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Alina Dadelus

The Wife's secret

Episode 13

It's all done

Do you have any idea how difficult it is

to talk that man through? Do you have any idea how difficult it is

to talk that man through?

I have to use my unique skill

What unique skill?

Stuck with him

Caocao, you're so nice to me

What do you want to eat?

Order it. All on me

You're really good to Minglang, you know that?

I want coffee

The coffee here is very nice

Let me order one for you

- Waiter - Caocao

I...I can't drink coffee right now

Why is that? It's very tasty here

Have one


Cause I s...

I can't drink any stimulate drinks

Why? You don't feel well?

It's not


Say it. It''s...

What, tell me


I'm pregnant



I feel a little dizzy lately

Just now when I pass the hospital

I checked

Now I'm sure I'm pregnant now

It's great


So it's double happiness

Tell his father right now

Such a big nice surprise

Tell him to hold on

So I call him now?

Hey, you're the first one to know that

Okay, my pleasure

It's great. Lily, congratulations

Lily, how do you feel?

Are you feeling better?

Much better now

Minglang, I want to see you

Can you come to the horse harm?

To see Breeze?

I have something to tell you

Okay, I'll come to you right now

Minglang, do you think

It would be a boy or a girl?

I can imagine him, so cute

Just like you


I will leave him to you

Lily, it's you!

I've made contact with that owner

He said he has already sold him , it's you

Get on him and run for a while

He's been waiting for you for such a long time

Breeze how are you

I miss you so much

Do you miss me?

Miss me or not?

My son

Mom can't enjoy this alone


You won't deny your child, will you

Happiness came without any sign


How can I tell you

That you're gonna be a father?

I can't imagine how happy you can be

Minglang, it's from Ning Xia

It's weekend today

Must be the company business, leave it

Minglang, have you seen the picture in your phone

Have you heard my deep down feelings for you

After that night, why are you so cold

Don't you forget how happy we are?

Minglang, I have a big surprise for you

Call me back

I'll wait you here

Minglang, do you know how much I love you

You love me, right?

Thank you for let me have you

So I can feel you every minute

At this moment,

I feel I'm like a king who got his land back

It feels much happier than before it was taken from me

I want to tell the world that

You're mine

I'll never give up

Even to be the woman behind you

For you

I am willing to love you in this humble way

Lily, Breeze miss you

Come down

Come, be careful


Lily, where are you going?

What happened?


Lily, let me explain it

Listen to me

I really don't know why is this on my phone

I really don't

You don't who it? Then who does?

Jiang Lily, you two happy couple are arguing?

Ning Xia, tell me

Why you send me all these

What the hell do you want?

Why you asked me about the things you did?

What have I done?

Tell me, what?

Ning Xia, why are you doing this

I'm upset with Minglang

Is not because I don't believe in him

It's because it's him

Who give you chance to dream

Jiang Lily

I came here today to announce a good news

I don't want to fight with you

Since it's already happened

I don't want to hide either

Minglang, I'm pregnant

I'm pregnant with your child

You will be a father soon

Ning Xia, are you done?

If you insist to live in your own world

Suit yourself

It's none of my business

Lily, let's go back

Let go

Minglang, what do you mean

Let go

Why you are doing this to me

- Will you let go? - Don't you believe me?

Why you are doing this to me

Why you are doing this to me

Let you

- Ning Xia - My belly

Lily, don't go, she is faking

My belly

My belly

- Lily - Ning Xia

- Ning Xia, are you okay? - My belly

Minglang, drive her to the hospital



Ning Xia

Ning Xia

Run another blood test

Go and pay it first

- Doc - Let me go

Doc, am I okay?

It shouldn't be a problem, it's all normal

As long as you keep an open mind

Don't be such a quick mind

Remember, in the early pregnancy

You need to be careful of every thing

Things like this, it can't be happened again

Okay, this won't happen again

I will be careful

Right, that one went to pay the test is my boyfriend

He has just found out this

I don't know whether it's too much to take in

Or he is just too happy

Doc, doc, is she really carrying a baby?

Of course

Right, it's the first time my boyfriend came with me

He is too happy, we'll be more careful

Right, you need to pay more attention in the early stage

Thank you


I went to play cards with some friends


To be honest

I feel so embarrassed

What happened lately

Bad things keep happening

Is there a jinx here?


Through all those things happened to us

Haven't you learn anything from it?

Harmony brings wealthy

Why you are always looking for some troubles?

I know, I know

But my heart just don't feel right

Besides, it's so boring

Look ,now I can't even find a person to argue with

You're too boring indeed

Lily, Lily

Dad, mom, have you seen Lily

Minglang, why you came alone?

What happened? Why are you so upset

Minglang, anything happened?

Where's Lily?

What do you mean? What could happened?

Lily is an adult

She won't be lost

Besides, I can't even get rid of her

Mom, who do you want to get rid of?

Lily is your daughter-in-law

Why you hate her so much?

Li Minglang, why you're arguing with me?

I'm your mom

There's absolutely no such thing in the world

as love or hate without reasons or cause

She is not my own daughter

Why should I be good to her


Since she came

The bad things came with her

You went too far

What? She is a real jinx

Right, I'm a jinx too

Get rid of me as well


What? Why are you all doing this to me?


Who is that? Coming

Lily, why you came?


Why you look so pale

Come on in, sit





What happened? Tell me

Ning Xia is pregnant

Ning Xia is pregnant

It's Minglang's

Are you sure?

Why is Ning Xia so shameless!

Wait here, I'll go and talk with her


Ning Xia is a pregnant woman

I don't want you argue with her

So what, she need to explain her acting

- What a woman! - Caocao, Caocao

Right, where does she live?

Don't go

I can find out without you help

Dahua will take me there

- Caocao - wait me here

Caocao, don't, Caocao

Wait me, don't go, Caocao

It's here

It's here?

Don't don't, did you think through this?

We need to think it clear first

I don't need to

Do I need a draft and

put on some honey on my lips first?

Let go, don't touch me

Open the door

May I help you?

Where's Ning Xia?

Ning Xia? And you are....

We are Ning Xia's colleague

- No talking nonesence... - She...

Ning Xia, come out

Ning Xia, come out

- Ning Xia - Who is there?

Taking so much noise

- Ning Xia - You can't just...

What happened?

And you are still sitting here?

Oh, did Jiang Lily send you here?

Right, I just to ask you

What happened between you and Minglang

What what happened?

Just we wanted the same thing

And now I got pregnant

what's it to you?

How can you be such shameless?

What you want the same thing?

Minglang only loves Lily

How can you did this?

It's shameless to be the third woman

You know what is shameless?

I love Minglang first

Jiang Lily is that third woman

Let me be clear

As long as Minglang is not married

He will have the right to choose his own happiness

Besides, this is not just what I do

If Minglang didn't want it

Do you think I can get pregnant by my own?

Right, you want to know the details?

Why don't you call Minglang here

And let's talk about it together


Don't,don't,don't, listen

Listen to me

They have already got their marriage license

You know that? Marriage license They have already got their marriage license

You know that? Marriage license

So what, Minglang still loves me

No, I mean

You are the one who stepped in them

Hey, you're so shameless

To step in the other's family is one thing

And you're proud of that?

You are one of the society scum, human waste

You're such a young kid

How can you talk like that?

I'm arguing with her, what's it to you?

Of course it's my business

- I'm her... - Aunt Hong

Don't waste your time with this kind of people

Don't don't,enough, enough

Secretary, listen to me

Let Minglang go is let yourself go

Aunt Hong, show them the way out


Please leave

Ning Xia - Please leave

Ning Xia, the shameless people can always win

You're already the champion in the world

Champion in this world!

- You know that? - Leave

Ning Xia, what happened?

Enough, don't ask

Now it's already water under the bridge

I can do nothing about it

But they said that couple has

already got their marriage license

I did nothing wrong

Jiang Lily is the third woman

I don't care who is that third or forth woman

But you're still a young girl

You can't joke about this

I'm not joking

I have thought about it, don't worried about me

But with this bady

Who are you gonna marry to?

If Minglang doesn't want this baby

I'll give birth to him and raise it by my own

You're still young, your life has just began

Maybe you will meet someone better

Enough, are you done here?

If you're really good to me

Don't say this bad possibilities okay?

Ning Xia, how about I take you to the hospital

Let's get rid of this baby

Shut up

Do you have any idea what you're saying?

How could you be so ruthless

And you call me as your daughter?

I... I am doing this for your own good

Ning Xia

Okay, okay,

Calm down. Calm down


Lily, we are back



Where's she

What are you doing?



Cockroach your ass

Are you a fool? At this time, really?

Still playing

Don't worry

Think, if she is not here

She must be home

Power off

If she's home, she won't turn it off

Minglang you bastard

I'm definitely not like him

Get married?

Lily and Minglang are married?



I will take my child to your wedding


It's late, why you're here

You won't answer my phone

And no text back

You just don't want this child right?

Ning Xia, do you think I'm not miserable enough?

Please, stay away from me

You irresponsible bad man

Don't you even want your child?

A lie is a lie

No matter how long you keep saying it

I just can't understand

Why you set me up?

Set you up?

It's you ruined me

Since you don't love me

Why you slept with me? Why?

When did I sleep with you?

See for yourself

See it, you'll know

See if it's true

Yes, you have a baby

But it's not mine

I called you for help that night

You came to my home

You hugged me, kissed me

Now you're denying all of that?


And you left your phone at my place

Don't you remember?

I left my phone there, right

But it doesn't mean I did anything to you

No man except you have touched my body!

Li Minglang, you can deny it

But it's all true

I'm pregnant

With our bady

Enough, no more nonsense

Ning Xia, don't do this

You don't want this baby, right?

Then let me kill him

Let go

- Let go - Let me die with it

- Let me die with it - Let go

Let go, are you mad?

Why you don't let me just die


You treat me so bad

But I still can't not bear to hurt you

Let me die

Let me die

- Hello, elder brother - Minglang

It's late, why you're not home yet

Ning Xia is in the hospital

She is getting a shot now

She is in the hospital

What happened to her?

I don't know where to begin

What exactly happened?

She is pregnant

She is pregnant?

Who is the father?

How would I know?

Anyway, it's not mine

Brother, met me in the hospital?

Don't worry, I'll be right there

Your baby is not very well

If you don't live here and protect the baby

Your child will be in danger

How about you go home and discuss with you family

Come back when you decide it

Okay? Next

Doc, I have decided

Why you're so stupid

Are you sure it's Minglang's baby

You care about this baby, right?

What do you mean?

You want to bind Minglang with this child

Ning Xia, you're so naive

In his heart

It's Jiang Lily, and she alone

To him, this baby is just a burden

This baby is still just an egg

Get rid of it as soon as possible

What do you mean?

Listen to me

Come to your senses

This kind of naive acting won't get his heart

Now you want to buy my baby's life with this?

Get lost! Now

Get lost! Now

Let me tell you

If he don't want this kid. I do

When this child is born

Then he will know who is this baby's father

Actually, you don't need to be worried about Lily

Maybe she just need some time to chill

She loves you so much

She won't leave you

Elder brother, tell the HR

I want Ning Xia fired

Fire her?

Why now?

Now she is like a lunatic

She is always like this

We know it well

She just wants to use this to bind you

Elder brother, you can vouch for me

That night, when you got there

I'm already gone That night, when you got there

I'm already gone

I didn't do anything

Minglang, I think about this

You don't need to tell Ning Xia

That I have been to her place


She thought you were me?

Is that true?

Actually, it's like this

Don't go

Don't leave me

I love you

Don't leave me

I know you also love me back

I know you love me

I was gonna leave

But she kept saying

Don't leave But she kept saying

Don't leave

She said she needs me

I though I was that person she need

Elder brother, how could you do such a thing?

I did wrong

I did wrong, too innocent

Too naive


For me

And for Ning Xia

I think you should keep it between us

Elder brother, I will think you should tell her


To be honest

You are also part of this

If you didn't call me there

And you weren't there when I arrived

I would never such a ridiculous thing

Right, I'm also wrong

No, I need to apologize to Ning Xia


Are you really planning to tell Ning Xia?


How about this?

Let me tell her myself


What happened?

Lily is in the hospital to get an abortion

She called me cause she needs me

To sign on that consent form

An abortion?

Lily is pregnant?

Why are you still standing here?

Go, hurry,

before it's too late, hurry

Ning Xia, you're back

Look, I made a pair of little socks

What happened to your hand?


Are you thirsty?

I'll get you some water


Your father don't want you

You poor little thing

Lily, come out

Listen to me, you can't do this

Minglang, calm down

- Lily - It's operation room

Since you cared about her so much

Why you slept with someone else

Lily, come out

- Caocao - come out

You can't blame Minglang

You don't know it

- Lily - Lily

The operation is done?

It's done

Why you don't want our child

Caocao, let's go

Why are you doing this me, what I have done?


If you love Ning Xia

Then love her with all your heart

Ning Xia and I are colleague, schoolmate

We don't have any other relationship!

What relationship?

Just tell Lily, who is that baby's father

It's not mine!

Lily, don't blame Minglang

You know his feelings for you

I know

I will think about it

Think about?

About what?

What about our child?

You have just had an operation

You can't stand for such a long time

I will find a bed and be with you here

Caocao, it's okay

I didn't do that


What? You didn't get that abortion?

So our baby is still in there?

I can't bear to give him away


Lily, open the door

Lily, open the door and let me in

Let me explain it, okay?

Lily, Lily

Let me explain it, okay?

Elder brother is so silly

How could he explain this to her?

Elder brother needs some time to face it

But I believe

He will take care of this

But you...

How can you not believe me?

Baby, tell me

How should I punish your mom?

I almost lose the chance to see you, you know?

Baby, mom is sorry

Sorry to scare you

Lily, seriously

No matter what we are disagree

Or wronged about each other

You can't break up with me ever

Okay, but promise me

You will clean up all your unclean past

My unclean past?

You're my first love, Lily

You're my entire love life

Do I have any other love story?


Mom, why you didn't knock first?

I'm in my own house

Why should I knock?

You want me to put a ring on your door?

And before I come in

It will ring?

No, it's just you taught us

We need to be a cultured man?

Right, culture, yes

Look at your mother

Out there, I'm a noble lady

In my home, I'm a housewife

Even have my son and my daughter-in-law's clothes

washed and send to you

Am I a cultured woman?

Mom, let me do it

It's all your fault

Anna, have more

Make yourself at home


Aunt, sorry to bother you again

Don't say that

I'm happy to have you here

Look, it's all your favorite

Have more

Make yourself at home

Thank you

I wish this can be my home

Right, I bought a beauty salon's VIP card for you

Such a good kid

Look, kid from a good family is truly different

I heard Li Tian said

Your parents are all have some successful business

You kept it so tight

Are you afraid it will bring them some bad influence?

Mom, didn't I tell you

Anna used to keep a low profile

Right, low profile, low profile

What is that smell?

Did you smell that?




Aunt, what's up?

What are you cooking? So smelly?

I'm decocting herbs


Mom, I send Dahua to find some doc

to give Lily a herd prescription

Is Lily sick?

No, no, she is not sick

Is that a tonic?

You're really a great husband

Lily, you're so lucky

Since she is not sick

What is that for?

It's so smelly

It makes me wanna to puke

Don't decoct that

Hurry, take it away

I like the smell

Mom, that is...

Is to protect the baby?

To protect the baby?


Congratulations, Lily

- Thank you - Thank you

Actually, this congratulation is to us all

Cause start from today

Our identity have been updated




And me, and me. Uncle Hua

Right, uncle Hua, uncle Hua

Dahua, get me that 20 year old wine

I want to drink that today


Lily, since you're pregnant

Don't go to work then

Leave your work for Li Tian

Have some rest

It's okay, mom

I'm fine. I don't need to stay home

Mom, Lily and I discussed about that

We can go to work together

So I can have more time to take care of her

And protect her, right?

Protect her?

If you leave her at home

You're afraid that I will eat her?


I said it for your own good

Look, you're pregnant now

You need to think for your child no matter what

Am I right?

Minglang, congratulations

Thank you, brother

Here, let's drink together

It's a good thing


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