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Hi guys! Were still in Perth. However, this is, sadly, our last day in Australia.

Ive had a lot of fun here. Have you had fun? Ive had an amazing time, guys.

Today, Im going to do something very Australian. Im going to learn how to play the didgeridoo.

Ooooh. Exciting, right?

Yes, very exciting.

Afterwards, were going to meet up and have a nice, little Australian treat together.

Im looking forward to that.

Okay, guys. Were here at the music school where Im going to learn how to play the didgeridoo.

Im a little bit nervous. I have a musical background.

I play the guitar quite a lot and I used to play the saxophone,

so hopefully thats going to help me a little bit with the didgeridoo. Lets see.

Hi, is this the right room? Yeah, come in, mate.

Nial. Liam. Nice to meet you.

So, youre here to learn some didgeridoo. I am, indeed.

Alright. What do you know about the instrument so far?

Not too much, honestly. I know its very typical for Australia,

its played by the indigenous population, and I know how it sounds, obviously,

but thats pretty much it.

Sure. It is a traditional instrument of sacred rituals, that kind of thing.

Not every tribe in Australia uses it.

Its mainly a Northern Territory, Northern Queensland kind of thing.

Its only recently been introduced to Western Australia.

This is a traditional didgeridoo. You can see its painted and made of wood.

Its the only naturally occurring instrument in the world.

Because they mostly come from eucalyptus trees, they have a very soft core.

Termites like to eat the soft core of the wood, so they all hallow it out on their own.

Obviously, theyre not doing it in a perfect cylinder.

They just sort of go wherever the tastiest part of the wood is.

So, every wooden one is going to sound just a little bit different

because you cant guarantee what its going to be like.

The way that it works is that its all in the lip shape.

So if you go ….

If you make that kind of noiseWow.

Thats where the sound comes from.

And then we do other things, like if I sing a note at the same time

Yeah. So, if I go ….

That sounds really cool.

Yeah, thats the reason I picked the wooden one. It has a much deeper, sort of resonance sound.

You can hear that the plastic ones kind of sound like plastic.

Yeah, you can kind of hear that its thinner, you know?

Yes. If youve played the saxophone before, you might have a bit of an advantage

because youve got some sort of breath control and that kind of thing.

Yeah, that was many years ago, so I dont know how good I am now, but anyway.

Youll see.

What well start off with then is just some lip exercises.

So, if you do whats called theMona Lisa smile,”

you just have that kind of shape, just tight in the corners.

Yep. And we want to mostly move the top lip.

Mostly the top lip? That kind of thing. Give that a go.

Even that sounded bad. Sorry. My goodness. This is going to go up.


Thats it there. Yeah. Lets see if we can go the other way.

We might get you to have a go.

Youre probably not going to make a sound straight away.

Alright. Lets go.

You got it for a second.

How was that? Yeah, thats really good for a first try, mate.

Its quite difficult, honestly. I think I overesti-, overestim-

I cant speak. Im so exhausted.

Youll start to learn that after buzzing your lips for a long time,

it starts to get difficult to speak.

Yeah, that was it for a second there. Decent!

That was a lot better. That was a solid four or five seconds there.

What might help is to try a bit more of a …. Start with a bit of an explosion sort of thing.


That was like a proper note! That sounded really good!

Yeah, Im quite pleased with that, actually.

Its pretty impressive, actually, that you even got a sound.

Oh well, great. Thats enough for me. Well done, mate!

Thank you so much. Enjoy the rest of your time in Australia.

Thank you so much. See you around.

Hi! How was the didgeridoo?

It was really good. It was quite challenging, actually.

I found I was losing a lot of air from my lungs very quickly,

so I could only hold the note for a few seconds, but as the time went on, I got better.

The lip technique is quite difficult and theres a lot of things that you need to keep in mind.

Was there a special song you were trying to play?

Honestly, I was just trying to get a sound out of that thing.

Do you think you would like to to take that to the next level?

Would you like to learn more? It would be nice to try it some more times,

but I dont think youll see me in any didgeridoo band any time soon.

No? Okay. Well, you tried it at least. Im proud of you, Liam.

Well, look what I got for you. I promised you a treat and here it is.

This is pavlova. This looks delicious.

Its an important part of Australian culture.

In the 1920s, there was a famous Russian ballet dancer,

Anna Pavlova, who was touring Australia and New Zealand.

Apparently, an Australian chef was so impressed by her dancing that he developed this for her.

New Zealand says that it was actually a New Zealand chef who developed it,

but who cares? This looks delicious

and Im sure it tastes delicious. Do you want to try?

Yeah, lets dig in. Whats it made out of? Its meringue with fresh berries and fruit.

You cant leave Australia without trying this.

Cheers. Spoon cheers!

This is really good. I like the creaminess and also the meringue.

I like the fact that its not so sweet. Its very fresh.

Yeah, good point.

Whether it comes from Australia or New Zealand, it doesnt matter.

It tastes great. So good.

Our last day in Perth has come to an end and Im feeling a little bit sad,

but also very happy for everything we have done.

Yeah. Weve had a lot of fun while weve been here.

Weve seen the quokkas, weve explored the city,

and I got to play the didgeridoo for the first time.

Whats your favourite instrument?

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when you go and discover all the cool places weve been to.

Thank you so much for watching, guys. Make sure you watch the next episode.


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