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Hi, check out video

about my start in Gymkhana Grid 2019

Warsaw, Poland

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We arrived to Nadarzyn

We're in Gymkhana Grid' paddock

We set up our service tent

Petter Solberg are behind us

and Andreas Bakkerud, the track is there

We are waiting for tomorrow's RWD training sessions

You need to know that there is two seperate class in Gymkhana Grid

RWD and AWD class, I'm competing in AWD

In RWD there'll be polish driver - Bartosz Ostaowski

Man who is driving using only his feet

I need to tell you that

they have spotters tower in here

Even on Gymkhana Grid drivers have spotters support

Such a tower, in the form of truck, would be useful to us

For example in Polish Rallycross Championship

I need to say that track is fantastic

It looks more than impressive

On Gymkhana Grid you're driving on right and left side

The track on one side is a "mirror image" of the other side of the track

It's really difficult for drivers

to drive completely reversely in the other side

Firstly, drivers going right side

and first turn is left

Later they driving left side and first turn is right

Mirror image, just like I said

On this track section where we're right now

it's really tight

It's hard to drive

Maciej, what do you think about Gymkhana Grid? *Maciej Polody - European Drift Champion *

First rides were very weird for me

RWD cars didn't drive sideways at all

Apparently this is how you drive time trial

I've hope that RWD drivers will fight for oldschool drifting style

and they'll go sideways with good results

Hi, homies!

It's great that you're back on track * Pawe Trela - Polish Drift Champion *

I'm just walking around and filming everything

I saw your car, I keep my fingers crossed for you

How do you feel in this Monster?

If car'll works fine that everything'll be good

These are lego blocks

I think that everything will be great

Polish drivers will show class and persistence

Now I'll show you...

Ken Block's Ford Escort

Big fuel tank, you can drive Rally of Sweden with it

You need to admit that this Charger is impressive

What do you think about this car?

It's impressive because it has big spoiler *Jakub Przygoski - World Cross Country Champion *

It's impressive because it has a very long front * Grzegorz Hypki - Drift Masters Runner-Up *


He has plenty of time to think where to drive in this car

He should have flags in the front like ambassadors

Pawe Borkowski is another driver in RWD class

And drifting legend is here, Daigo Saito

I wanted to start with you in the AWD class

unfortunately I only have a car with rear-wheel drive

OK :)

This is Andreas Bakkerud's car, he rent it

He is driving RWD but he isn't inside car yet

We met a very interesting person

Hi, I'm Ola Fija and I'm drifter from STW Drift Team

I'm here at Gymkhana Grid

This is something completely different from what I do on a daily basis

I drive sideways for living

and going sideway in here is bad for time result

Andreas Bakkerud is driving now, he's leading in WRX

I'm after first training run

I achieved the 6th result and got several penalties

I was better than Petter Solberg in 1st run so it's awesome

Now, we are preparing to 2nd run

Sebastian Kickster come to visit us

Hi, Seba

He's recording his own video

And his film will have 1 million views

But my video will have trillion views

Seba, say something to us

My video will have 1 milion views only if you share it

Julian Godrey, Cosworth engine constructor, British RX Champion

Start of the next race is approaching

This is Tomasz, Ohlins company

He is representative of this gold shock absorbers

Piotr, my mechanic

and Sawek

This is my team

We are at the Gymkhana Grid and go beat some asses

You can remember me from rallycross vlog

I brought him bad luck, because the drive shaft cracked

Now again something happened to Marcin

I'm going to ask him about what's happened

I show you how drive shaft has broke down

Bartosz says that they don't have this part yet in Sweden but they will produce it for us

Yes, before 6 p.m. it will be ready

Seba is going to start instead of me

He will ride Gymkhana Grid on his bike

Oponeo Rallycross

Power and glory

Tires were so good that drive axle break down

Now I'll start with 3WD

We have to qualify to start the final on Saturday

I'll do this. I haven't other options.

In this moment, at Sellholm company, our drive axle is produce

Bartosz Stanek, Kristoffersson's guy tell us

that they would launch a production line for us

So let's check what time I can achieve with rear-wheel drive.

I was drive with rear-wheel drive

I had rear-wheel drive and front right.

I wasn't the worst

I need to tell you that our crew

Sawek and Piotr are doing amazing work

A good mechanic is the key

Not only in motorsport

In the whole automotive industry

Marcin, why is the rallycross round organized at the same time?

Why are you at Gymkhana Grid and not Oponeo Rallycross?

Gymkhana is something I grew up on

Ken Block is my idol

On track, in bussiness and in general

He organizes such competitions

I had an accident at the beginning of the rallycross season

and I have no chance to the podium, I won't win anything

I've already taken third and fourth place in the past

so I thought that gymkhana would be better option

And now we are here

Why are you the only Pole in AWD?

Przygoski and other drivers are in the RWD class

Why are you the only Pole in AWD?

Confronting such drivers as they are here is a really big challenge

It's easy to fool around here

I am not afraid to drive agains them

I also think it's a great driving school

Orientation, use of the handbrake, knowledge of your own car

We don't have such opportunities on rallycross trainings

I treat it as a great training

What is the power of your car in this setting?

With three-wheel drive there were about 480 hp.

and before?

About 560 hp, very high Nm

Now you'll drive in saturday' finals, right?

Yes, I'm alredy in the finals!

Will you be driving against Ken Block?

Why not? :)

This day is over, see ya on Saturday

Marcin, is your drive axle arrived?

Now it's only a package. We don't know what is inside. It can be dead chicken

You ordered from aliexpress?

The guys are assembling the part

It's much thicker, I'm ready to training

See ya

The car took off and Marcin didn't even get inside

This is a three-man drive :)

You saw what was happening

Pawe Trela, 2nd place after qualification

This is a very big explose stove

It's saturday morning, we're in paddock

We're going to give autographs to the fans

We're standing with Bartosz Ostaowski on autograph session

Ken Block is right here

There are really a lot of people

The event is just beginning

There's little space

Here is a more beautiful part of the competition

Andreas is always a star

But he is looking in different direction

The organizer is doing a photo session here

These materials will later be used in livestream.

We're waiting for drivers parade

What do you think?

Who is on the front?

Petter Solberg and his son pass us

It is world-class, we stand here and they ride next to us

You'll be driving with your son soon

Yes, soon.

Marcin, adopt me. Please!

I will be kind, you will get 500+ (social package) for me

Listen guys, we're before finals of Gymkhana Grid 2019

I am the only Pole who is still in the game , the rest of our people dropped out.

Only Pawe Korpuliski is still here with me

He is in RWD class

Pawe tell me, how to do this?

I need to do this for the first time

How to beat other competitors?

Gas pedal to the floor, drive without slipping

You need to be first on the final line

This is concrete.

You just need to be the fastest

You are horny awesome, we are awesome

I don't know if I will add it. On my channel, all curses are allow.

Let's drive.

Marcin with good start

Marcin 01:35 and Takho 01:33

We will see what's next

I did what I could.

We drive against really good driver

and we hit the barrel


Do you see this?

My final result is 03:11

I beat my own record by 27 seconds

I was faster by 27 seconds than in the previous race

Do you know what it is? It's abyss!

Sawek and Piotrek, I'm really thank you

It was great 4 days

of awesome fun

We played in American and we will play in American again one day

It's not over

My Ford Focus RS RX is ok

Hi, Kuba

Kuba is a man who was always with me and always will be

Yes, I'll be. See you in Toru.

Pawe Korpuliski, the last Pole in Gymkhana Grid is preparing to start

He's really close to reach the podium

Wow, amazing drive! I'm shocked.



Poland on TOP!

Nothing is happening in here, boring.

How is he win this?!

His car is too fast!

Solberg is drive against Mini' driver

With whom I have lost

by 1 second

Riku Tahko

is on the podium

I had a bad luck

Pawe Korpuliski is driving in final run

This Mazda cheats, drive somehow differently.

It has AWD for sure :D

There is a Champion!

On the roof

Solbergs on the podium

I wish that family to everyone

I want to thanks all the polish fans, you're the best!

Polish edition of Gymkhana Grid is over

I managed to go in the final, we've got great materials

Onboards and other stuff

Check out my channel, this isn't last event

In next year I want to start in USA

We'll drive in Gymkhana Grid in USA

Sebastian said he would go with me if I buy him a ticket

Get me a visa, dad, I'll go with you

I'll talk to Trump, he'll abolish visas for Polish

* Trump abolished visas for Poles to the United States *

There is lot of events in motorsport on the world

We'll trying to be everywhere!

See ya, guys! Take care!

That's how it ends when you ride near the railings

See you in next video!

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