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The process of giving childbirth normally at home

Hi ! come back with again with me, today I want to tell you about my daughter Shantis childbirth

My purpose to make this video, for the usefull of my children,

let them know how the struggle of a mother giving birth

That time, I feel stomach pains since in the morning. The pain does not so tight,

and continue starting approximately afternoon sunset. I feel there are signs of a baby.

I started to break dozing.

At the Night, around 04.00 am I was getting contractions, from the first contraction until 9

I am already have the process of childbirth.

The time , I gave birth assisted by midwives, village midwives and a neighbor of mine and my husband too.

keep going push push

keep going push push

keep going push push hold yur breath

Thank God baby is born

Soon I gave birth my baby, the weight is 3,2kg and the length is 49 cm. And I named Shanti.

The feelings have a young sister, it was Happy. But the first, I want a young brother.

But, when my mom giving birth, I have a young sister . But never mind , on the future, she can play with me.

Because she is cute and pretty, like me.

I am very grateful to miska midwife, has helped my baby childbirth process until survive .

And also to the village midwife Ms. kabul, and also Mama Jumi,

and my husband who faithfully waited and also my beloved daughters shinta. Thanks

Thank you Mom, You gave me a young sister, we can playing until she is grow up .

My young sister so beautiful.

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