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- So, who is this mysterious newcomer Jackson Storm?

And why is he so darn fast?

- It's no mystery if you study the data, Mr. Hicks.

Jackson Storm is part of the next generation

of high-tech racers unlike the veterans of yesterday.

- What, old timers like this guy? (laughs)

- Um, right.

Storm achieves his top speeds by exploiting the numbers.

I refer, of course, to racing data, tire pressure,

downforce, weight distribution, aerodynamics,

and next gens like Storm are taking advantage.

The racing world is changing.

- And for the better if it means my old pal

Lightning is down for the count.

Am I right, Certain?

- Well, if I'm certain of anything, Chick,

it's that this season is about

to get even more interesting.

(bouncy music)

One reason Storm and the next gens

are more efficient, their ability to hold the

optimum racing line every single lap.

- [Announcer] Win number three for the rookie sensation.

- [Certain] Storm's in a class of his own.

And a big reason for that?

Training on the newest cutting edge simulators.

These machines create a virtual racing experience so real,

racers never even have to go outside.

- [Announcer] Storm's ability to hold

that line is like nothing we've ever seen.

- [Lightning] Four in a row, are you kidding me?

- [Certain] 2% lower drag coefficient.

- [Announcer] Oh, what a finish!

- [Certain] 5% increased downforce.

- [Announcer] Lucky number seven.

- 1.2% higher top speed.

- [Announcer] Amazing!

- [Announcer] Live, welcome to the

Los Angeles 500 final race of the Piston Cup season.

It's been a year of surprise.

- [Brick] Can't do this!

I've raced for you guys almost 10 years.

- Brick?

- Sorry Brick, my mind's made up.

I'm giving your number to someone new.

- Hey, I had two wins last year.

- [Announcer] All sports change.

- Hey Bobby, do you know what's happening with Brick?

Ooh, oh wait, you're, wait, you're not Bobby.

(engine revving)

- Name's Danny, bro.

(dramatic music)

- Hey champ, where'd all your friends go?

- Hud was the fastest racer this side of the Mississippi.

- Until he wasn't.

- What?

- Everything changed when the rookie showed up.

(lively music) (crowd cheering)

Took Hud all of no time to work his way through

the best racers in both Carolinas.

Past River, past Lou, even Junior.

But there was still the rookie to deal with.

Tried slamming him into the wall.

But Hud never touched any wall unless he wanted to.

(lively music)

That rookie never saw anything like that before.

- Doc did that? - Whoa, are you kidding?

- Couldn't wipe the smile off his face

for a week after that.

(all laughing)

- Ah, I wish I could have seen him like that.

- Wait, wait, who was that?

- I put McQueen in there,

give you some real competition.

(both laughing)

- [Smokey] Hud was a master at letting the other cars

do the work for him.

- He used to say, cling to 'em

like you was two June bugs on a summer night.

- He stole that from me.

- Drafting?

I've never had to do that.

- Yeah, that's when you were fast.

Now you're slow.

- And old! - And rickety.

- And dilapidated. - Okay, okay, I get it.

- The new you has to look for opportunities

you never knew were there.

- McQueen's still not here?

Didn't he pull this when he was a rookie?

Least that's what my grandfather told me.

- All right, we got time for one last race.

- Hurry this along, boss.

We gotta get you to Florida.

- Go!

(upbeat music)

- Maybe it's best that he doesn't show up.

You know, after how last season ended.

- Let me put it this way, I'm not losing any sleep

wondering where Lightning McQueen is.

- And how far back is she now?

- Look behind you.

- What?

- Good evening, Storm!

- Wait, how did you-- - Just back here

drafting on your butt.

Nothing to be concerned about.

- Like two June bugs on a summer night!

(Smokey laughs)

- (laughs) Hey, Hamilton!

- [Hamilton] Hamilton here.

- Call out our speed.

- [Hamilton] 208 miles per hour.

207 miles per hour. - Stop that!

You're taking me off my line. - 205 miles per hour.

- Last lap!

- Come on, Cruz!

- Uh-oh, my GPS is saying

I have slow traffic in my way.

- No, no, no, you are not winning this.

- Ah, you're angry.

- I am not angry.

- You know, you can use that anger to push through.

- I said I'm not angry!

(engine revving)

Oh, I don't think so.


(Cruz grunts)

- Cruz, get out of there!

- You don't belong on this track.

- Yes I do!

(intense music)

(upbeat music)

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