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I'm here today to tell you that essentially the art of SEO is dead.

Slightly controversial but I'm sure you'll explain why Simon. Well there's a lot

of companies out there especially agencies, small and large peddling a

recipe that fundamentally doesn't work you know they'll go to clients and sell

a system and they'll tell you that Google will rank your site you know and

after six months perhaps you're not ranking they'll come back and then say

what's it's not our fault it's up to Google but it's all moved on from

that you're you know you should now be looking at what's happening on social

media likes shares social signals and particularly if your agencies not

talking to you about a AEO which is Alexa BIX B Google home really they

fundamentally don't know what they're doing so ask yourself the question has

my agency spoken to me about these things? There's a lot of businesses out

there SEO companies that are thinking that voice search is not necessarily

going to be something that's going to come in in the next five years ten years

personally I think it could be two or three years and we're really moving at

Pace in search and SEO has changed and it is now about answer engines so I

think you need to be asking your SEO company do they understand what they're

doing in this field the thing is real people out there in the real world

starting to embrace all this stuff people are buying Google home, Alexa

their using Siri on the phones the using bigsby on androids it's starting to

happen whether you like it or not. Fundamentally I think we have to ask

ourselves are people going to be typing into keyboards and into their mobiles

for very much longer people are already asking questions people are asking

questions of their devices and currently Alexa might say to you I don't know that

but the brands that are preparing themselves properly will produce content

that will come out of these devices very soon. One of the really interesting

things at the moment is that we've seen brand play a really big

part in SEO which seems we have a crazy thing to say but what's happening people

are starting to ask questions about your business does it fit with my needs what

are they like do they fit my personality these things are really interesting so

you've got to ask yourself as a business am I actually answering people needs am

i meeting those needs and your brand being really clear about answering those

is vital to good SEO. As an agency we're helping some of the UK's leading

companies get ready for the next chapter of SEO ensuring they ride the crest of

the wave and don't get left behind. If you'd like to understand how your

business can utilize answer engines and have a much better SEO approach we'd

love you to get in touch!

The Description of SEO is dead. What's your business going to do instead? We have the answer, you need to consider AEO