Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Gandhi (Victory Scene)

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In 1947, India was partitioned into two countries by the United Kingom: India, with a Hindu

majority, and Pakistan, with a Muslim majority.

This partitioning coincided with their creation of sovereign, independent states.

During and after partitioning, riots erupted and millions of people were displaced, many

of whom were killed.

Gandhi responded to the sectarian violence by fasting as a form of protest.

He vowed to not eat, even it meant dying, until the violence stopped.

In this scene, he is informed the violence has completely stopped due to his public protest.

He then requests for some food from his friends.

"Bapu, there's been no fighting.


It's stopped.

The madness has stopped."

"It's foolish if it's just to save the life of an old man."

"No, in every temple, and mosque, they have pledged to die before they lift a hand against

each other."

"It is true, Bapu."


"Well then my friend, could I have some orange juice?

Then you and I will take a piece of bread together."

The Description of Gandhi (Victory Scene)