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15. The Steppe Geoglyphs Something a little older than 20 years has

been discovered in Kazakhstan via Google Maps.

This hidden treasure, in particular, involves geoglyphsa large design or motif created

on the ground and often made of stone.

The crosses, rings, squares, and other shapes stretch from 90 to 400 meters (or 295 to 1637

feet) across and are better viewed from the sky. If you came across them on the ground,

youd likely not even realize you were face to face with history.

Two archeologists on the Kostanay University expedition, said, “As of today, we can say

only one thingthe geoglyphs were built by ancient people. By whom and for what purpose,

remains a mystery.”

14. Man in Trunk A Google Street View photo captured something

unexpected on a street in Mannheim, Germany: a man popping out ofor intothe trunk

of a car. The Internet went crazy trying to guess what

in the world this man was up to. The Mercedes in question was parked in the

driveway of the mans house. Beside it, a dog is sleeping on the ground and some bags

and the contents of the trunk lie nearby. Some thought the man may be wearing skin-tone

shorts and was working on his brake light. Others thought he was preparing for some nefarious

operation and ensuring that his victim would not escape the trunk. Or maybe hes been

taken, himself, and Google Maps caught his moment of escape on camera.

Whatever the mans story, this certainly made for a mysterious Google Maps image with

more questions than answers.

13. Found Plane This one, in 2009 in Alameda, California,

shows a downed commercial aircraft. The hull of the plane is cut in half, the planes

wings have been sliced off, and debris is everywhere.

Surely, the event made national headlines. As a matter of fact, everyone on board was

fine, as the plane was, staged. The mock Boeing airliner was used in filming a TV show called

Traumaone that was apparently not a hit, as Ive never heard of it.

Googles aerial cameras caught some fantastic shots of the airliner on the Alameda Point

navy base. And many Google mappers believed theyd uncovered one of the biggest mysteries

and conspiracies of our time.

12. Man with Arms A toddler that was 17 months old passed under

mysterious circumstances in June of 2009. The baby girl was found in the closet under

a pile of clothes. Three years prior to this event, a Google

street view image was taken, showing a group of men on a porch, one without his shirt on,

holding something directed at the Google street view vehicle.

Mysteriously, it was the same house in Detroit, Michigan in which the young baby would later

breathe her last breath.

But what about this mysterious Google Maps image? Is there any connection?

11. Creature on Balcony Want to see something that will give you goosebumps?

Plug in the Google Maps coordinates, posted by an anonymous 4chan user on December 10,

2011. On the date in question, the coordinates took users to a Google Maps location in Nancy

Lorraine, France. The place was residential. Seemingly nothing

abnormal going onthat is, until you zoom into the residence, where Google Maps had

captured a demon standing on a balcony, between a bicycle and a door.

While most viewers did not actually believe the creature was a demon, something crazy

happened that made many question Googles intent: the creature suddenly became blurred.

What? Why did Google censor the image? What are

they trying to hide?

10. Inverted Pentagram For those of us who like their mysterious

things a little Satanic, head over once again to Kazakhstan, where an enormous pentagram

has been unearthed in a secluded corner of the central Asian steppes.

It lies on the Upper Tobol Reservoirs southern shore and can be spotted starkly on the map.

Humans do not live anywhere near the pentagram, with the nearest population at around 12 miles

away. But that doesnt mean humans have never

lived there. As a matter of fact, the surrounding area is chock full of ancient ruins, many

of which date back to the Bronze Age. Zoom in your focus in Google Maps, and youll

see that previous visitors to the area have noted one spot named Lucifer and another,

Adam. The pentagram, itself, reaches 1200 feet across.

9. Bird People This surrealist project came together specifically

for Google Street Views benefit. As most people know, Google blurs out the faces of

those it captures on video. This group from a town not far from Tokyodecided to give

the Internet something to talk about. Theyd heard that the Google team was in

the area with their cameras. And so, as any normal human would, they donned their pigeon

heads and stalked the streets to win their fifteen minutes of fame.

Lo and behold, Google Street View captured their surrealist presentation on camera, leaving

many questioning their own existence. Although the flash mob of pigeons got what

they wanted, they sure set a questionable precedent for the rest of the planet.

What other crazy masks will we be confronted with the next time we do a Google Maps search?

No clowns, please!

8. Pink Bunny The Velveteen Rabbits got nothing on the

giant pink bunny of Italy. This enormous knitted bunny can be seen from space and of course

viewed by those of us who arent astronauts on Google Maps.

Just track across the northern region of Italy to the 5,000 foot tall Colletto Fava Mountain,

and youll find the toy rabbit flopped on the side. It stretches 200 feet long, so you

really cant miss it. The Viennese art collective, known as Gelitin,

knitted the giant pink bunny as a sort of sculpture/jungle gym. They state that it was

knitted by dozens of grannies out of pink wool.” The collective expects people to

sleep, climb, play on it, and even hike up its 20 foot sides to cuddle up on the stuffed

animal belly. The best kind of art: something you can explore.

With hundreds of visitors annually, youd better get to Colletto Fava Mountain soon,

because the pink bunny is only expected to remain there until 2025.

7. Desert Signs Google these coordinates (27°22'54.59"N,

33°37'48.46"E), and youll find yourself staring into the abyss of a desert mirage.

The mesmerizing spiral appears to be some sort of desert crop circle or ancient symbol

carved into the Earths surface, but in all actuality, its an art installation

project produced by the D.A.ST. Arteam. Stretching across 100,000 m2 of the Sahara,

Desert Breath borders the Red Sea in Egypt and was built using positive and negative

displacement of sand to create the conical forms. In the center of the spiraling forms,

is a vessel filled with water thats 30 meters in diameter.

Completed in 1997, Desert Breath keeps on breathing today, twenty years on.

6. Remove This Image The father of the boy who appeared in this

Google Maps image wants the photo removed. The California man, Jose Barrera, discovered

that his 14-year-old son could be viewed via Google Maps four years after hed passed.

In the 2009 satellite image, cops appear to be standing around the scene near the train

tracks where his son, Kevin, had been found passed on August 15th of that year.

Barrera told KTVU-TV, “When I see this image, its still like that happened yesterday.

And that brings me back to a lot of memories.” In the Google Maps photo, a body is splayed

near the train tracks with a cop car nearby. Google soughttechnical solutionsto

remove the image, according to Google Earth Vice President Brian McClendon.

5. Wheel Shapes Flying over Jordan in the Middle East anytime

soon? If you are, check out these thousands of geometric stone structures that date back

somewhere around 8,500 years. To date the structures, archeologists used

a technique known as OSL (optically stimulated luminescence). Two of the wheels found in

Jordans Black Desert dated back 8,500 years, with one being reconstructed or repaired at

5,500 years. But why were they built?

The mysterious designs of at least some of the spokes appear to have been created to

line up with the winter solstice sunrise, suggesting they have some astronomical purpose.

According to the archeological team who uncovered the structures, theyre known tooccur

throughout the entire Arabia region, from Syria across Jordan and Saudi Arabia to Yemen.

The most startling thing about the 'Works' is that they are difficult to identify from

the ground. This stands in contrast to their apparent visibility from the air.”

This is where Google Maps comes in handy.

4. Guitar-shaped Forest If you visit Google Maps over the Pampas agricultural

area of Argentina, youll discover a mysterious grouping of more than 7,000 eucalyptus and

cypress trees. Why are they so mysterious? Because theyre

shaped like a guitar. The forest is a kilometer long and can be

seen from satellites and planes that pass above. Oh, and Google Maps, of course.

As you might have guessed, the forest didnt grow into the shape of a guitar organically.

The aerial view of the memorial, serving to honor the farmer's wife, has never been seen

by the farmer, himself. He has a fear of flying. But the eucalyptus-stringed trees and cypress-treed

sound hole in the shape of a star can be seen and admired on Google Maps. And Gracielas

memory will live on as long as the forest does.

3. Giant A-Hole Ever had a beef with your neighbor that went

a little too far? This pair in Washington have. The town lies

about 65 miles from Seattle, and there looks to be plenty of farmland thereenough to

mow a giant F U to your neighbor into the grass for everyone on Google Maps to see.

The image was captured by Google Maps, where it was found by a Redditor, who was searching

the interactive map for a home in the area. The Redditor posted the image to Reddit, where

it quickly went viral. “Found this while looking up my house on

Google maps,” the Redditor wrote. “Turns out my neighbors might not get along.”

The beef probably went back to a complaint dating from the time Blaine and Cindy Zechenelly,

thea-holesin question, built a big garage on their property, which they proceeded

to paint a grape-colored hue. The neighbors didnt appreciate it, according to the Peninsula

Daily News. One neighbor even said that the interior of her house glowed purple every

morning as the sun reflected in. This may have incited one to tell the world

what he really thought of that purple garage and the people who built it.

2. Desert Patterns Well again travel to the desert, where

most of Google Mapss mysterious things seem to lie. This one was found in the western

desert of China, where enormous patterns have been traced into the desert.

The shapes involve reflective strips that are kilometers long, circles, and squares,

and a grid of white lines. What could this be? Are they not man made?

Are these symbols messages of some kind? The giant patterns are difficult to explain,

however. But Google Maps has previously shown that China builds training zones in the desert.

This may be exactly what the grid-like pattern is.

Or maybe it has something to do with renewable technology. China has been investing in windfarms,

lining the old Silk Road in the desert with massive wind turbines.

Whatever the case, these Google Maps images demonstrate that there is still plenty of

mystery in China.

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1. The Body A meme went viral in April 2013, suggesting

that if you entered the coordinates 52.376552,5.198303 into Google Maps, your sights would be set

on a person appearing to get rid of someone in a lake.

Google Maps shows that this precise location is a park called Beatrixpark in the Netherlands.

The satellite shot of these coordinates results in a picture that does look suspiciously like

someone being dragged, complete with a red trail behind it.

But think about it: what person would do that at what looks to be midday in a public park?

Not only that, but there appears to be a railing around the dock, meaning the culprit would

have to lift the person and heave it overboard. Midday. In a public park.

The culprit also appeared to leave the trail of red leading right to this place and, presumably,

someone would have heard the splash into the waterand would have seen it floating

there moments after its disposal. According to a 2013 article in The Sun, “local

police have been sent the pic, but the photo was taken by Google in 2009, so theres

unlikely to be any evidence left to investigate.” Stillit looks a bit fishy at best, and

completely chilling at worst.

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