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What's up, guys?

My name is George Brooks, and I'm one of the founders here at Crema, and I'm Eric Hurst.

I am a product strategist here, so maybe you have been handed, or you know someone who has been handed

that big problem to solve.

It was it was your boss or maybe your boss's boss.

It said hey guys why aren't we more efficient or why aren't we growing at the pace that we should right


Why aren't customers coming back, and you are now tasked to go figure out how to solve that problem?

We found that sometimes technology helps with that, but where do you go first?

What do you need to do before you start that project we got three tips that we think are going to help you

to think about laying the land for how to get started on that project.

So Eric.

Unpack those three ways that someone can start planning for a project and maybe had technology plays

into that the clients that we worked with that have had the most success generally have a couple thing

or these three things in place before they even start working with us.

They know what their numbers are.

They know whether they need a web or mobile or a combination of those two that kind of a solution and

then lastly they know they've gone about this with an internal diverse team.

They've got together a list of things that they know that they want to do or they think that they need to

do and they're not coming to us completely from scratch.

Those are the ones that when they've done those three things they tend to be the most successful once.

They're done working with us and moving on so let's go back to the numbers.

What kind of numbers are we talkin about?

What are the numbers that they need to be thinking about as they step into this all the numbers.

There's a lot of different numbers of anything about it could be things like goals, so where are you


Where do you want to be in terms of you know your customers?

Maybe if it's an efficiency issue how long is it taking to complete that process right now?

Where do you believe you could be completing that process if it's taking you three days to complete a


Do you want to get that down to one day, or do you want to get that down to one hour, or instant, or instant

as the case yeah that instant in this day and age is not inconceivable the other numbers that you need

to be thinking about our your budget.

There is a definite budget where the return on investment.

Is no longer good if you think about it as like the budget goes up, and the appetite goes here.

You wanted at that cross section, and I feel like I'm doing an emoji con right now.

Is that a thing yeah?

There's an emoji where there's like it's like no.

Never use that one.

We did it!

The other things you might want to be thinking about with your numbers are is it achievable right?

You don't want to set it so high that it's completely unachievable, but you don't want to set it so low

that it's not stretching you to be more or better than what you currently are okay, so next web mobile


How do you even start to approach that well the way you start to approach that is you look at who is going

to be using the solution that you want to put into play are these people working at a desk most of the

day, or are they out and about are they technically savvy or are they not, so you just kind of need to

look at it like that.

Who is your audience is always a great question that you should be asking yourself all the time.

What does it mean to start thinking about the team that you need to pull together to get this done?


I'm not particularly talkin about the the development team or your internal developed team or

company that you might hire.

I'm talkin about your colleagues that you work with if you've got a team of two three people and its

diverse and you're coming at it from different angles.

You tend to have a better idea of what needs to be created and put into motion at your company to achieve

whatever goals you've set for yourselves.

What I think the big thing is to go back to the numbers right if everybody has a shared understanding

about what that needle is that you want to move what those numbers are then you don't have that fight of

who has to say what the thing is that we should build and what's right and what's wrong.

It's like what's going to help us to move the.

Right because if that's what motivates us yeah, and additionally if there's more of you in agreement

on this, it's a lot easier to sell this up the chain.

So those are three things to take away.

Three ideas that we think will help to prep you as your both needing to sell it back into your

organization because you've been tasked to fix this problem, and then also things to take to your

team that's going to be actually working on this and pulling this project together to build a

solution out.

So a couple things to think about numbers web and mobile or the technology that you're going to be

working with or what you think it might need to be and then how do we get buy-in from people in your

organization to know who's your audience?

Who's stakeholders?

And really do you guys have a shared understanding of what you're trying to do.

So that's it for this week as always.

Thank you guys for watching.

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