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Hey naturals, what is up? It's your favorite

American English teacher Gabby Wallace here today with our first quick Q & A Tuesday

This week. We have a question from one of my fluent communication

Course members Jose Jose asked Abby. What is the difference between

listen and

Hear Jose. That is an awesome question, and I would love to share the answer with all of you now

The problem is these two verbs are so similar we can even use them in the same

Sentence but there is a subtle difference and we didn't learn it in traditional English


traditional English learning textbooks don't really explain clearly what the difference is between

Listen and hear so don't feel bad. It's not your fault. You are a

smart awesome motivated English learner and

You will know the difference very easily very quickly

Right now if this sounds interesting to you then keep watching

Listen verses here. The first thing I think of our song lyrics listen to your hearts

Have you heard this song when he's calling for you?

Okay, I won't sing to you anymore. I promise

But these verbs are really common in song lyrics in fact in Spanish

I feel like a lot of songs begin with a mi gente

Listen to me my people and so let's begin by talking about

Listen listen is when you're asking someone to pay attention. It's really when you're actively focused on

What you are?

Listening to or I could say on what you're hearing

But that's confusing things a little bit. Let's focus on to listen to listen is active

It's focused. It's on purpose you are trying to

Listen, you want to hear what someone has to say or you want to listen to the mute like so listening?

Is all about your intent so we could use it to get someone's attention

Hey listen to me. Are you listening to me?

Listen to this music. It's really good

Listen to this I have an idea

Listening is all about your attention

Let's remember that it's about focus and it's about actively listening when we use the verb listen

Quick grammar side note when we use the verb

Listen, we always always always follow it with the preposition to for example, let's listen to music listen to me

Listen to the sounds of the wind

Anyway, you don't need to use to if it's a command

Listen up listen now

Let's talk about to hear so here is about background noise

It's about hearing something but not on purpose

You didn't want to hear the thing. It's just in your environment

For example, when I lived in New York City, I could hear sirens day and night it was so noisy

Did I want to hear the sirens? No, but could I hear the sirens?

Yes to hear is about your senses your body

Naturally or your ears are naturally able to hear it has to do with your ability

To hear so, how is your hearing? Are you able to hear everything loud and clear?

Hearing is also

about a deeper understanding

So you might be listening to me. But do you hear me? Do you understand me do you agree with me?

We can say I hear you to show that we understand and agree with someone

So it's a nice phrase to show your empathy and understanding

So here is also used in some phrases to change the topic or to introduce

A new subject. For example, did you hear the news?

Did you hear about so-and-so did you hear about that famous person? Did you hear there's a new movie?

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Now I'm gonna give you a quick quiz to test your understanding of listen verses here

Number one. What kind of music do you

- number two. Can you that?

There's a noise outside

These walls are very thin I can

everything my neighbours do can you

To this song and tell me if you like it

Excellent, let's take a look at the answers. Number one is listen

Number two here number three here and number four. Listen. I'm amazing

I hope that this helps to clarify listen verses here

And if you are ready to take the next step in your English learning the most important thing that you can do

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