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- Yeah, and um,

for all the things he's broken this year,

he gets to wear a Santa hat for about 20 seconds,

and now I think I'm gonna have to put him down

'cause he doesn't like it.

(cat meowing)

Okay, okay.

He doesn't like it.

Come here, come, come.

I'll take it off! Chill.

(relaxed holiday music)

(wind whistling)

Okay, that's enough.

It's Christmas time.

(upbeat holiday music)

Hi, my name is Joeri.

Happy Christmas.

Hey there, beautiful people.

My name is Joeri, this is The Magic Sauce.

It is Christmas time in Singapore.

It's freezing outside.

Every year this happens.

There's something with that weather.

I don't know what it is.

It is almost the end of the year,

which is a great time to review the year,

to look back at the last 12 months,

the last 52 weeks, and look at all that has happened.

Now, I don't know about you,

maybe it's me just getting older, but time flies.

September, to me, feels like it was two weeks ago.

So this is a good time to sit back,

to thank a couple of people,

to reflect on what you've learned and what you've done

throughout the year.

Reflecting is cathartic.

Is it?

Before you get started,

you might wanna do a little review of the year,

so you might wanna go through your calendar

or through your emails or through your photos,

and look at what were the main milestones of the year;

big events. The smaller events, even.

Who were the people involved?

What did you set out to do?

What are some of the achievements

that you've had over the year,

before you get into these questions.

And once you've done that, here are five questions

you can ask yourself to do a nice reflection of the year.

Question number one,

what is a big realization you've had this year?

I know for me, it was that I was getting fairly close

to a burnout.

I don't think I was burned out.

I don't think I was that close,

but I had all the early signs.

See, I never considered myself a stressed person.

I don't do stress very well.

I think I'm pretty laid-back and pretty chill.

Them I realized stress comes in different forms.

It doesn't have to be a stressy, nervous person.

You can build up stress in other ways,

and I realized I wasn't giving myself enough rest,

I wasn't looking after myself well enough.

I'm always on, and I think for some of you watching this,

if you work for yourself, you're always on.

You're never really off.

You're always checking how your business is doing

and how are the numbers doing,

and are you, where's the next project coming from?

And all those things add up.

Questions number two, what is something you said

you would do this year, which you didn't do?

For me, once I realized that I needed to dial down

a couple of things,

I had this plan:

In the morning I was gonna do this,

and I was gonna sleep earlier,

and I was gonna take bigger breaks between exercises

and between work, and then I started creating a course

and then work came in in other countries,

and that kind of slipped off the mat.

And I feel a little bit guilty about that.

But it's never too late to turn those things around again.

And next week on New Year's, I'll do another video,

which is gonna be a lot more forward looking.

This is reflection.

Forward looking, we'll do that next time.

Question number three, what have you learned to appreciate?

Well for instance, I've learned to appreciate tea,

'cause I'm trying to wean off my cappuccino habit.

But I also appreciate the people around me.

Unfortunately I've lost a few loved-ones this year.

Maybe you have as well.

And such is part of life,

so appreciating the moments that you have with them,

and the stories you can tell about them,

I think is much more important.

To me that's something I massively appreciate.

Particularly as I get older.

The rest is stuff, the rest is noise.

I have everything I need.

It's the people around you,

and appreciating the role they play in your life.

Question number four, what are you really proud of?

So for instance, for me, I launched my first online course

on video making.

And it's the first time I have a product that's mine.

I've got my own product that's out there.

It took me procrastination, getting sidetracked, etc., etc.

But I have it now,

and I'm really proud that it's out there.

People are going through it

and the feedback has been phenomenal.

Oh, if you get any value out of these videos,

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If you hit that one, you'll be notified

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And question number five, who do you wanna say thanks to?

There's many people I want to thank

and many people I have thanked throughout the year.

I wanna give a little shout out to my new friend Marc

who I met earlier this year.

Marc is a YouTuber like me.

He's got a show called the Service Design Show,

which is about service design.

I commented on one of his videos.

He then replied and he watched my videos.

He goes, "ah, I like your style".

Well, I like your style.

We started chatting.

We're kind of in the same boat.

We're like, on this new path of growth,

trying to do different things

and we geek out on technology and video making.

He's been a massive support,

particularly in getting these videos out,

and particularly in getting the course out as well.

So Marc, I just wanted to thank you

for everything you've done, for being my new friend.

BFF for this year, buddy.

And I wanna thank you.

If you're watching this right now,

you've made it this far,

thank you so much for giving me your undivided attention.

The only resource you have in life is time,

so thank you for that.

There you have it, a couple of questions

for you to review.

I'd say, go for a walk, find a space that works for you,

give yourself a bit of headspace,

and take a couple of notes.

Maybe you do this every year.

You take this forward and it becomes this little,

like an annual thing you do over Christmas.

I will be back next week for New Year's

with a forward-looking video.

So this one's looking back.

The next one is looking forward,

and I've got five questions for you

to get yourself ready for 2020.

For now, I wanna wish you a happy Christmas

and thank you again for watching.

Thank you for your love and for your support.

I really appreciate it.


(cheerful holiday music)

And I wanna thank you for just being this hilarious ball

of excitement and entertainment,

'cause you always pick the worst time to go for a poo,

or scratch a pad, or knock something over

when I'm recording video.

Right, Barry?

(cheerful holiday music)

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