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Its 2021, and the online world has never been better. There seem to be so many gurus

or so-called experts teaching a handful of ways to amass wealth and to become rich

pretty quickly. Some experts are even selling their own handcrafted online courses at premium

costs. But, how legitimate are these courses in the first place?

Dan Lok is a famous multi-millionaire internet marketer known for his motivational videos

on YouTube. He built his career as a copywriter and now uses his skills to train others who

want to be like him. And, have you seen how much he charges for each of his online courses?

Thousands of dollars! Id say this is way too expensive for something too good to be

true. In fact, these charges have left quite a lot of guys wondering whether Dan Lok is

a scammer or not. Whats more, there are also talks of him going to prison.

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Okay, lets get back to our video. Dan Lok has been talking quite a lot about how he

got rich. Besides, he never falls short of luring others to learn his skills to amass

wealth and follow in his footsteps. But, who exactly is Dan Lok? Im sure you would love

to know the story of this internet millionaire and find out how he makes his money. Can you

trust his philosophy, and does it add value anyway? Thats what well be talking about

today. The Asian Dragon

Dan Lok, at least according to his website, is a marketing guru. He also claims to be

one of the top-tier experts in sales and business. Moreover, he boasts of entrepreneurial ventures

that rack up 8-figure payouts and only became a self-made millionaire at 27 in 2008. And,

here is one thing about Dan -- people now refer to him as The Asian dragon. Wed

guess this is because of his reputation as a businessman. Did you also know that he writes

books?! Dan Lok is a great-selling author of over 12 books and you might be familiar

with him from TedX talks, where he has been the opening speaker on several occasions.

Now you are possibly wondering how on earth Dan Lok reached these heights. Dan Lok had

13 failed businesses before he discovered his success formula. Lets dive into his

story right away! Dan was always provided with everything at

a younger age and never showed any ambition to chase success. However, things started

to change. His parents divorced, and his life took a different shape. Dan Lok and his mother

immigrated to Vancouver, Canada. Life was tough, unlike what he was used to while growing

up. He was forced to learn how to read and write in English since moving to Vancouver.

Dan Lok worked odd jobs as there was no longer any money coming from his dad, who announced

his bankruptcy. At only 16, Dan started providing for his mum with the money he had earned from

working different jobs. He even took it a step further to borrow money

from his relatives to start his own business ventures. Unfortunately, all these were in

vain. Yet he was already in debt of approximately 150.000 dollars at only 21. They say necessity

is the mother of invention, right? So, out of being broke, Dan decided to learn a

new skill -- copywriting. His drive set the difference, and sooner, things started working

out for the young entrepreneur. He also started his solo advertising agency, thanks to his

close friend and mentor back then. Little did he know that his business would scale

up to eight figures in a few years. Motivational Speaker

See how Dan Loks story is similar to that of a grass to grace or rags to riches

tale? Well, it will only be fair to applaud the multimillionaire for his efforts towards

achieving the success he so desired back in the years.

Dan has multiple streams of income and runs different businesses that cater to his lavish

lifestyle. His YouTube channel has already amassed over 3.7 million subscribers, and

he still keeps attracting many young hopefuls. He also boasts of a large social media following

since everyone just wants to follow in his footsteps.

Your network is your net worth...If you hang out with 4 millionaires, youll be

the 5th. But if you hang out with 4 losers, youll be the 5th, reads one of the popular

Dan Loks motivational quotes. So, being an expert copywriter, Dan chose

to teach people how to start their own businesses and precisely how to secure the bag -- making

money. And, yes, I just told you earlier how Dan charges thousands of dollars for his courses.

But, interestingly, one thing seems odd about Dan and his business ventures. What exactly

does Dan Lok teach people in his courses?

Is Dan Lok a Scammer? One Youtuber, Tom Nash, has questioned the

legitimacy of Dan Loks courses and analyzed his credentials. Nash claims that Dan Loks

website and write-ups never actually specify a particular business that enables him to

make huge amounts of money he boasts of. Whats more, Dan only says that he has multiple sources

of income and runs different businesses. Additionally, Tom Nash points out that he is yet to see

any proof that Dan Lok had legitimate business before he started selling information online.

Nash also shares a clip by another Youtuber called Coffezilla, who found an interview

with Dan Lok back in 2016 where the entrepreneur shies off from information packaging, claiming

that there are a lot of fake experts who are sharing fake information about how to become

an entrepreneur. Dan classifies internet gurus in three different levels -- the legit advisors,

fakers, and scammers. Well, Dan is not a scammer in the sense that

he just takes your money and disappears, he does indeed sell some valuable information

or points. But, Tom Nash claims that Dan Lok is a faker. This is because the evidence points

to Dan making his money from selling books and making money. This is how most fakers

achieve success online. They earn money by telling people how to become successful or

rich without having experienced it themselves. A writer called Haheen Abufarha published

an article on Medium providing insights on Dan Loks supposed business. After watching

Dans videos, she says that you can easily find out that he is always speaking about

making money, the power of copywriting, and how hustle is what we all need to start. Haheen

explains that after watching the 25th video of Dan Lok, she was shocked that she did not

have a clue of how the guy actually makes money. She says that one clear thing is that

the way Dan is making money is never what he mentioned in one of his Boss in the

Bentley episodes about copywriting. Aha! It shouldnt surprise you either that Dan

likes doing most of his videos in his Bentleys. He actually never stops showing them off to

the public. And, back to copywriting -- how many copywriters do you know that are multimillionaires

like Dan Lok? Or rather, can one really amass huge amounts of wealth from copywriting alone?

Id say not really. Dan Lok Going to Prison?

We cant just ignore the talk about Dan Lok going to prison. He may be facing up to

two years in prison and up to a million dollars in fines for copyright infringement and plagiarism.

There have been allegations that Dan took other creators work and used it as part

of his Dragon 100 training course. And, this is not the first time that he has been accused

of copyright theft. He has been accused of this crime several times in the past.

Dan Lok is located in Vancouver, Canada, and is actually breaking the Canadian copyright

law through theft and infringement. Tom Nash has also released another video about Dan

Lok going to prison. Nash plays side by side clips of Dan Loks video course where he

patterns his story after another speakers story. This shows that Dan is a cheat and

only benefits from other peoples work by passing it off as his own. This is so unheard

of by a renowned online guru like Dan. Thats all from us today!

What do you think about Dan Lok and his business ventures? Is he legitimate or fake? Let us

know in the comments if you think Dan Lok should be sentenced to prison and fined for

copyright infringement or if you find that he just has smart way of doing business. Please

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