Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Greater Kruger safari part 3 - Sabi Sands game reserve, 2/2

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It's too young

She is now...

Eight months

Here's the other one

Everybody see OK?

Leopards have really rough tongues

Like sandpaper

She's grooming, obviously

You can see every now and then looks like she's nibbling

It may be a little tick on the little one

The reason why they have such rough tongues

is that leopards can't eat bone

They can't eat all the bones of the animal

so they use the tongue, the rough tongue to lick all the meat, so they don't waste it

And you'll often find different pray species together, here

In the movies...I'm sure you have watched Animal Planet or things like it

you often see zebra and wildebeest together. Two reasons:

First of all is anti-predator. Wildebeests have better hearing than zebras.

And zebras have better eyesight than wildebeests

so the two work together

The other one is when it comes to the feeding habits

Wildebeests like eating grass a little bit longer than zebras

so you'll often find the wildebeests feed and afterwards the zebras feed

...for guys, one guy needs to go to the toilet, you need to go, you just go

And the impalas will act exactly as the human beings.

If the ladies need to go to the toilet, they want all the ladies friends to go with them.

You can see all there. One goes, all go now

Again, that's just more, dumping the scent in one area and then move on

I think we picked down one in musth. We'll let him feed and he will come towards us

You can see, he is sort of fast learner on the power he has over the rest of the elephants

Is he a boy? He's a boy...

You see, he walked straight past those two young males. He'll probably will go to those females....

Like I said, at fifteen they keep that, but this guy is maybe just eight or nine years old

Any time we find a big bull like that

inside a herd like this....he is in musth. He is really, really in musth.

Musth is... a, a big testosterone....boost.

that male elephant gets himself in when...

he feels unease

He's pretty much the oldest and strongest bull around

That is a waterbuck, yeah

Steenbok means "Stone buck"

Because they are so well camouflaged, that they say they look like a stone when they lay down.

You can see he scracthed the ground

digging a hole

You can see, he is actually burying his urine.

See that? Burying his urine. A very clean antilope.

They have no scent. They are burying the urine like that and they're always grooming themselves.

So it helps them to camouflage

Hello! How you guys are doing? Good and you?

There are many, many buffalos. Thanks, mate.

All right. We're gonna carry on going. There's part of the herd just in front. These are moving towards the ..., ok?

This is the tail of the herd. The herd's still going.

What I'm gonna try to do is to get a gap

A little red billed oxpecker cleaning his nose for him

Stay here baby!

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