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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 화장실 청소만 하면 고양이들이 이상해져요.. (⭐️귀여움 주의)

Difficulty: 0

The sand isn't even in yet LOL

Muji (Getting Lighter)

Makji (Constipation)



(The toilet is so cozy)

Who is


This loudly!

Me <3

Do you maybe want to get a blanket?

Nevermind, you've already got one...

More blanket, please

It's cold

So cold

Sorry, you have to get blankets yourself


What is this


Do you like the new sand that much?


Argh, the sand!

Hey don't eat the sand

Cleaning the toilet 3months later

You can't see me

I can see you clearly

Muji you go in too

What is he doing?

The sand isn't even in yet LOL

The sand isn't even in yet and you are so excited

Muji's in too

Why is he acting like this when the sand isn't even in yet

It can only be seen by good kitties

Come on, I was clearly just joking. Of course, I can see it too

Ah~ so warm~

There is no sand you idiot LOL



Let's get the thumbnail for the video done




Ok that's a wrap for today

Oh the chocolate flavor has escaped

Hey... where are you going...

But I've just started...

Bonus Clip


You've got so much sand on you head

Hey, wait

You've got sand all over your body

The Description of 화장실 청소만 하면 고양이들이 이상해져요.. (⭐️귀여움 주의)