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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Brexit | Burqa Bans | Emotional Support Animals - The Week In Rap

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today we're going to talk about

emotional support animals brexit and

burqa bands let's get into it

okay let's talk about emotional support

animals people who are blind or have

other disabilities sometimes use service

dogs as helping with daily tasks but in

recent years

another type of service animal has been

making headlines emotional support

animals these are animals meant to help

people with mental or behavioral health

conditions and they're not limited to

dogs either some people have emotional

support cats that's even insects some

studies support the idea that the bond

between a human and an animal cannot

produce stress but these animals cause


most emotional support animals don't go

through the same rigorous training that

Guide Dogs go through before their

parents a person in the past few years

there have been multiple instances of

emotional support animals attacking

other people or animals plus there's

still a lot to learn about how effective

animals are at helping us cope with

distress so some say emotional support

animals more like pets and shouldn't be

granted the same privileges that

traditional service animals have how do

you think emotional support animals

should be regulated let's talk about

brexit in 2016 the United Kingdom that's

England Scotland Wales and Northern

Ireland voted to leave the European

Union so you may figure it out but

orexin is actually a combination of the

words Britain and exit while Great

Britain has been a member of the EU

since he used creation in 1993 they've

always maintained some

for example they don't use the euro like

most of the EU they use the pound brexit

supporters want Britain to be fully

independent for the European Union they

want the country to set its own

regulations around trade immigration and

other hot topics it's been a few years

since the VOC and what some thought

would be an easy transition has been

pretty complicated major parties have

disagreed on how to exit the EU and

deadlines keep getting postponed for a

while some thought Britain might exit

the even without an agreement but Queen

Elizabeth has since made a no deal

brexit illegal what do you think are

some of the pros and cons for instance

Asians will leave the European Union

let's talk about the burqa ban some

Muslim women wear specific clothing that

covers their header body as part of

their religion the burqa is one of

several such coverings it covers the

entire body and face with a mesh screen

over the eyes the recent influx of

Muslim immigrants to Europe has sparked

a lot of discussion around Marcus in

2010 French lawmakers passed a ban on

face coverings in public faces other

countries in Western Europe have

implemented similar laws supporters say

these laws uphold Frances traditions of

secularity or avoiding visible displays

of religion in public others believe the

ban is important for security in places

like banks schools and government

buildings but not everyone agrees though

these vans were popular at first public

support for them has declined in recent

years even though laws don't only apply

to burkas some include ski masks for

example some say they're designed to

target Muslims they say these vans

infringe upon a woman's right to

practice her religion freely what do you


this is the weekend ride another week

townhouse two year bin I got a few new

stories minor Falco in some with

disabilities you service dogs daily but

emotional support animals are in the

news lately dogs cats ducks to help

de-stress some think these are just VIP

pets next brexit England's vote to leave

the EU has stalled major parties can't

agree on the best way to power these

deadlines long extensions have been

given but no plan has come through last

burgers a piece of clothing some Muslim

women wear to keep their face and body

covered banned in France of the country

- is it for security or am anti Muslim

rule yeah and that's my Tom see you

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The Description of Brexit | Burqa Bans | Emotional Support Animals - The Week In Rap