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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Australia Day Awards 2020 - Environment Award Fred Palin

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My name is Fred Palin and I'm a Joondoburri Kabi Kabi elder and this is my country.

The Pumicestone Passage is our traditional land and

the Joondoburri have been living here

for at least 7000 years since the sea level has risen to its present height.

So it's been a long time that they've been connected with this area.

Well I'm the chairperson of the Marine Ecology Education Indigenous Corporation

and we put this together with Aboriginal people and the scientific community

as a way of supporting and mentoring,

especially Aboriginal students that are doing science at uni and

trying to connect them and help them through.

Because it's a tough-- it's a tough course, science.

So we don't want them to get through to year two and then drop out.

We want them to at least get a Bachelor.

And if we can get a post-doc out of it then Ill be happy.

It's great to be an Aboriginal person who's actually really connected to their country,

and it's great to see that when we do make inroads to the community

for help in restoring some of these degrading systems,

that the community will come to the call and really make it all happen.

It's terrific for our people, the Kabi Kabi.

It's probably the first step in a long journey

and I'm so happy that I could make the first step for them

and in future years we hope to see plenty of Kabi Kabi involved in environmental restoration

throughout not only Moreton Bay Regional Council but the other councils as well.

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