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- (FBE) So today you'll be trying this.

- Is it Taco Bell?

- That looked like a taco to me, and I like tacos.

- Are there bugs in it?

- We're not just eating a taco.

- (FBE) So we're gonna give you tacos from different fast food restaurants

and see if you can guess where they're from,

and you'll be trying them blindfolded.

- Okay, yeah, let's do it.

I'm excited.

- I don't know if I even know more than two places that sell tacos.

- My diet is so bad. I'm gonna destroy this!

- Honestly, my diet's pretty bad too.

- I eat fast food at least once a day.

- (FBE) So you can't peek. Here are your blindfolds.

- All right. - I won't peek.

- Ooh, I could go to sleep right now.

- (FBE) Okay, your first taco is in front of you.

- This? - Oh, I found it.

- I feel the line of bad meat.

Like, I can feel it. - Yeah, the lumpy.

(shell crunching) - Mm!

- Mm! Food!

- Food. - I like it.


- Mm! Oily.

- Usually, I don't like lettuce, but I'll eat it.

- It has a poofy shell.

It's like poofy but crunchy.

- It's greasy.

- I haven't hit the meat yet, but it's got that lettuce

that's pre-packaged.

- It's not the worst taco I've ever had.

- I don't like it.

- (FBE) Okay, you can guess in three, two, one.

- Carl's Jr. - King Taco.

- (FBE) This was El Pollo Loco.

- Oh. - Oh my gosh!

- Del Taco? - Carl's Jr.?

- Del Taco! - Jack in the Box.

- (FBE) So this was El Pollo Loco. - Oh!

I love El Pollo Loco too.

- Del Taco. - El Pollo Loco.

- (FBE) That was El Pollo Loco. - BOOM!

(grunting) I've never even had a taco from there,

but I just can tell.

I should get tacos from there though,

cause they're really good.

- I don't know any of these food chains!

- I can't believe I didn't even think about El Pollo Loco.

- (FBE) Your next taco is in front of you. - All right, let's see.

- Hmm.

- All right, this one feels a lot more thin.

- See, I was gonna say the shell was sturdier.

- This is hella thin. What? It's so thin.

- Mine just fell out.

- It's falling apart. Or, it's not falling apart.

- This one smells really good. - What the heck? It's so small.

- I'm tasting a lot of lettuce, like an overload of lettuce.

- I don't even know if I want to take a bite of this,

to be honest.

- Eh. (chuckling) I don't like it.

- I know what this is, but it's not a good version of the thing.

Definitely floppy. - Flimsy, it's like bleh.

- (chuckling) I don't-- - It's so small.

- I think the lettuce is a little bit crisper.

The shell is a little bit nicer.

The taco is a little bit taco-er.

- I definitely narrowed that down to one or two places.

- (FBE) So where do you think this taco's from?

- Taco Bell. - Del Taco.

- (FBE) That was Del Taco. (ding)

- 'Ey!

- Del Taco. - Taco Bell.

- (FBE) This was Del Taco. - Woo!

- Del Taco. - Yo quiero Taco Bell.

- (FBE) This was Del Taco. - Ah, I knew it!

- No!

- I knew that sharp decline in quality.

- Del Taco. - Taco Bell.

- (FBE) Seth, you're right. - I knew it!

The meat has this sort of-- it's almost exactly like Taco Bell,

but there's more of a little bit of a chalky taste to it.

My hands are so greasy right now.

- Yeah, mine are really gross too.

- (FBE) Here's another taco. - Let's see. What is this?

Ooh, it feels crunchy.

- Still no smell. That's a bit concerning.

Hmmm. - Mm!

(smacking lips)

- See, heavy on the tomatoes, maybe?

- Better than the last one.

- Last one was more meat and cheese.

This one's maybe a little bit more vegetable.

(shell crunching)

- That pre-packaged lettuce.

- If you bite from the top to level it out,

you only get lettuce, but if you bite from the bottom,

you only get meat.

Like, you can't get both.

- That's very similar to the other one,

where it's kind of flimsy, but it's bigger than the other one.

- This tastes like straight-up meat.

There's no sauce.

- It doesn't taste as flavorful as the other one.

- (FBE) Guess that taco in three, two, one.

- Jack in the Box? - Bibliotaco.

- (FBE) This was Taco Bell. - Damn!

- (groaning)

- Taco Bell. - Chick-Fil-A.

- (FBE) So that one was Taco Bell.

- Oh, are you serious? - Yes! I told you!

I know Taco Bell. - What the heck?

- Carl Jr. - Taco Bell?

- (FBE) Anna, you're right. - Oh!

- (squealing)

- It does have that Taco Bell-like-- a lot of lettuce vibe.

- (both) Taco Bell. (ding)

- Yeah. It was the meat.

- I was thinking the same thing. - It's very moist.

It's a moist, moist meat.

- I will bet the rest of my life that we're not gonna guess

either of these last two,

just 'cause we don't know any more places that serve tacos.

- (FBE) Ready for another?

- This feels-- - I know it.

I don't even have to taste it.

Do I have to taste it? Am I obligated?

Like, do I have to?

Because I'm gonna do this one without tasting it.

I can tell by the shape.

- So I took a bite and all I got was shell.

(shell crunching)

- Oh...

- Hmmm. - Mm-mm.

(chuckling) - Does this have meat in it?

- This is nasty.

- It's kind of spicy and kind of cheesy.

- You can't tell if it's meat or not, which is an issue.

- There's a little bit more sauce on this one, maybe.

- It's crunchy.

- I like this one the best, I think.

- It's like a really flaky enchilada.

- There's probably some sort of mild salsa.

- (FBE) Take your guess in three, two, one.

- Wendy's? - Carl's Jr.?

- (FBE) This was actually Jack in the Box.

- That's the place that sells shitty tacos.

It was really bad, so I wouldn't get it again.

- Jack in the Box! - Jack in the Crack!

- (FBE) What was your guess, Eric? - Jack in the Box.

- (FBE) Yes, this was Jack in the Box.

- Woo! - Yeah!

- (both) Jack in the Box.

- I couldn't think of any other fast food place.

- (both) Jack in the Box.

- I knew it!

I have no idea where else has tacos.

- (FBE) Last one.

- Oh, this one is fat! - Ooh, yeah.

- All right, this is different than the others.

- Larger. - Interesting.

(shell crunching)

- Mm!

- It's spicy. Tastes like chicken.

- I taste tomatoes, cheese.

Now I'm getting a little bit-- a kick of the spicy.

- It's familiar. Familiar.

- Not good.

(shell crunching)

- This shell sucks. - Breaking, soggy.

- The meat is weird.

It tastes like not meat.

- There's tomato, there's a little bit of salsa in it.

- The meat is more like real meat.

- But it's not good.

- I think their shell is better, but the inside of the taco is worse.

- Yeah, something just tastes kind of weird about the meat.

- (FBE) So where do you think this taco is from?

- McDonald's. - Pepe's.

- (FBE) This was from Chipotle. (buzzer)

- This is not Chipotle. This is garbage!

- Chronic Tacos. - La Panini.

- Chipotle. - Taco Bueno.

- (FBE) Yes, this was Chipotle. - (victorious grunt)

Chipotle is, like, a part of my diet.

- Chipotle is bomb.

- (both) Chipotle.

- The biggest thing that distinguished for me it was Chipotle

was it was actual pieces of meat.

- And the salsa.

I could taste the pico de gallo.

- (FBE) You guys can take off your blindfolds now.

- Ooh! - Aah!

- (giggling) I can't see. I'm blind.

- (FBE) Seth, you won. - Wow, that was real close.

I gotta say. - That was a shocker.

- (FBE) You guys tied! - (both) Yeah!

- I don't eat fast food a lot, so I'm kind of glad

I don't know all these locations.

- I think the problem is I like all tacos,

so I don't try to individualize them.

I'm just like, "Yeah! A place that gives me tacos.

I'll give you my money."

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