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Where I Live The Spreckels

This house was built as the main house of a three thousand-acre estate of Rudolph

Spreckels in 1898. There was originally this house there was a pool house next door

and a clubhouse. At one point this house had twenty bedrooms to house guests that came

from San francisco. At approximately 1952 there was a remodeling done where they took out

a big portion of the house and put a pool in. In nineteen sixty four my parents bought this house and we

moved here from sausalito. There were seven of us today this house is owned by me and my

siblings and fifteen grandchildren.

The facade of the house uses Greek angular ionic columns. Many people come up here and think

it's, it reminds them of the south and a southern plantation.

The windows are well aged. The older they are the the more curves and bumps you get in them. As you look

through them the view is a bit distorted. It's a a test of character.

The hardwood floors you see are original and you can see a little history all over them.

With bumps and gouges and you can imagine the people that stepped on these floors

over time.

We made great effort to keep the original design of the home, the wallpaper, the paint colors,

the furniture we chose. All of this is in keeping with the era of the house

and a person who walks in here

will feel as if they were stepping back in time.

The kitchen has a modern,

functional touch. It has appliances, fixtures from local glass blowers

It's a great

gathering place for people to stay here.

In the early nineteen hundred there were very few olors. It's not like when you go to a

paint store these days and so one of the main bedrooms in the main house is a a

blue that we actually found after scraping a couple layers of wallpaper off.

It's an original color that was here

a hundred years ago.

There's green on the front porch. That green was found over-painted in the attic.

We were contacted two years ago by a location scout that wanted to come scout the house for pottery barn.

The moment they walked in they actually thought it was going to be a great match.

They said later it's something where the furniture is kind of timeless

and it would look great in a house like this that's over a hundred years old that kind of shows

off the house

and the pottery barn products.

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