Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Provost's message to students

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- Hello, hola.

My name is Dr. Dolores Duran-Cerda.

And I am the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

of Academic Affairs at Pima Community College.

As provost, I oversee everything

having to do with academics,

including our academic deans, and their divisions.

I'd like to welcome you back to the spring semester.

Pima Online courses started on March 25th.

The face-to-face, and hybrid classes

transitioned to virtual instruction on March 30th.

Please know, that your health and safety

are the college's top priority at this time.

Please make it your own top priority too.

As you know, we are now completing this semester

in a virtual environment.

Pima College is committed to helping you

reach the finish line of your educational journey.

Our faculty and staff, working with the

Teaching and Learning Center, Pima Online,

our faculty librarians,

have dedicated hours and hours

converting courses to virtual instruction

so you can finish the semester.

They have worked very hard to get everything ready for you.

I'd like to thank them for their time and dedication.

Please check your Pima emails

for messages from your instructor.

You will also need to log into the

Course D2L website to check for

announcements and assignments.

You will start using online homework

instead of turning in paper documents.

If you are feeling uncertain

about learning in the virtual format,

please give your classes a chance.

You can contact your instructor

to make a telephone or video appointment

where you can address your concerns.

Your faculty are committed to your success at Pima.

To give you more time to get comfortable

with the virtual format,

the student withdrawal deadline

has been extended to April 14th.

But we hope you stick with it,

and will let us know when you need help.

In addition, as with the campuses,

our Adult Education Centers are currently closed

to face-to-face services

such as registration and assessment.

However, for adult education students

who are planning to continue studying

in GED preparation, English, Bridge, or IBES classes,

these classes will begin again on March 30th,

in a virtual format.

Please check your Pima email

for a message from your instructor

about your next class.

Students in our Refugee and Citizenship programs

can expect a call soon with details

about how to continue to participate at a distance.

Adult Ed students can also email

any questions they have to

For important information on student support services,

please watch Dr. David Doré's videos.

He is the President of Campuses,

and Executive Vice Chancellor.

Lastly, please stay safe, stay healthy.

(speaking in a foreign language)

And Keep Striving.

Thank you.

Muchas gracias.

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