can mash the beans

These beans are cooked for one and a half hours for their skins to also become soft

Discard the cooking water

And put the beans back into the pot

Add one third of the sugar to the beans

Stir to mix with a heat resistant paddle while still on heat

Add another one third of the sugar

Stir well until evenly mixed

Add the rest of the sugar

And a pinch of salt

Stir to mix well

Test the paste for its thickness

Shown here would be an ideal thickness for the next process

Put the paste on a baking sheet

Spread the paste flat

Wrap plastic wrap tightly around the paste and cool it down

Next, let's make Taiyaki batter

Beat the egg in a bowl

Add water to the egg and stir to mix

Put cake flour,

baking soda

and white refined sugar through a sieve

While stirring the flour mixture with a wisk, pour the egg in the center

Gradually blending the egg and stir the mixture thoroughly

This will get rid of any lumps and you will get smooth Taiyaki batter

Let's cook Taiyaki

Lightly heat both sides of the Taiyaki pan

Coat the inside of the pan with vegetable oil

Pour the Taiyaki batter into the pan

Place white bean paste in the batter

And premade red bean paste

Pour the batter over the bean paste


And flip the Taiyaki pan

You may open the pan to check the color of the Taiyaki while cooking

Cook until both sides become golden brown

Remove the Taiyaki with a bamboo skewer and trim off the edges of the Taiyaki

The trick to making delicious bean paste is adding sugar in three steps after the beans become soft

This white bean paste contains bean skins allowing you to taste the whole beans

To reduce te cooking time, use a pressure cooker to cook the white beans

Good luck in the kitchen!

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