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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Grinch vs Santa Claus! Snowball Showdown! Ninja Style!

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[Guitar music]

[Children gasping]

What is with the Grinch and him

TPing our Christmas tree?

Let's sneak up on him.

Let's give him a taste of his own medicine.


Three, two, one!


What? That's impossible!

How did you escape?


[The Grinch giggles]

Oh shoot! We're out of snowballs!

What should we do?

Oh my, how the tables have turned.

Hey guys, do you have any good ideas?

Are you out of snowballs?

What are you gonna do now?

I know! Maybe we could call Santa!

Call Santa? How would we do that?

I got an idea!

I've saw this in a Christmas movie once.

[Magical sparkling]

Ho ho ho ho hoooo!

[Children gasp]

Oh no! Not the fat guy again!

What's going on here?

Santa, we ran all out of snowballs!

[Epic music]



Holy Dahu Doray!

Let's finish this, Santa!

It's just you and me.

Ho ho ho hoooo!

[Snowballs smacking]

[Children gasping]

Oh my gosh!

[More snowball smacking]

Santa nice moves!


Whoa! I can't believe Santa can do that!


Only two left?

[Slide Whistle]

[Epic smack]

No way!

Well, here goes nothing.


[Snaps fingers]

[Water trickling] [Gasps]

Ho ho ho hoooo!

[Children gasping]

You got shown by Santa!

[Loud rumbling]

[Snowballs whooshing]

I can't beat this guy, I'm outta here!


Ho ho ho ho hoooooo!

Now how about the milk and cookies?

We beat the Grinch, like, totally!



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[All] And have a Merry Christmas!

[Snowballs smacking screen]

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