Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Don't Get First Blood Against Hikaru

Difficulty: 0

i'm gonna play some bullet let's see let's see how my mouse does

i'm gonna spot him a few seconds i think that looks good


i want to see how off my mouse is or if it's something i can adjust on the fly


yeah my mouse is off i can feel it i ain't feeling my moves it's definitely off

because i'm also way too slow i can feel it yeah it's definitely off

yeah it's definitely off i can feel it

but you can also tell that my speed is off too


unreal and i actually should not have lost that game yeah my mouse is off i'll i'll play

a few get back to 35 and then i'm gonna stop i shouldn't play bullet though the mouse is off

yeah the mouse is legitimately off there's not much i can do about it

at least i trapped his queen so it's we're not gonna get into a scramble here that's one

yeah it seems like if i can avoid a time scramble i can still win but but it's not it's not pretty

i hit this it's not quite working though i thought i could take but he takes and hits that so

whatever let's just take and take this should just be winning

right now i just take and i take and i win yeah 34.95 is okay just but yeah

oh what am i doing just taking care smooth

oh it's got that shoot

hey there's check knight v3

what takes

okay now i'm gonna win this one too

i'm going to rotate my bishop around now and i should be winning

there we go

it's a free juicer

it was fine wait wait a second let's go here on b5 now i should be winning

now i take and i've checked me because the king can't come out let's go um shaq and bishop a3

target this and this and that's all she wrote

let's go here designs keep going

you'll notice i hover over the move that's why it doesn't it doesn't get executed right

away you guys in case you're wondering oh shoot okay does that that's a bad move

why did i do that that was insane that's even more insane

i'm a gambit juicer there let's go here and take just feel like there should be play here

i mean i've got great bishops here oh that's upon uh stop thinking just move let's take

queen wizard knight back that should be good let's go um let's just go back nine to four

should just be pretty cleanly winning i've d5 now as well uh let's just go here

i have bishop d3 i also have h5h4 i guess

how do i have no time


oh i don't believe this

okay i win the game let's keep going

go here and take

oh that was awful i give him knight of four or we know i've checked him bishop five or something

let's just play an end game

go c4 wait now i can go here because i cover the c4 square now i'm good

let's go here takes i just take and i win the king upon end game yeah there we go back to 35

yeah it's it's something it's something it could be better could be worse


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