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We've set off to find the best road in the Netherlands.

We got a lot of input from all of you. It really was a lot and I had to read it all.

There were many good suggestions, so we're going to Zeeland, Limburg, North Holland,

and Gelderland. Fortunately, AVIS lent us a nice car, easily recognizable with the decals.

"The best road of the Netherlands". That's cool.

We're going to see the Polredijk in Zeeland. The starting point is in Veere.

The Polredijk has nice surprises. It has good sight lines, a canted surface for that banked curve effect...

It's just not a very long road. You're done soon. You can visit Veere, or travel around Zeeland

to visit the Zeelandbrug and other Delta Works. Any driver should have been to Zeeland at least once.

Zeeland is great. Always nice weather, the sun is shining...

It's the province with the most sun hours in the Netherlands.

Now we're going to Marken at the Markermeer. It used to be sea here.

I think one of the roads we're driving is called the Zeedijk.

There's no sea next to it anymore, but a lake. You know if you payed attention in geography class.

We depart from the village of Marken.

This is the Zeedijk to Marken.

You get to do 50 mph, which is fun. It's nice with clear sight lines, but the bends are wide.

If you want to do sporty driving, you'd have to do higher speeds, but that's illegal.

I'm uncertain about this one.

There's a special view here. It has its upsides.

If you went all the way to Marken and want to go back to Amsterdam,

you can also take the road to Durgerdam. That road is even narrower with unclear view lines,

but in the corners to the right you can enjoy yourself. In the other bends you cannot see what is coming.

We started early this morning, but for my and your sake I didn't want to have a camera aimed at me

before I had my coffee. We're almost in Limburg to drive the Mergelland route, or part of it.

The Epenerbaan seems to be the place to be when driving in Limburg.

Let's see.

Limburg has hills, and if you have hills, there are winding roads going uphill.

We're going to look for these. There are some known routes in Limburg,

and one of these is the Mergelland route. I don't know who suggested it.

There's a branch on the road. I have to go around it. There has been a storm.

You can tell. The Epenerbaan is what we're going for here.

We're driving on it now, and it's fun. Good corners, which aren't always clear,

but there are parts where you can look into the corners and test your car without going nuts.

It's not like we're used to in the Netherlands. There are parts going up and down.

I think you can score a good flan here.

We're going to Holten.

This is the Nijverdalsebergweg, the tourist road. It's immediately clear why it's called that.

There aren't a lot of tourists now, but I can imagine it to be crowded in spring, summer and autumn.

Again, not what we're used to in the Netherlands, winding through the moors.

The Sallandse Heuvelrug. It has some nice corners, but the road has its disadvantages.

The speed bumps aren't that bad. Here's one.

But you only get to do 37 mph. I understand why, but us car enthusiasts want to go faster.

That's not allowed here.

If you don't have a car (I don't understand, because I do have one), you can rent one at AVIS

and drive one or more of these routes.

We're going to Hoog Soeren's the Pomphulweg, but there are more pretty roads here.

The Pomphulweg is another winding road over the moors.

The disadvantage is that you only get to do 37 mph, which is plenty at some parts,

but there are some nice corners here. They're open, and the surroundings are fun.

More roads here are worth it. It's not that exciting, but the Pomphulweg between Assel and Hoog Soeren

continuing to Uddel over the Aardhuisweg (which is rather straight) is nice to drive on.

The road leading here or away from, depending on where you start, has nice parts.

You can check out Radio Kootwijk.

You're expecting a conclusion of AVIS, me and the whole Autoblog team.

What is the best road to drive on in the Netherlands?

Maybe I should explain what we've been looking for.

1. What does the road look like? Does it have bends and do you have a clear view?

If you can't see into a corner, you have to slow down.

It may even be dangerous when it gets narrow. Another argument: is there something to see?

In Zeeland there's the sea, dykes and dams, but the moors can be pretty as well.

There are a number of roads who didn't make the shortlist, but were often suggested.

Of course, they're fun to drive on. Nearly all dykes next to a river, such as the Lekdijk,

are pretty roads, but there are a lot of speed bumps, a lot of cyclists when the weather is nice,

a lot of bikers, pedestrians, and other cars. The same goes for the other roads we drove on.

The Zeeweg to Bloemendaal/Zandvoort is another pretty road, but I think you don't have a clear view.

However, you're going to Circuit Park Zandvoort. Only one road can win, as life goes.

At every competition there's only one winner.

The Epenerbaan really stands out. It's long, has a variety of bends, and elevation.

In the area of the Mergelland route are a lot of fun roads.

Therefore, the Epenerbaan in Limburg is the Dutch driver's road for Avis and Autoblog.


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