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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ke$ha - We R Who We R - Music Video Parody: Key of Awesome #30

Difficulty: 0

I'm ridiculous

My fifteen

minutes is almost up

I pulled this song out of my butt

Hit clubs like Jack Nicholas

Pretending I'm bi-curious

'cuz I think it's hilarious

This town's a zit

Let's squeeze the puss

Don't look at us like we're disgusting

I'm like Gaga with less grace

Can't read my Tik Tok, Bla Bla Face

Wake up in tubs, but never bathe

I just use "Feebreze"

That's gross

I'm barfing up a lung, lung, lung, lung, lung, lung

I'm making out with bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bums

I'm partying with nuns, nuns, nu, nu, nu, nuns

I'm peeing in your yard

I'm trying too hard

Ke$ha talk to us

There's something that we must discuss

It's about your lack of cleanliness

When you walk you leave a cloud of dust

Please girl, take a bath

And use some soap

Now here's a toothbrush and some scope

You don't understand what I'm about

Did something die inside your mouth?

I sing like a drunk buffoon

Then it's fixed with AUTOTUNE

Check out my new Ke$ha parfume

It smells like sex and shoes

That's gross

Hey let go of my arm, arm, arm, arm, arm, arm

Hey that's my chicken parm, parm, parm, parm, parm, parm

She's like a Saint Bernard, nard, nard, nard, nard, nard

She's got a beetle in her ear

Don't kill my career

Guuys! I'm melting


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