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Hello, in today's review Ill be looking at the poly studio p21 this is a personal all-in-one

video conferencing unit Im Paul Bloem and you are watching in my humble opinion

introducing to you the Poly Studio P21 a personal all-in-one VC device now

I have it turned on over here and single cable just my USB cable Im just plugging it in

to my laptop over there Ive already configured it as a second monitor and you go there it is

ready to connect and by plugging in that cable I've connected my camera my microphone my speakers

my lighting everything that comes in this unit what else do we have within this little unit

well down below on this panel over here we have a bunch of touch sensitive buttons the first is our

little rocket which you can configure so using the poly lens desktop application which is what

you need for all these different poly p range devices that allows you to configure them and

to tweak them to the way that you want Ive got mine set up there as a hold button so hold the

resume we've got a little teams button over there which is uh accept or reject the call

or disconnect if you want and then my volume up and down in my mute now just looking at the

base of the unit that's really a wireless charger right there that little circle over there

is a wireless charger so if you're sipping in between meetings that sort of stuff that's

where you want to drop your phone and it'll pick up some charge from there so Ive just

started my team's call using the unit for my audio video and microphone and one of the things you'll

notice is I can tilt the screen there and uh would be would have been nice if I had a touchscreen

I kind of intuitively want to be able to touch one of the things that I would have liked to have seen

is the ability to tilt the camera if there was a little tilt in the top over there that allows me

to tilt the camera independently of the display now to date I haven't seen any of these units

that have built-in audio video capabilities with that particular component notice the

vanity lighting now the vanity lighting turns on automatically when you join a meeting

and it's got little sensors over here to try and pick up how much light is in the room so how much

ambient light it needs to add but of course you can adjust that yourself and you'll notice down

the bottom the green lit light array down the bottom have a look now as I change the volume

can you see how the LED lights are coming across here as Im adjusting them the sensor showing just

how much volume I have set so at the moment Im down here and then as I add more lighting to that

you can see it heading up that way of course it also shows me when Im in mute

which is what we have over there and then finally the last little functionality I'd like to show you

is when you drop your cell phone on there, you'll actually see the charge starts up and there's my

little my little indicator to show that my phone is in fact charging let's just think about some of

the interfaces that have been added now around the bottom just tucked in under there we have a 3.5 mm

jack so if you wanted to bring your own peripheral audio components you could plug them in there

we also have two USB a sockets so perhaps if you wanted to have a headset handy you know

block out the surround noise for whatever reason you could pop a dongle in there and you could

run your headset straight off there considering we're losing a USB port there that makes sense

so just looking back at all the components it's a good little monitor it's got your built-in

microphone built-in camera built-in speakers built-in backlight it's got some controls on

the screen it'll tilt quite nicely thank you it's got the shutter to close and it's got

this little really cool little charging space here which I think was a really clever addition

make this even better poly please how can you do that well one the viability of tilting the camera

would be awesome and you'd be first to market to that and you can have that suggestion for free

the other thing that would just step this up into the next level was if my laptop were actually

pulling a charge from this USB-C cable that would be awesome then it would be really easy

for me to pop in doc done and my brain starts to go through how this can become a really cool hot

desking unit and all the rest of the things you could possibly do with it back to a team's call

and the primary reason for this team's call is to give you an experience of the recording quality

using the camera and the microphone and so Im literally in arm's length

or about two feet or sixty cm away from the screen so this is kind of normal use case

any further away Ill just step back a bit this isn't really how you would be working

on a personal display you wouldn't be able to it just doesn't make sense right so it's a step back

you'll see it doesn't track me or anything because that's not how it's designed

it is so important to make sure that when you're buying hardware when you're scoping out hardware

to get the right gear for the right use case this is not a room system please don't go there

this is a personal video conferencing system and as such this is my review of the

studio p21 Im Paul Bloem and you've been watching in my humble opinion please remember to subscribe.

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