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Hi I'm Claire and this is Isho-Ni and we are at 185 Bethnal Green Road.

Originally the restaurant was a noodle bar for my family and then that

day it was demolished three years ago and now we've built a modern Japanese

restaurant to cater for everyone. We're Japanese contemporary Japanese

restaurant and cocktail bar however we like to cater for everyone. We also cater

for all the different kinds of halal vegans vegetarian gluton free. We make sure

we have enough on the menu for everyone to enjoy.

3/4 of our menu is made for Halal and we don't cross contaminate anything. Our pook is

cooked in a separate area. The fryer we use a separate oil we also make sure we use

separate chopping boards for prep and even equipment we have separate tongs

for the pork or for the chicken and also with the sauces we actually have

special made halal sauces without any alcohols. Anyway customer request no

alcohol in any of the sauces we can do that. I'm Edwardo, I'm a head chef Issho-Ni

restaurant. The idea of this restaurant I've been working with really

traditional Japanese restaurant before. What I like to do is different things

from the traditional nowadays twist a little bit with

European product. Our fish I like to work with very high-class products and our

fish supplier is the same as the big restaurant in London Roka, Nobu

because I like to deliver it's like good quality of the fish personal sashimi and

sushi as precious as we can. We also giving Feed the Lion readers 20% off food

discount. If you just look at the review and they'll tell you how to get your voucher.

Now on the menu we are serving salman tarta. Tarta is really chopped salmon mixing with chopped shallot, shiso leaf and with spicy sauce. The tuna tartar is

a we using yellow fin tuna chopped shallots, shiso leaf and mixed with spicy

sauce. As well in our our menu we also using the

seabass jalapeno. It's really thin slice of Siebel sashimi with jalapeno,

coriander and truffle soya sauce. Also we came up with the idea to make our roll

the name is our roll. It includes like three fishes.

The salmon, tuna, sea bass and then we put the vegetable tuck one cucumber with the

topping with caviar very crispy someone skin and finish with a drop of mayonnaise.

We bought in our our menu as well is a yakisoba. We trying to be slightly

different than traditional yakisoba so we mixing with squid ink noodles with

mixed seafood sheets of flour and finishing with our garlic chips.

We serve any strip loin steak 150 gram. We cook it median. We put on a charcoal

grill as well to give a little smoky flavour. We use yakiniku sauce. Yaki

liqueur sauce is Japanese barbeque sauce. We're doing our own yakiniku sauce

here from the scratch. Thinly sliced we put in on a plate and we're topping with

very fine onion.

From yakitori section we have a chicken yakitori. It's very popular that's why we

brought in our menu and one of the big sellers here We use yakitori curry This

yakitori curry we make form scratch and on our restaurants as well. On the

fry section we have a sweet corn takeyagie, again with slightly deep-fried sweet

corn served with black truffle oil - topping with chili pepper and chives.

From the fry we have chicken katsu curry. It's a bread crumb chicken leg served with

Japanese curry on the side.

I have not had this lime butter anywhere and it works absolutely perfectly.

I'm Cosmin. I'm the head bartender here at Issho-Mi. Now the selection of our

mocktails. So you started with bloody geisha a virgin version of bloddy geisha

which has a Japanese spices have tonkatsu and a touch of soy sauce with

a sent of paper and tabasco and wasabi. Then we moved into the honeydew melon

mocktail which combines sibley which is a non alcoholic spirit. Last we have the ice tea

which is a drink we serve for the branch

menu which is basically green macca tea with apple juice and a little bit of elderflower.

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