Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Muzaffarpur NON VEG Food Tour I EXOTIC TROTTERS (GODI) + Mutton TAAS + Chicken LOLLYPOP + EGG Roll

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What is your name?

My name is Prakash Kumar

Tell us about this shop

How many years back did it started

This shop is there since 80 s

My father used to run it

Sir we are coming here since 1993

I am coming here since 1992


When ever I am in town. Like my house is 30 kms away. I come here

When ever I am in the city I visit this place in the evening

Evening is spent here

Tell us in step by step how it is made. First mustard oil is poured on this tray

Then you put the masalas that you pound yourself

Yes we take the masala, grind it in the mixer and add it to the mutton

We add salt and masala

And then we put it on this tray

How long is it fried? -20 mins

It is ready in 20 mins. Does the meat cooks through?

Yes it cooks through because each piece is in contact with the griddle

Total it takes 20 mins time

And each piece gets the same cooking time

In case of the Handi meat

The meat gets ready by being mixed from top to bottom

But here they are getting the the same amount of heat all through

And as a result the meat cooks thoroughly

When the meat pieces are cut then small cuts are made on it

The meat that we take for home is simply cut into pieces

But the ones used here has small cuts all through

So it becomes easy for the meat to get cooked fast

It is surprising that the meat cooks through in 20 mins

There it has began to boil.

Make a dry one for us


It has been 20 mins and the meat is ready

I am surprised how it gets cooked so fast

In 20 mins the mutton gets ready

The masala gets cooked and so does the meat

Here comes the taas meat

This is a popular dish of Muzaffarpur

It is called mutton taas

It has mutton pieces that are cooked in mustard oil.

It is served with dry roasted flattened rice

This is chura

It is dry roasted flattened rice

And along with this we have sliced onions

Wow it is delicious

Those of you who follow our videos regularly would remember

that we had tasted this dish in Kathmandu

There it is famous as Chitwan Ka Taas

The process of making it was different from this

In kathmandu the mutton was fried in oil

Here the mutton has been sauteed

Here the goat is called Khasi

What is the weight of the Kashi that you take?

To make this we take a goat that is below 8 kg in weight

It should be of 6 to 7 kilos

The masala has properly penetrated inside the mutton

The mutton is soft ad juicy

One more piece please


Thank you. It was delicious

Give us a paan

Finally the course got completed

we had mutton taas and then this Jagannathi Paan

Which leaves does the locals prefer?

They prefer the local variety

This one

It is cheap and good in taste

We just had the Jagannathi Patta

It is from outside

It comes from Kolkata

Jagannathi Banarasi and Haldia these are yellow coloured leaves

You have boiled and strained the tea in this container

It is being boiled in here

It is a spiced tea. Herbal Tea

It is a tasty tea

What is your name? -Satyendra Tiwari

Tiwari Ji how long have you been selling this tea?

Twenty years

Over here itself. -Yes


What all masalas do you add to this tea?

Harad, Behera, Clove, Black cardamom, Green cardamom, Cumin, Long Pepper, fennel, bay leaves, pepper

Rock salt etc. There are 14 different spices. Coriander

You make it on your own

Of all the name that you told, I could understand only 4 or 5 of them

Black cardamom, green cardamom, cloves, bay leaves

What is harad?

It clears the stomach

It is haard

You won't have gastric problem

Very nice. You have named it herbal tea

Its a spiced lemon tea

Tiwari ji has been selling tea for the paste 20 years

10 AM to 2.30 PM and then 4 PM to 9 PM

It was fun drinking the tea

Please visit the next time

After trying the mutton Taas at Lakshmi Chowk, we have arrived at Imli Chatti

here we will taste the meat paratha from Tripti Hotel

Sir serve us some meat paratha

And tell us how the meat is prepared

Also tell us what is so special about this meat

We add onions

Onions is added to the oil

You don't add masalas

We masalas do you add

Turmeric, salt, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, mace, nutmeg, kebab chini, ginger, garlic

We add all these

And it is made on a griddle -Yes

How long does it takes to be done?

20 to 25 mins

Tell us about this shop. Tripti Meat wala...

I remember... I have been here more than ten years back

It used to be on the other side of the road near hotel Rama

We had started in 1972 with egg toast

Then we started serving the meat paratha

It is said that the best meat paratha in Muzaffarpur is available in Tripti Meat House -Right sir

You won't get better than us

You get the best one over here. -Yes. Meat paratha is our most famous dish

Let's make the paratha

Here comes the meat paratha

The taste is the same even today

The taste is the best

How amazing

It is very different from Taas meat

You can have it with roti, Paratha and rice.

Here the meat has been thoroughly cooked

As you were telling that it takes 20 mins to be done -Yes sir it gets done in twenty mins

We choose and procure the goat meat on our own

You were right. -Isn't it flavourful?

It is fun to have it with parathas

Yes have it with the parathas

and the mutton as well

tender meat

It is juicy and nicely cooked in spices

We call it 'lat pat' gravy

No water has been used

We take a goat that is 5 to 6 kg in weight. Not more than that

If we take heavier ones then the meat won't become soft. And people might complain

It is not at all spicy. It has a slight sweetness in it

Because the gravy is made with onions

It is not at all hot but is sweet and first class

Children and old people can have it too

But those who like spicy thing might find it to be sweet

So you have the green chillies. -We give green chillies

Very nice

Let's try this. Hyderabadi Biryani


It has 'meetha itar ' and kewra essence

It has mild spices

and it is an aromatic biryani

It too has cloves, cardamom, mace nutmeg, black pepper, saffron etc.

Wow you told me about the masalas in English

Do you make this Godi only during winters?

No no all through the year

It is different from the Godi that we have tried

The ones that we have tried had soup like texture

This one is different. It has been made in an onion tomato gravy

In English it is called trotters

Here in the whole of Bihar people prefer their mutton dish to be semi dry in consistency

They use very less water

There isn't any water. It has been cooked in onion gravy only

There is no water

It is said that this is beneficial for fractures or any bone related deficiencies -Yes

It provides great nutrition

Very tasty

You have prepared it in this gravy

We call it gelatin

the texture is that of a gelatin

very nice

I haven't eaten trotters with so much ease.

And I haven't eaten a better trotters preparation than this

How is it preferred?

With paratha and roti

With rice- parboiled rice and basmati rice

This one is little spicier than this

This mutton dish had a little sweetness

This one is little spicy

The difference between these two is...

They have some differences

Both the tastes are different

very nice

Both of them are delicious

We tried three things

Mutton, Godi and biryani

All three were tasty. Very nice

He told me about the masalas in Hindi and English both

Names of the 14 spices and 2 oils

Thank you

Here you get mutton or chicken as well?

We don't serve mutton during pujas

What all masalas are added to this chicken

turmeric, masala, coriander, salt, garlic

Pounded garlic

nothing else

yes garam masala etc

garam masala, pepper and these few things

onions, tomatoes and chillies. You add all these as well

We add capsicum and fresh coriander. But it is not available now

How long have you been running the shop. -For over more than 2.5 years

What is your name? -Rohit

It is a proper chicken fry

You sell it by weight

How much for a kilo? -350 rupees a kilo

Please come in the frame

You have been guiding us from behind

You are his uncle

It gets done quickly

Do you eat this? -Yes I do

Whose preparation tastes better- his one or your elder brothers one

All are good

It is made it in such a way that it tastes good

Please taste


The salt in it is little more

But it is very tasty

thoroughly fried

it is crunchy

It has a nice taste of the garlic

And he has added the garam masala as well

Very nice

After eating Taas at different places I feel

First it should be cooked in a griddle

Second it should be made with mustard oil

Third it should be fried in it

And there shouldn't be any water in it

Then only you have the taas

And it will be flavourful

it has been marinated in less spices

At the end garam masala is added to it

It was fun

More than the dish it was great taking to you

Thank you Rohit bhai

Best of luck to you

Thank you uncle

This is peanut

This is channa

corn kernels

rice, flattened rice and corn flakes

Give me bhunja for 20 rupees

See now you have an order

What is this? -Salt

So you mix it with onions and stuff. -No sir

I sell bhunja and chutney

He sells it dry

It is crisp and a healthy snacks because there is no oil

yes without oil

You sell it all through the year. - Yes

And do you come in the evening or morning too

2 PM to 9 PM

Rice becomes muri

Flattened rice is done as well

It is fun to have in winters as it is hot.

Ohh its hot

Give me the chutney as well

This has garlic, chillies and salt

I keep looking for it in the cities

It isn't available everywhere

It is a pure thing

You don't find it everywhere in cities

In Bihar you get it

It is difficult to get in other cities

In fact you will get it in the region containing Bihar, UP, Begal and Odisha

If we talk about flattened rice and puffed rice

In cities we eat the ones that have been packaged and sold as diet snacks

But in Bihar people have been eating it since ages

it is a part of the food culture

Thank you Benarasi Ji

Is this the oldest fast food of Muzaffarpur?

Very old

How old roughly?

We have been eating it for the past 25 years and it has been there before that

Did you introduce the egg roll in Muzaffarpur?

Earlier there was another shop that didn't do well and closed when I came

Our brothers opens his shop for 5 days only

It remains closed during the holy month Savan or even on any auspicious days.

During the holy month of Savan you close it down for the whole month

It also remains closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Yes we do close it on Puja days because we have the whole life to earn.

His process of making the egg rolls is quite different

At other places, people add the beaten eggs over the frying roti

Here first the beaten egg mixture is poured over the griddle

and then the roti is placed over it

Then two such rotis are combined together and pan fried

It is very delicious brother

So before you eat a roll

Pull it up by your teeth, it will come up and then fold this

You shouldn't tear the butter paper

If you tear it, the masala will leak from below with the pressure

So we have to keep pulling it upwards

Before you start pull up an inch of it and bite it off

And keep folding it from below so that what ever leaks out stays in there

The roll is very delicious.

There is this crisp flatbread inside which there is a fluffy omelette and some juicy chicken

The sweet chutney that they have added to this is made with maida. I don't know how they make it.

But it is lending a nice flavour to the roll

And there is chilli sauce, lemon juice

And some of their secret spices

They have also added vinegar

Amazing taste

What is this being made? -Chicken momo. Fried one.

You haven't steamed it?

It is the fried one. -You straightaway fry this.

Chicken samosa

Try one piece

It looks like a gujia

You have folded it like a gujia

If we make it by hand then it uses up this much maida

We use less maida

There is more chicken in it

It appears like a gujia

We enjoy it like a gujia

I myself thought why there are these gujias along with the eggs

It came to the mind whether Bhaiya has started selling gujia as well

These are desi momo

This is not like the usual momo

They have added green garlic

very delicious

The stuffing is very nice

Try it with the spicy chutney

The best part is that the crust is quite thin

It is thin and well cooked

If you make it with hand then it will require use up more maida dough

Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed the roll.

Give us some chicken chilli as well. -Sure

How many pieces are available in half plate. - 8 pieces

And in a quarter plate -There are 4 pieces

Give a quarter plate

It is a unique dish in Bihar

We had seen it in Patna and now here at Muzaffarpur as well

People like this chicken chilli with paratha

The chicken chilli gravy is pre cooked

and the chicken pieces are pre fried as well

These two are combined and pan fried on a gridle

Along with this there is this paratha with which the egg roll is prepared

It is accompanied by sliced onions sprinkled with masala


It is economical

For 60 rupees you have 8 pieces of chicken, then some gravy

and you get the paratha for extra 8 rupees.

It is a complete meal for 70 rupees

and it has a fun taste as well

It is not amazing but it is definitely unique

Now we will try chicken lollipop

You have fried it beforehand -Right sir

Hey it is a leg piece

Right sir. Actually 15 years back a Bengali gentleman had arrived at Muzaffarpur

we told him that the lollipop is made with chicken wings

He told us not to make it with wing and use this

So since the beginning of this fast food center we have been making lollipops out of leg pieces only

And since then this is what is prevalent

Where ever I have had lollipop, it is made with chicken wings

For the first time I am seeing that this lollipop has leg piece

You can call it chicken fry as it is not actually a lollipop

It is a chicken leg piece that has been fried using a cornflour and egg batter

And along with it there is cabbage, onions, carrots and chaat masala

Come let's taste it

It is a griddle fried chicken leg piece

Here they call it lollipop

Yes I know in Delhi they call it lollipop but not in here

For this too I can say that it is not an amazing dish but an interesting one

Just like the chicken chilli and paratha

here comes your chicken chilli

It was unique.

Similarly this lollipop too is unique

Where is our friend?

Give us a piece from yours

One piece only

So that I can compare

Must be speaking to his girlfriend

No he doesn't have one

Tell him that your father is calling you (jokingly)

And also tell that uncle too has come from Delhi

Thank you. It was fun

How old is this shop?

I am here from around 1989

My birth year is 1971

I came here in 1989, after completing my Matriculation exam.

Now my shop remains closed at night

Otherwise my shop

Didn't close for nearly 46 years

It used to be open for 24 hours. -Yes 24 hours.

Be it winters, summers, rainy season or be it be stormy, rainy or even when there was a curfew

No issues

It was always open for service

There was no system to close it down

8- 10 years back the corporation pursued us to close this place by putting shutters

I believe that the paan shop has a significant role in a city

It is a place for socialization

People meet each other and engage in conversations

The paan shop has a unique significance

Most of my life time has passed by selling paan

I have been selling paan since long

But when I came under his (Almighty) blessings

then I realized what a great thing I was associated with

It is one such pure thing on Earth

For which our Almighty came down to Earth from Vaikunth (heavenly abode)

because everything is available in Vaikunth except the Paan

No religious ritual is complete without the paan

When I discovered this divine connection, my interest and dedication for this increased

One more thing that we don't know...

Many people won't know

when we used to be small

From our voice itself our mothers used to figure out that we are having congestion

She would put warm betel leaves on our chest and the congestion used to healed

It has much Ayurvedic benefits

We are ending our Muzaffarpur food tour with this paan

You fry it in mustard oil. -Yes number one quality. See It is Dhara Oil

(Humming the song from the advertisement featuring the Oil brand)

Bedam or Badam

Its Badam

Its Badam not Bedam

He was telling Bedam

With bone is 70 rupees...or with out bone

Which one would you like

There is consideration for quarter plate

either you have to take half plate or full

Will have half plate then. -Okay give him half a plate

Boneless or with bone. -Boneless

Hello there please serve him the boneless one

I am taking 4 pieces with bone and 4 boneless ones

Will taste them both for 60 rupees

You don't talk with the stuff in your mouth. You just keep listening.

Marriage procession

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