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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: iPhone 7 - Two Years Later

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hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and this is the iPhone 7 it's been out

for a little over two years now and it was introduced with two new colors black

and jet black this is the jet black color and I want to talk about how its

held up if it's worth buying today and just do a couple quick comparisons with

say an iPhone X just to see how its performance is now you can see this is a

black color and this is Space Gray so it is a darker black I really like the

color but it's a fingerprint magnet I just cleaned this off and again you can

see this just from touching it it's got fingerprints all over it again now this

one's been protected in a case the entire time and this one did introduced

a little bit new design new cameras and we'll talk about that in a moment but

this doesn't have a scratch on it and that's because it's been in an Apple

silicone case the entire time and it's held up well I don't know if it was this

case or another one this is what it's currently in but this one is held up

really well and has been used since new now on the bottom where you have to plug

it in there's no scratches nothing like that nothing on the outside and it's

also been protected with a screen protector the entire time so this one is

held up exceptionally well in fact it looks brand new and feels brand new

there's not a dent on it it's never been dropped and it's it's really nice so the

battery in this seems to be doing okay now this will probably get you through a

day unless you're a heavy user but if you go into settings and we go down to

battery and then we go to battery health we're down to 92% and this one is

plugged in every night all night and then use throughout the day now this one

is not used heavily but it is used if I go over the last ten days you'll see

it's only used for well about an hour too and that's mainly for social media

and things like that it's used by one of my kids actually now but it was used

prior heavily so it just depends on the time it's being used and who it's being

used by but you'll see the usage is not that great but it's held up pretty well

just in general now you may have a little bit less battery life after two

years Apple says it's good after two years to have 80% or more so it's doing

pretty well there now this one introduced a couple new things one was

an opted optical image lized camera it was a new sensor and a

new f1 point eight aperture and on the iPhone 7 plus it was a dual lens system

where it had a zoom lens as well so this one is really nice it also introduced 4k

video on this and it does a great job with photos and it's still pretty fast

today so if we go into the camera see here's the camera we'll bring in these

phones here and the shutter is gonna be nice and fast it's got live photos and

then again that video you can record in 4k if you'd like and it's a really great

video camera and it's stabilized so if you want to walk with it's not going to

be jittery go back in here and it's it's just not going to be jittery the video

is going to look really good and nice and fast to use you don't have to wait

for it you'll see that video turned out it's just nice and crisp video so it

does a great job for that in fact it's it's up there with the newer cameras

except it doesn't do 60p so it's pretty good that way you also get your

forward-facing camera 7 megapixels that's still used today in the most

recent phones so we have 7 megapixel film cameras in the front facing camera

of even the iPhone X in newer so no issues there we just don't have an emoji

or emoji and then also this display is a 4.7 inch display so this has 326 pixels

per inch the same pixel density as the iPhone XR and this one is 1334 by 750

now the display looks nice and vibrant it was the first to introduce the P 3

wide color gamut so this one has a really vibrant display you still can't

watch HDR videos though if you're on youtube you just don't have that ability

to do that and it still looks good today for an LCD display off access it looks

pretty good you have no issues there and it's nice and vibrate if I turn it up

all the way you'll see it goes super bright it's nice it looks good in

sunlight and it's nice the other thing that's also introduced was dual speakers

so this has the modern dual speaker system where you have one speaker out

one of these microphone and then it uses the earpiece as a speaker as well now

some of these failed earlier on and had be replaced my seven-plus had to be

replaced but when you're watching a video it's really great to just have

stereo sound it does not sound as good as a modern film such as the iPhone X

the XR that XS the XS Max any of those phones are gonna sound a little

bit better but this one does sound pretty good also the speed of this is

great it's not slow at all in fact apples silicon is so far ahead at this

point the a10 fusion processor inside here isn't slow at all so let me just

open a quick game here let me open it on the iPhone X as well so I've got this

set up here let's open Minecraft on both you'll see

I'm already in let me close this out and we'll try it again so we'll open

minecraft on both I'll wait for it to load we'll hit play and usually when we

create a new world here it takes a little bit of time will it create and

let's see what it does this is what takes the longest and if this is nice

and quick you'll be good to go and you'll see right now we actually beat

the iPhone X so most people are not going to notice anything slower in fact

this was so fast it never really seemed to lag especially with iOS 12 on here

the scrolling is super smooth if we go into the library here you'll see

everything's just nice and smooth and because the display is smaller it's even

smoother than some of the plus phones so you're not gonna get any hiccups or

anything there especially if your battery is still good now this one also

got rid of the physical button so this button here on the home button is still

touch ID but it doesn't click so it's more durable it feels like it clicks and

you've got reach ability if you double tap it but don't click it and it feels

like it's clicking but it's not so it works really well that way and I think

it works well as far as keeping it from having to be replaced like it did in

some previous versions it also is more water resistant than its previous

generation phones so you shouldn't have any issues there this was the first

where they really kind of took keeping it dust resistance

water-resistant and more fixable in mine this was probably the first iteration

where they just started to make it more repairable and actually more durable so

this is a great phone to get and if you want to buy one they start at four forty

nine with 32 gigabytes of storage and then 549 with 128 gigabytes of storage

so literally for half the price of an iPhone X or XS you can get a pretty

fast phone that will work great for most situations if you want an iPhone and of

course you've got iMessage and all of those things if you use the Apple

ecosystem so I think it's a great phone and if you're coming from something like

an iPhone se I think you'll like the larger display it will feel right at

home and it'll last you at least a couple years especially if you're

getting one now if you're inheriting one you'll be able to play all the modern

games no problems whatsoever and it works really well you also get the

measure app so if we go into the measure app you can use AR to measure so you get

the augmented reality and that works really well also I use it all the time

to measure distances on my iPhone XS max works well on this one as well so

hopefully that gives you an idea of whether or not you should pick one up

now I don't think you can get this color anymore the jet black isn't really

available unless you find one used but you can get black and the other colors

as well so let me know what you think about it though in the comments below if

you haven't subscribed already please subscribe and like as always thanks for

watching oh and the wallpapers in the description below as always this is Aaron

I'll see you next time

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