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Maintaining the OFYR Corten cone

After an evening of cooking, come back the next day to scoop out the ashes.

If the OFYR cone becomes moist because of the weather,

oxidation may cause an extra layer of corrosion to form,

As seen here. So first, we scoop out the ashes.6 00:00:29,930 --> 00:00:35,600 Use a metal scoop and a zinc or metal bucket.

Because the ashes may still be hot and smoldering the next day, so it can be a fire hazard.

Now use the OFYR Spatula

to scrape away most of the corrosive layer.

You can see that extra corrosion has formed around the dirt.

Alright, so now we remove the last little bits using a wire brush.

Use circular motions to do so.

This way, you'll get the entire surface and smoothly remove all of the corrosion.

There you go. A nice result.

But the inside of the cone is not the only part that can be affected by the weather.

The outside can also corrode.

Not just because of soil and moisture blown into the cone,

but also because of wet coals that are left inside for too long.

So once again, remove the majority using the spatula.

and then get the last little bits with a wire brush,

once again using circular motions.

There, our nice smooth surface has been restored in no time at all.

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