Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Big E vs. Shinsuke Nakamura – Intercontinental Title Match: SmackDown, Feb. 12, 2021

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You see, when I won the Intercontinental Championship I made a vow,

a vow to be a fighting champion.

A vow much like the bond between hair follicles and

Gorilla Glue, that is strong, mm-hm.

And you see, as I put the Sami Zayn and Apollo Cruz

chapter behind me it appears that- >> Apollo!


>> Speak of the devil.

>> E, I know exactly why you're out here, see, I can read you.

You're out here to issue an open challenge for that Intercontinental Championship.

And seeing as that I've taken you to the limit time and

time again I don't see a better man for the job, so I accept your challenge.

>> You were kinda right, because I was going to offer an open challenge to

anyone on the SmackDown roster, anyone in this arena at Tropicana Field,

and that could be Michael Cole, it could be security guard Jim Kelly,

hell, it could be the janitor, anyone but you.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Come on E, man,

you just said you're supposed to be a fighting champion.

You're a guy that the locker room looks up to,

you're supposed to take on all challengers, right, isn't that right?

>> Look okay, I told you before I'd give you an opportunity, I beat you.

I gave you another opportunity, I beat you again.

[INAUDIBLE] last week you come back [INAUDIBLE] You come back here whining for

another opportunity [INAUDIBLE].

Go to the back, go to catering,

take your little pay check [CROSSTALK] >> You gonna sit there

and tell me to go to catering?

>> I told you to go to catering.

>> Out of all people you know how hard I worked to get here.

>> Don't touch me. >> You know how hard I worked, man.

>> Don't touch me. >> You come talking to me about

how hard you worked.

>> Yes [CROSSTALK] >> Like a charity case.

>> [CROSSTALK] >> You would do the exact same thing if

you were me.

>> Listen to me- >> As long as you have that

I'm not stopping.

>> Listen, shut up and listen.

>> No, I'm not gonna shut up, as long as you have that title [CROSSTALK]

>> You and me are done.

>> We're not done.

>> You and me are done, go to the back.

>> I ain't going to the back,

as long as you have that I'll be at the front of the line.

>> Bring out my next challenger.

>> [CROSSTALK] >> Well,

a clearly frustrated Apollo Crews.

Meanwhile, Big E's gonna have his hands full with a former champion.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Reckless, Cory, I think it's admirable

Big E wanting to give the prestigious championship the credit it deserves,

as he delivers a big splash to Nakamura with Crews looking on.

Big E now toward the cover, and here's the hook of the leg.

Crews now up on the apron, and a kick out.

>> Get up. >> Get down.

>> Get up Shin, ome on man, you got this.


Apollo Crews has no business being in the middle of this.

And Shinsuke Nakamura taking advantage, dropping Big E to one knee.

>> Intercontinental Champion is rocked right now.

Nakamura looking for the reverse exploder, with 290 plus pounds just a bit much.

>> You know,

in many ways perhaps Apollo trying to take advantage of the friendship with Big E?

>> Well listen, friendship will get your foot in the door but

Apollo had his chance, he had his opportunity.

>> And now Nakamura buried a knee into the midsection of

the Intercontinental Champion.

And Nakamura could be closing in on the title here tonight on SmackDown,

Nakamura has Big E where he wants him.

>> Shinsuke perched, standing on the middle rope waiting for Big E.

>> And Nakamura launching himself into the champion.

Nakamura into the cover to win the title, shoulders are down, a near fall.

>> The powerful Intercontinental Champion.

>> Here we go, Shinsuke feeling it.

If this connects we're gonna have a new champion.

>> Went for the Kinshasa but was picked out of the air by Big E.

Caught him on the backside with a kick.

>> Kinsuke's foot landed right in the side of E's face.

Shinsuke, once again looking for the Kinshasa.

>> Big E back to his feet, but he grabs Nakamura and plants him with a ura-nage.

Cover now by the champion, hook of the leg to retain, Nakamura at two and a half.

>> Crews intently looking on.

>> Well listen, let's be perfectly honest, maybe Apollo Crews is sitting here

watching hoping that Nakamura becomes Intercontinental Champion, and

then maybe Shinsuke will give him another chance.

>> True, that's a good point.

>> Well Big E now, measuring Shinsuke Nakamura has him up in the Big E.

>> Wait for the big ending and a drop kick by Apollo Crews,

disqualification match goes away.

>> And look at the smile on the face of Crews.


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