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Dry bread, fantastic! Cookie, fantastic! and a huge coffee of course.

7AM, with 3 hrs of sleep

and supposedly we are going to leave for a trip

- How´s it going? - Great!

2 hrs 50 min and 30 secs to get to Agios NiKitas from the beach of Ai Giannis

And we are such experts that we don´t have a clue how many miles we have covered.

We also have naked booty here at the beach

But they must not be that good looking, so we are going to continue.

This is Egnremnoi! (Cliffs)

Incredible, suffice to say...

Please have a look at the beach,

and this side please.

Why don´t you show us what else is there on the beach. (some beautifull girls that had passed a moment ago...)

Here and here... (a complete mess up of our script...)

There is also a sea that awaits us.

"Shine" the way and I follow.

Madness in its full splendor.

Is he breathing?

Ok guys, he is alive! We are going to eat today.

This is what is happening at 10:30 in the morning at "Egremnoi"

Today we are taking it a bit easy.

And we are leaving on the second day, heading south.

Have a good trip budy!

What beautifull waateeers...

Porto Katsiki, Saturday, quarter to 12 pm.

We are living incredible moments, in the Ionian!

Can we stay here for a month

We are at the outmost southern tip of Lefkada.

We came from there. Here is the lighthouse and we are going to head north along the southern coast.

I suggest we check the coastline to see if we will camp at the beaches that we spotted on the map.

You suggest that we go to Kefalonia?

Kefalonia is not that far, it is the island that you can see on the horizon

We are ready to depart again towards Sivota and this is trolling time.

I hope that at least today we are going to eat fresh fish. Wish us luck!

Why? What did we eat yesterday?

Is that all?

What kind of a story line was that?

You should become an actor!

We are sitting in the middle of the ocean and are enjoying the calmness that is being disrupted by a passing boat.

Here our line hasn´t caught anything yet. We have been starving for two days.

- Daddy I am hungy!

I am lying to you of course, since we have been stuffing up on tortelini the last two nights.

Therefore, today we have to change the menu.

- Let´s go out for chinese today.

Yeh let´s hit the rice today.

We found this place that we liked,

we tied the kayaks, suited up and started spearfishing.

Initially we wanted to go beyond this edge but the current was too strong and kept pushing us back. So we came back.

The place we camped last night is magical.

We are on Meganisi and accross is Lefkada and a small island.

and we have camped a the edge of a small peninsula.

The time is quarter to 7 am and We just had a storm that woke us up.

There lies the island that we are considering buying from Athena Onassis. It is called "Skorpios".

And we were just discussing what offer to make her, because we heard that she is selling it.

I have 1500in a bank account. Zelos has another 5000in an offshore account

and I also have 5 stocks of a bank, so I think that this will cover it.

And the rest we put on credit

Yes, we will be giving her 100per month for the next 5 years.

We are located between Skorpios and Skorpidi.

Skorpios lies to the left and Skorpidi to the right,

and at the end lies Nidri, where we are going to end up with our trip.

We had a wonderful time!

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