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Well, here we are with the explanation in English about MUCH and MANY or MANY

and MUCH. Well, this is the common mistake a lot of Spanish people make when they

speak English. Let's see why. The rule is very easy: We use MANY for countable

nouns and MUCH for uncountables. So far, so good.

Now, let's see some examples; people, it's a countable noun. Shoes, or pounds and coins.

Coffee is uncountable, money and water. So, how we are still making mistakes! Well,

maybe it's because not all our words work the same way when we translate them

from Spanish to English or vice versa. Let's see more examples in Spanish now.

For instance, "muebles" is countable in Spanish but furniture is uncountable in

English and, that's why we sometimes use MANY when we suppose to use MUCH.

Another example; in Spanish, we can count "cafés" many times. But, in English, coffee is

not usually countable. So, we use the uncountable word. That's why when we use

MANY, we are making a mistake and we supposed to use MUCH. Now, "gente" is

uncountable, but people, in English, is countable. So we suppose to say MANY

people, but because we think in Spanish and we try to translate "gente", we

sometimes make mistakes translating the uncountable version and we use MUCH, No!

That's another mistake. So, hmm, the problem is not with MUCH and MANY. The rule is very

easy. The problem is the vocabulary, when we translate the vocabulary from Spanish

to English, that's when we make a mistake. What I try

to do here with Triads Method© I try to help you classifying the vocabulary into

two different colors; yellow and purple, without thinking of any rules so when

you have a yellow word you will use MUCH and when you have a purple word you'll

use MANY. Therefore, you will learn the vocabulary there right way without

translations. Well, I hope I helped you out with this video. Stay tuned, because I

am going to upload another video with similar words like much and many and

remember you can watch the Spanish version of this video. You will find a

link in the description.

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