Practice English Speaking&Listening with: You Can Always Return

Difficulty: 0

(light music)

(light rock music)

- Perfect.

Smoking room, wherever you are

- Start unbuttoning your shirt.

- Like this?

- Slower.

(camera shutter clicks)


(laughing) Oh ho, you like my new couch, huh?

We are going to christen it later.

- Oo, baby.

You sound like a sexy furniture ad.


- Fuck!

Hold it right there.


- Can I come in?

(dreamy music)

- Austin.

- Can I come in?

- Yes.

- Did I interrupt the shoot?

- No, don't worry about it.

Is everything okay with you?

- I wanna do it.

- What?

- The shoot.

Let's do it.

- No, dude.

I don't think that's a good idea.

- What is wrong with everybody today?

I actually want to do this,

so come on, pick up the camera.

- No, Austin.

Let me get you some water.

- I said pick up the camera!


Am I too old?

Did you find another boy?

I'll do anything you want.

If you want me to fuck him, I will.

No condoms.

Please, just take me back. (crying)

- You need help.

- I'm telling you what I need!

- Austin.

- And there he goes.

- Austin!



(muffled voice)

- Austin, honey.

I'm here.

Austin, can you hear me?

Austin, honey. - Mom?

- I'm here.

(gentle music)

- But how? Why?

- I've been looking for you for a while.

I'm so sorry about everything that happened.

I should have loved you for who you are.

I couldn't take it, and I left your father,

but by the time I started looking for you,

you were already lost.

- Your mom was handing out flyers in the street.

- Oh my God.

Mom, I'm so sorry. (crying)

- Oh, no.

I'm sorry.

- I've done so many bad things.

I don't know what's happening to me anymore.

- It's okay.

We'll get it all fixed.

Just come home with me, please.

That's how you owe me

Even if you don't care

Even if you don't know it yet

Hey hey

(light music)

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