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hello friends welcome to this episode of

real truth real quick and I'm going to

start today because I want to ask my

friend Rick a question hello Rick hey

what's up real quick real quick yes back

for zip and change it up today yeah

recur banya and the reason we did is

because you got a curveball you know God

in his kindness and sovereignty gave you

a child with Down syndrome and so I want

to ask you this question today and not

just about that but other things how

should i respond difficult surprises in

life yeah that's a good question you

know i think so many times in life

people get surprises I remember if the

little over six years ago sitting in my

kitchen table my wife comes in we're

having a child and then about three

hours after Noah was born it's our first

son we thought out Noah was born with

trisomy 21 Down syndrome never saw it

coming you know I was in seminary at the

time my wife was residency life seemed

to be going good thing to be doing

everything that we needed to do as

followers of christ and and then we get

this surprise and I remember just

thinking I remember asking Abby man is

no going to be like Christopher Reeves

and she's like Christopher Reeve off a

horse Rick and so I just didn't know

anything about Down syndrome and we've

learned some things along the way that

I'll share with you these really come

out of proverbs 3 and the very first

thing I'll tell you this trust in the

Lord with all your heart so the very

first fruits I tell you is to trust in

the Lord and just to clarify with this

we've done an episode or two on the

issue of Down syndrome and how a parent

would that particular kind of job yeah

it should love them but you're talking

about now it doesn't matter if it's a

child surprise a car accident getting

laid off from work yes you're saying

this is what you want to do is it looks

like oh my gosh there's no way God can

bless me in this but you're saying the

first thing you learned is proverbs 3 5

6 is true guess what the Lord's like you

said we all get surprises now more than

likely people watching this episode

aren't going to have a child with Down

syndrome okay but there's gonna get laid

off you get a test result that you never

saw coming can be a situation at work a

relationship many surprises in life that

life can do you want to focus on god's

word not your immediate circumstance

okis are God's work what's second you

got so trusting with all your heart put

lean completely on the Lord night and

I'll tell you sometimes people say hey I

have a hard time trusting the lord I

have the hard time doing that to attack

oh man we trust people all the time you

know we're sit

his billing right now we trust the

architect of this building we don't

think this whole thing's gonna come

falling down on us yeah and with that

being said how much more so can you

trust the creator of the world that he

cares for you so you can say just give

me your heart trust me I know what I'm

doing and the second through tears don't

trust yourself you know don't your

immediate scenario your immediate if

you're like me it's going to be Amanda

I'm going to look at it through my lens

this is what I want to do this is what I

think woe is me you can't do that you've

got to look at say whatever my first gut

reaction is I'm not going to trust that

you have community you want to bring

those friends around you to help you see

because sometimes let me go through a

hard time time yeah we we see things

very one-sided through binoculars yes

don't do it alone when you say don't

trust yourself what you're not saying is

repeating an earlier point which is

trust in the Lord you're saying get

others who can remind you of things that

are true around your life at that time

so they can spur you on they can comfort

you with a comfort with which they've

been comforted so they might help you

not grow weary yeah as you hold on the

fact that god is good yeah and so I mean

I always kind of joke around when you go

see a 3d movie you know you go to a 3d

movie and you put those glasses on yeah

everything kind of makes sense but if

you take the glasses off you can still

see the movie you still see the picture

but you don't see the picture the way

the director intended until you put

those lenses on so we got to do is we

got to put the lenses of the Bible on

and we got to look at it through god's

way of looking at things and the picture

just search to make sense you know and

so trust more lawyer all your heart

don't trust yourself and then really if

you do those two things the Bible tells

us in proverbs 3 he'll make your paths

straight he'll make it all work out it

all makes sense and so with Noah

specifically you know first of all

people say things that if I were to say

hey what is it a verse in the Bible

that's not a verse in the Bible is God

doesn't give you more than you can

handle God does give you more than you

can handle and you have to trust him and

he does it all the time in our life and

so we know a valid situation where God

put more than we could handle so that we

could trust God and so now no six years

old Noah God has really used no to reach

the world for the cause of life and so

that doesn't always work out like that

sometimes you die I mean sometimes bad

things happen and they don't always work

out the way you want them to work out

yeah it's a great observation Rick that

nowhere in the

say God doesn't give us more than can

handle what he does say is there's

nothing you can't handle with me Yeah

right my grace is sufficient second

Corinthians 12 for you and so God drives

us to need him in grace he tells us

again again in here there's times that

we should be astonished wonder

something's are happening if I try to

explain it to you now it would make any

sense to you and I love the illustration

Corrie ten Boom uses how life is like a

tapestry when you look at one side of it

there's not tangled threads awkward

colors there's no rhyme or reason to it

but when you flip it over you see

there's a divine weaver making something

beautiful and that's what you're saying

is then you gotta trust God take the

long view look at God's Word not the

goods you think you should have received

that you didn't great stop anything else

well i think you know in life what we do

we if you're anything like me you have a

tendency to look at your life and

snapshots and you look at one snapshot

and you think that's the story but God

doesn't work in snapshots god works in

stories so i would encourage people

watch this to trust the story that guy's

running for your life and to know don't

look at your snapshot of your life I

think that's the story that God's

telling it's not and so i'll give you

one simple prayer if you're watching

this new you one application point

here's the thing god help me to trust

you not me that would be a prayer that

you pray over any situation any surprise

in your life god help me to trust you

and on me well we prayed this episode's

been helpful to you if we can answer any

questions specific shoot us an email is

also a few things down there in the show

notes that will link you to Rick

experiments before we'll put a link to

that message and some other things but

thank you for joining us in this episode

of real truth real quick and what did I

forget cuz you always go got you did a

great job you did a really great job in

this thing as did you know see you soon



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