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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Official Trailer | Be Our Chef | Disney+

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I'm Angela Kinsey and this is "Be Our Chef,"

the cooking competition that challenges five

food loving families to create delicious dishes,

all inspired by our favorite Disney characters.

Every bite will be judged by one of Disney's legendary chefs.

-You've got a really great balance of texture.


-I just love seeing families in the kitchen, cooking together.


-It's all fun and games until we lose. Then it's on.

-Let's get a move on.

-It's gonna be close, yeah.

-We gotta get these in.

-Oh my gosh!

-Aw, it's over.

-This could go very wrong, very fast.

-Oop! Open fire!

-What! Whoa!

-I need to keep calm.

-This is just, so nerve-wracking.

-The competition is fierce.

-The winner is...

The Description of Official Trailer | Be Our Chef | Disney+