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Exclusively on GunkTV...

The 2 best gamers in the world

Reveal everything




Yeah, as you can see, when I go outside...

To "De Meir" or something

People always wear like fancy clothes to draw attention but...

But as you can see

I don't bother to occur different to other people than to who I really am

and we settles here for a Gunk clip

We said...

Wednesday on "De Meir" at 2 o' clock

and here we are

You see, it's actually really could

I'm almost freezing

As you can see...

At other people's clothes and stuff

If you pay attention for a bit

You will see it's almost freezing, but I'm walking here just like this

You see all the people looking?

You see?

There are people giggling behind me, you hear?

You hear it?

The bitches

They're bitches that are giggling...

Why do you think they are giggling?

It's the force of attraction

If you've read a few things about David DeAngelo

Then you know

It's the force of attraction

That's what I have now


Because I have higher value

You see?

All those muscles and stuff and walking around like that when it's freezing

Right? Like this

That's higher value

Okay, yeah so...

We are at De Meir here

and we're waiting at the fountain

But you see, pro gamers always have something to do

They are never on time

Because it's a busy life

It's kinda a business life

But you see, there's Athene there

Yoyoyoyoyoyo, dude

Furious, how's it going, mate?

You see

We're here

All 3 of us

And look around

All 4, all 4

Look around

All those people

Check it out

They all came here for us

They're all fans

Whole of De Meir is full of people now because of us

You see fans...

That are coming this way

and you see fans

That are going that way

It's shyness

You see? It's like "oh they're there, I'll go to over there for...!"

I mean, you need to respect that

Where not going after them or something

It's always like that, dude....

They're not used to seeing stars like us


We're the stars

Look how many people came...

De Meir is never been this crowded

People that come to De Meir a lot know this

All those people are here for us

Well, he's the cameraman actually so if you can give him...

You know, I don't like it when you hold my camera...

Give the camera to him because, well yeah...

Yeah, those bitches that are walking around here...

Those chicks, we can fix them in the bag

They're all fans here, right?

So I've been on TV -

Can I ask you something?


Aren't you Athene?

Yeah I'm Athene

The guy from WoW?


Maaan, respect

You get my respect

Respect guys

For real

You see, you see right?

All for us

We're hardcore fans, for real!

That guy, I know him since...

I always see him play on youtube and stuff

Yeah, I'm the pro gamer

He beat the blizzard guys, what are they called again?...

The GM's

They didn't like it when you were leveling too fast

Yeah those assholes!

I was level 80 too fast

You see?

To level 80 too fast, I mean what?

On the most popular game...

Number 1 of the world with 10 million people

Blizzard couldn't take it that I beat their shit game they worked on for 2 years in 13 hours...

and then they ban me for it

You see, when Athene logs in in-game, people gather around him and in real life it's the same

What character are you guys?

You guys play WoW too?

Holy Paladin

Holy paladin! Holy paladin!

At least he knows what to role

Alliance, yeah of course, I mean...

You're not going to play a blood elf fagget, right?

I mean come on

And what are you?

A priest

A priest?


But you see? Reality TV right?

Yeah yeah

Check it out, you can film it

Is Furious fake?


He's for real

Do I look fake or what?

They think we're all into it

What are they thinking?

Can you hit on a girl for those guys?

A bitch?

Just a random bitch

That's piss easy guys, I mean...

Yeah, show them

Because people are saying it's all fake

You guys are witnesses

The guys can choose maybe?

Ohh! You see?

Hey, they recognize me

Athene, Best pala in the world


How's it going mate?

Yeah, everything alright dude


Did you see?

Can those guys point at a bitch for you?

Yeah can you pick someone?

Point at someone

Wait, this is all in one cut right

This is not

We haven't staged anything or montaged things and stuff

Can you pick a girl? A beautiful one, right

For Furious

Make sure she's of age because last time it didn't end up very well, guys


For the older women?

No, I don't do that...

I mean

There's nothing to it, dude

There's one passing by

two are passing by

They all have osteoarthritis and stuff

That's not alright

Hey there, Wait here for a moment

Stop here

I'm Furious, Hello

What's your name?



And what's your name?



Those earrings are awful actually

No, to be fair for a moment

This is called a push

But now I'll do a pull


Listen carefully

But, that vest you're wearing

It's very nice

That's a really nice vest, and then you can do this

Like this

So then you did a push and a pull

It's attractive

It works as you can see

That's pushing and pulling

That's a tip for you guys

You say something humiliating and then something positive after that

So I can say, you have green eyes and I don't find it attractive

So you go stand there

Goes away

and then there comes a pull

You see

and this works

I can pull back now


But I'm not going to because, yeah

This is for the camera just so you can show you tips

Ask their phone numbers

But I'm not going to bring them home

But you have to ask their permission to use this footage, right?

Do I have to?


Can they denounce us otherwise?

Yeah otherwise they can, go ask them

Yeah, you have to go run after them, dude hahaha



He got owned!

You haven't seen us at going in clubs, have you?

Furious seems to be good...

He's just bringing them back

Can you imagen?

They were thinking it won't end up well but you see, right?

He just got them back

So that's the pull again

Haha yeah

That's some serious pull

So, we're shooting for Gunk TV, do you know it?

Yes, I've hear of it I think



She doesn't know it but she does

I think so yeah

Oh, she thinks so...

Well, it's just kinda a reality soap we're making here


Yeah, we're just ourselves

And we are also honest about it towards other people

What do you think about his chest?

you see

Not my type

It's not your type?

That's because of the camera

But it's...

They don't want to say it in front of the camera

I mean, I just taught them, and they're trying to do the same to me now

It's like this

We are shooting, it's reality TV and...


You came into view so we were wondering if we could use the footage?

Can we use your faces for TV?

come on...

Okay then...

Ah see!

See how nice!

If you want you can give us your email so we can send you our thingy

We can send you the link

Oh no, don't bother

But you know Jan right? Yeahyeahyeah


Hey, they know me


We got a tribute for you

Best paladin in the world, we got tribute for you

Tribute for you

They brought broccoli for me, god damn!


It's a good source of vitamin C, guys

This is really, if you're a real gamer...

Then you gobble up this, and you start pwning, dude

We follow your example

We pwn all day long

It's just not normal

It's like

Because of the broccoli, right

Cuz of the broccoli

See, we are a good example for the youth!

This is what real pros eat

You need to prepare it or something

I'm not a bitch

You're not going to cook or whatever

You gobble it up like this

This is how pros eat it

To be fair



You see this?

Mmmuh you see this, dude?

I feel much more energized suddenly

What class are you?

I'm a Death Knight

I'm a Death Knight and he's a Shaman

You have to play as a Holy Paladin, dude!

But I was a Holy Paladin but he didn't do well and he didn't want to watch your videos

Oh come on dude!

I said: "watch the clips and learn the skill and stuff" but he didn't listen

I don't know why

Are you Unholy?

Yes, yes unholy

Unholy DK paladin...

That's the best combo, that's the most OP setup

On cyclone, they all have 2.8

and What are you?

I'm have warrior now, but I'm leveling my paladin now again


A warrior...

They didn't give much love to the warriors in Wrath of the Lich King, right?

No, indeed

All those poor warriors...

Whining on the forums

They're all whining because they suck balls

You suck balls, Don't you find that annoying?

Well, sometimes it works if the opponent is really bad

Yeah, if they can't play

But if I was a warrior...

If I were you, I would go sit in that corner over there


and I would be crying and sit like this

But yeah, anyways

These are all fanboys that showed up

Ah, hello

I'm a rogue, you didn't see me coming, right?

A rogue that...

Haha, you didn't think I saw you coming?

yeah I was using Blind, dude

I think that's a kind of a fagget T-shirt


Yeah, yeah, Did you see..

That dude

What's your rating?

Pfff, Doesn't matter

What? you don't even know?

I just started...hey

You just started, you just leveled?


What's your name and server?

"Haarspeld" (Hairpin) Al' Akir

Hairpin is your name?


He's a real fagget! hahaha


What's your skill? tailoring?

Yeah, what's your skill?

Are you a tailor?

Did you make this yourself?

Yeah, I think

If you're a rogue

and you wear that...

Then I think you mainly do a lot of back stabbing

That's what we do, right?


That's a real backstab Rogue, you get it?

Backstab, right?

Form behind

For the people that don't understand English: Back means "from behind"

Back- stabbing

Stabbing from behind

Well yeah, come on

You see, we are very receptive for the fans...

Yeah yeah, ey

Those guys take the effort to come here...

They take the effort to come here *rumbling*

Yeah, I'm ashamed already

Oh come on, dude

It was worth it to interact with the fans

I would be ashamed too if I had a hairpin

Did you come here all the way just to see us?

Yeah, I saw you guys standing here and...

Athene, the best pala in the world

You thought like "I have to go say hey"

Yeah, I had to go say hey

Mutual respect

Okay, yeah, this is it then?

This was it for the fans

Say goodbye

But before we go, say your character name....

and your server and your rating *smug face*

In front of TV, come on


Zarri, Moonglade....

Zarri, Moonglade...


No rating...

Yeah but he's a warrior, so yeah

Trinity, Stormscale, 1900 rating

Defiled, Stormscale, 1.7K

Kains, Stormscale, 1500

Zazawie, Kilrogg, 1700 rating


Best pala in the world

3k rating, dude!


I might go carry them maybe, so they can get the shoulder ratings

Okay, yeah

Wave at the camera!


"I'm a moron"

Well yeah, hahaha

I mean...

So we made some more reality TV again

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